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Yeah, they are really f-ing up right now. The customer service is horrific.
Anyone know when their next sale is? I'm mad I didn't take advantage of the F&F sale a couple weeks ago
I'm interested to know the answer to this as well.
I don't understand why anyone would buy them regardless...
I really want to like the AEs, but I just can't convince myself to purchase a pair. I'm sure the leather and construction is fine, but the shape just throws me off. The McAllister and Strand aren't bad, but the rest are hard to justify. I don't see why it's so hard for shoe companies to make a more attractive shape for around the same price AE charges. To me, that's the main difference between AE and the 'higher', more expensive brands. If someone could use AE level...
Harvie Hudson looks nice, but their shipping price is kinda ridiculous.
pictures still not showing
Some of the H&M shirts are rather form fitting. I also don't like the tiny collars on a lot of their shirts.
Some pictures are not showing
Yeah, I have some of the same questions. I want a pair of the selvedge jeans but they don't have my size online. You think I could apply that 40% off by calling another store and having them ship it to me?
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