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And while it's a little stylish for everyday use, this watch, from the same company is fantastic - I could see myself wearing this maybe once or twice a year - but what a look...
I think I may go with the Debaufre Swiss, it has a Unitas 6497 hand wind movement with 17 jewels and the available custom case with that includes two straps is off the hook!
That Laco special is a beast!!!
Awful because of the thick "commando" sole, or awful because they are from the "country" model lineup and on the cheap side...
both of these watches are Unitas Swiss movement and around $600
I'm looking for a new watch, something with a large face, 44mm at a minimum. I like clean avaitors (see attached) but I'm opening to anything. Any ideas - I like vintage looking stuff from art-deco 20s to WWII aviator.
My question about the picture was for pocketsquareguy - the 2nd picture to the last that is the largest pic...what kind of shoes are those????
What kind of shoes are in picture, second from the last - what a great pair of lace ups!!!!!
I have not purchased either. I really want the pair of Gravati' the way, this exhaustive shoe review by J. Cusey, which lead me to this site, loves Gravati's....(he trash's Loake's however).... I agree that both is the best option, the AS is perfect for grad school (I'm a TA at University working on my Ph.D.) Thank you!!!! M
I tried on the Varvatos Tire Sole laceups and they fit, if I get them it will have to be an 11, which is a 1/2 size too big - but I really like the style. I'm lucky and have a Varvatos shop at the local Mall (South Coast Plaza) - thank you!
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