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Quote: Originally Posted by SuitMyself Overall, even if I hadn't known the price of the suit and the store from which it was purchased, I would definitely agree with most people's responses here. The shoulders are far too wide, the armholes are far too low, the jacket looks baggy. I especially do not like the shoes. They look like incredibly cheap quality beyond compare. How do the shoes look cheap and beyond compare? And how can you tell...
^^Which Gap is this?
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert ?? Isn't that just the usual sole? They look like the chocolate brown suede I bought a couple of years ago. Nah, the regular chocolate brown suedes have a dark sole http://www.planetshoes.com/mmplanet/...159_detail.jpg The ones he has appear to have a lighter tan-colored sole.
Quote: Originally Posted by serguei.ps few days ago I visited local second hand store and what I found there? Whole new with tags dark brown suede DB's ZOMG really my size, perfect fit so I picked up them for... ... ... ... ... ... ... 15 bucks me lucky Damn, where is this version sold? I've been looking for a pair with that color sole.
Dang, that sucks. I wanted a pair, but that ruins it for me.
Has anyone tried the Asos boat shoes? If so, how do they fit? I'm wondering since they only come in full size increments. http://www.asos.com/Asos-Collection/...rt=-1&clr=Navy
Ha, my bad. The new madras shirts look nice though. Just wish there wasn't such a hassle to procure one.
Yeah, they are really f-ing up right now. The customer service is horrific.
Anyone know when their next sale is? I'm mad I didn't take advantage of the F&F sale a couple weeks ago
I'm interested to know the answer to this as well.
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