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So is the consensus here that the first shoe should be black? I'm in a similar situation and need a pair of new dress shoes soon. I don't own any black suits and don't plan on getting one anytime soon. Would burgundy/merlot color be a better alternative to black?
Is there a way to still get in on this offer? I missed the original deadline when you guys were able to order through that special tab on the log-in screen.
Thats what I primarily like about the raw denim, the solid indigo color with a light sheen. I don't care about the fading and distressing, I'd rather my jeans stay that natural color. Are there any non-raw denim brands that typically offer this color? Everything I see in most stores has way too much distressing, fading and bright stitching that turns me off.
Quote: Originally Posted by cristeza How long are the sleeves? They look super long in the fit pics. Ha, yeah they do look unusually long in those pictures....
Probably bamboo 100% bamboo fragile or too thin? How do those shirts fit? are they comparable to the fit of a Banana Republic tee? I find those fit pretty well.
To the OP, I'm not sure what type of in-between look you're going for, but I'd say it depends on what type of gear you already have or plan to purchase. What kind of sneakers do you have? If you have trainers and new balances, you can upgrade by getting a nice canvas lace-up or low-profile shoe...many brands to choose from. The ubiquitous sperrys are a good option as well as the quoddy's posted on the first page. Those Paul Smiths that someone posted above are very...
Clae makes a nice shoe...I just got a pair of Diegos. They're simple, comfortable and look great with jeans. I also like the Mcqueen in grey...might have to scoop another pair. I echo everyone else's opinion on the ones pictured above. Those are very bland...there are much better options in the spring/summer line.
As I stated in my original post, I tried the Krell site, but it seems all the shirts are sold least in size L they are. Several other sizes were unavailable also.
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