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Oh, so what did it say? I only asked b/c the collar is slightly big and I want to know if it will shrink to proper size once I was it.
Might seem like a silly question, but can I wear and wash TM Lewin shirts and return them as part of their no quibble 3 month return policy? Or will they not accept them once they've been worn?
How are the Lewin poplin shirts? Is the material thin and see-through for a white shirt?
Quote: Originally Posted by nohomo Cashmere sweaters at M&O are 60 bucks right now. Anyone know how they are compared to JCrew and BR and other mall brands? i'm also interested to know how they compare
you think they'll give me the discount if I call in a phone order? Im trying to get my hand on a pair of the selvedge jeans, which are not sold at the stores in my area
thanks a lot! so i can't use the one you've posted for an online purchase since you already used it once?
where do i get a coupon?
^^ It is? Does this mean 25% off everything?
what are the brown boots this guy is wearing in the Jean Shop sale at Gilt?? http://www.giltman.com/s/jeanshop/product/18680895
I'm looking for a wingtip in the specific color of the picture shown. Anyone have any suggestions? The shoe in the picture is made by Bally and retails for over $700, which is a bit out of my price range.
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