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where can i purchase feiyue shoes? I like the black hightops, but without the garish logo on the sides.
New spring items are available online. What are people's opinions? I'm feelin the lightweight parka (http://canvas.landsend.com/pp/Parka~...1&origin=index ) and slub hoodies.
Quote: Originally Posted by tonio028 What shoes are those?
Would I be able to purchase these buttons at a store like Joann fabrics?
So are buttonsandtrim and mjtrim the best places to purchase the smoked MoP and horn buttons? Also, what size should I get for a blazer? Keep in mind this is a fall/winter weight navy blue wool flannel blazer.
I have a navy blue wool flannel blazer that I'm looking to enhance by changing the buttons. I'm trying to decide between horn or smoked MOP buttons. This is my first time doing this, so I'm not very well versed on buttons. Should the buttons be shank buttons or will thick buttons work for this blazer? (does a smoked MOP shank button even exist?) Where should I go to purchase these buttons? Any other suggestions? Thanks for any help.
Do they have anymore of the grey sweatshirts? I need one in a XL
Hi, I need the Uniqlo Grey Sweatshirt in a size Extra Large! PM if you can help!
I'm looking for a black boot with a contrasting/stacked leather sole like these: http://fourhorsemen.ca/shop/4-horsem...-service-boot/ Anyone know of a similar option for cheaper? Preferably <$200
Anyone have the Down Jacket or the Down Coat? Curious as to what kind of material the Down Coat is made of....
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