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Quote: Originally Posted by dopey Is this really true? I thought the fight against groupthink is one of that site's raisons d'être. I regard it as one of life's little ironies and, speaking personally, one of my better accomplishments.
Quote: Originally Posted by dopey In my experience most Brits understand both terms, but use the term DJ more frequently than tux. Americans use the term tux more than DJ, but the overwhelming majority of Americans would not be puzzled if they heard the term DJ, even if they don't use it. I am sure that this is right. Each side of the Atlantic is exposed to the other's specific terminology: Even though dislocated in the southern hemisphere...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I find that "tux" is used everywhere. The only people who say "dinner jacket" are people who are into clothes. Maybe FNB can enlighten us on true upper class usage. Having just been suspended or banned there for daring to argue (!) I shan't see it. 'Tux' is understood by Brits. I believe that 'Cowes' coat' is another old American term - for those Americans rich enough to go yachting.
Quote: Originally Posted by JibranK Actually I think I'm one among few Wodehouse fans on AAAC. AAAC is very Americentric and the membership often frowns upon things English. Maybe, but Valentino, as an Italian American - indeed most of the stars of the silver screen - favoured London. Most of London's bespoke products are sold to dscerning Americans and, if it hadn't been for their continuing loyalty, the London bespoke trade couldn't survive.
Country Life review of 20.05.09:-
Hello SATOR! Are you grumpy? Actually, I joined this forum ages ago but just have not had the time and someone drew this thread to my attention so I thought that I'd just wade in!! NJS
Quote: Originally Posted by Skanstull Welcome! Thank you!! NJS
I am the author of this book - and I must be even more esteemed here than in the other place because this is my first post in the forum. The book is not a 'costume' book and I do not have a 'strut' - moreover, how a strut may be discerned without seeing me strolling along, Goodness only knows! NJS
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