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thanks a lot! so i can't use the one you've posted for an online purchase since you already used it once?
where do i get a coupon?
^^ It is? Does this mean 25% off everything?
what are the brown boots this guy is wearing in the Jean Shop sale at Gilt?? http://www.giltman.com/s/jeanshop/product/18680895
I'm looking for a wingtip in the specific color of the picture shown. Anyone have any suggestions? The shoe in the picture is made by Bally and retails for over $700, which is a bit out of my price range.
http://www.overstock.com/Clothing-Sh...DollarShipping Anyone think this is a good deal? I'm trying to determine how dark the navy color is on this jacket....would anyone consider this a midnight blue?
I wear a 39-40 jacket size. Would I be better off with a Medium or Large in Uniqlo's blazers?
Geez, they never pick up the phone anymore. Anyone know the best time to call them?? I'd love it if someone could proxy that tweed jacket for me. Apparently they just received a new shipment, so I want to grab one before they sell out again.
I posted this a few pages ago, but really want some feedback before I purchase.....How do the MacAlister boots fit compared to Clarks? Are they sized exactly the same or should I size up or down one?
These would be a little roomier than the APC NS. Certainly not a skin tight fit, but not baggy either. I believe they would fit you.
New Posts  All Forums: