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Yes, count me in the camp that wants box pleat eliminated. In fact, I'd eliminate it all together...a pleat-less back is much better fitting and cleaner look.Also, do you plan on adding any plain white dress shirts in slim fit, with spread collar? Kinda surprised none are listed on the site.
Missed out on the brown suede single monks. If anyone is selling a pair in 10.5 or 11, PM me!
I'm interested in the Bleeker print shirt, though I haven't seen much discussion on this shirt or the Casual Fit options. http://www.spierandmackay.com/product_information/4272_navy_bleeker_print___contemporary_fit I notice what appears to be a box pleat in the back. Is this true? I would think most would prefer the clean look of a no-pleat back. Also, are the Casual Fit options cut shorter in the body than the dress shirts?
Is the sleeve length on the size 15.5 shirts a 34.5 or 35? I thought I read somewhere they are now in 35 sleeve length. If not, it would be something to consider on future runs, as it would be a happy medium.
I've been looking for a plain, staple navy suit and purchased the plain navy Napoli. I had trouble deciding between the navy York and the Napoli, but ended up going with the Napoli. A couple issues....I feel like I'm between a 38L and 40L. The 38L in the Napoli cut, which I have now, is a tiny bit snug in the waist. The pants would need to be let out in the waist and thigh. Would it be better to size up to a 40L and take certain places in or stick with the 38L and let...
Anyone have the Alpine goose down jacket in Black and in size Large? I'm interested in purchasing one since they are sold out online.
I'm looking for a pair of Grenson Stanley wingtips, size U.S 11.5 in Tan. PM me and we can work something out. Thanks.
I really like the look of the Player's and Lombard in brown and will consider purchasing them during the next Nordstrom's sale. Do you guys think they would work well with jeans and chinos? I'm just wondering if they look too 'dressy' to be worn in this context or if I should elsewhere for a wingtip to wear casually.
Just took a look at some of the new arrivals. What do you guys think about the Harrison Suede Chukka? I actually think they look decent http://canvas.landsend.com/pp/SuedeC...221654_-1.html
where can i purchase feiyue shoes? I like the black hightops, but without the garish logo on the sides.
New Posts  All Forums: