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Quote: Originally Posted by Will C. No need to be touchy, Nick. I didn't miss anything and my previous question wasn't a jab, I was just inviting you to tell us more about the new book. Sorry to come across as 'touchy'. The main thing that I am touchy about is the fact that the publisher (a history publisher) insists on keeping the main titles in line with its speciality; maybe to please its shareholders. They do, though, allow me to have...
Quote: Originally Posted by Will C. Intriguing. Would you describe this as a proper history, or more of a 'how-to' and shopper's guidebook as with your previous publication? The blurb both online and on the back of the book describe it quite fully. The 'History' titles are at the publisher's insistence, as I have said many times before. You seem to have missed the intended humour in Book I. If that is so, Book II is not for you and I suggest...
My second book on lifestyle was published a little late by Pen & Sword Books last month.
This complements History of Men's Fashion and is published at the end of January: and
Quote: Originally Posted by bleachboy I don't get it. Get what?
It's also on with free worldwide shipping.
Quote: Originally Posted by Son Of Saphir Yes, at evening when me meet people, I suppose that the alternative answer might be: where else do you put them? Anyway, many thanks for all the helpful and encouraging comments.
Quote: Originally Posted by Grammaton Cleric Andrey - thanks for the info! Gramm Budd is a generally hidden gem. They don't (won't) have a website and operate almost in an Edwardian bubble. Amongst many others: Terry Thomas; John Hurt and Edward Fox have been notable regulars. They might seem rather formal in their approach - but, so what? If they get to like you, they also open the door, on your exit, with a flourish.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley Nice blog (and I love the name). More pics of your Davies and Budd gear would be helpful. Thanks! I see what I can do on some more pictures.
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast Much more readable now! I have no idea what issue a couple of others seem to have with the title of your blog. It's quite an amusing spin on the Desmond Morris quote. I suppose that, if you don't know the Desmond Morris context, it might sound strange and, of course, there are those who don't like to think of themselves as animals at all, as well as all the rather earnest folk who think that they'll...
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