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Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 BS, the client will often change in order to fit in. A lot of people choose to comply with these dress codes, even if they don't entirely like it. It's simply the path of least resistance for them. That there are others in this thread (whom mostly wear sneakers in their fit pics) talking about needing the proper shoes provides us with some antidotal proof of this. It's analogous to most office environments. Most...
I tried on a couple of the A&F button up shirts the other day for the first time and I must say I was impressed by the fit. They are well constructed and fit better off the rack than any of the other mall-brands, in addition to Ralph Lauren and like. They have comparable designs to any other standard brand, including a few bountique types seen on the forum. The cotton oxfords are nice and sturdy....sleeves are a bit long, but that works for me. Any tailor can shorten...
Quote: Originally Posted by clotheshorse69 A couple offerings. First up is a basic pair of tan casual pants by RLPL. Sz. 34, but reduced to a 33 (can be redone to a 34 if taken to an alteration shop). 100% wool (some very soft wool, if I may say so) with thigh lining. 31.5" leg, but lots of material to let out. Slightly trimmed legs, but none of that "skinny" business. Cuffs. Suspender buttons sewn in. Gently used. No obvious signs of wear...
Quote: Originally Posted by SuitMyself Overall, even if I hadn't known the price of the suit and the store from which it was purchased, I would definitely agree with most people's responses here. The shoulders are far too wide, the armholes are far too low, the jacket looks baggy. I especially do not like the shoes. They look like incredibly cheap quality beyond compare. How do the shoes look cheap and beyond compare? And how can you tell...
^^Which Gap is this?
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert ?? Isn't that just the usual sole? They look like the chocolate brown suede I bought a couple of years ago. Nah, the regular chocolate brown suedes have a dark sole http://www.planetshoes.com/mmplanet/...159_detail.jpg The ones he has appear to have a lighter tan-colored sole.
Quote: Originally Posted by serguei.ps few days ago I visited local second hand store and what I found there? Whole new with tags dark brown suede DB's ZOMG really my size, perfect fit so I picked up them for... ... ... ... ... ... ... 15 bucks me lucky Damn, where is this version sold? I've been looking for a pair with that color sole.
Dang, that sucks. I wanted a pair, but that ruins it for me.
Has anyone tried the Asos boat shoes? If so, how do they fit? I'm wondering since they only come in full size increments. http://www.asos.com/Asos-Collection/...rt=-1&clr=Navy
Ha, my bad. The new madras shirts look nice though. Just wish there wasn't such a hassle to procure one.
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