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Quote: Originally Posted by Robert ?? Isn't that just the usual sole? They look like the chocolate brown suede I bought a couple of years ago. Nah, the regular chocolate brown suedes have a dark sole The ones he has appear to have a lighter tan-colored sole.
Quote: Originally Posted by few days ago I visited local second hand store and what I found there? Whole new with tags dark brown suede DB's ZOMG really my size, perfect fit so I picked up them for... ... ... ... ... ... ... 15 bucks me lucky Damn, where is this version sold? I've been looking for a pair with that color sole.
Dang, that sucks. I wanted a pair, but that ruins it for me.
Has anyone tried the Asos boat shoes? If so, how do they fit? I'm wondering since they only come in full size increments.
Ha, my bad. The new madras shirts look nice though. Just wish there wasn't such a hassle to procure one.
Yeah, they are really f-ing up right now. The customer service is horrific.
Anyone know when their next sale is? I'm mad I didn't take advantage of the F&F sale a couple weeks ago
I'm interested to know the answer to this as well.
I don't understand why anyone would buy them regardless...
I really want to like the AEs, but I just can't convince myself to purchase a pair. I'm sure the leather and construction is fine, but the shape just throws me off. The McAllister and Strand aren't bad, but the rest are hard to justify. I don't see why it's so hard for shoe companies to make a more attractive shape for around the same price AE charges. To me, that's the main difference between AE and the 'higher', more expensive brands. If someone could use AE level...
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