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Long time, no hear on this. Presumably, Manton has learned his lesson the hard way; what? Clubman.
How true! Irony and tongue in cheek humour do not seem to be much evidenced or appreciated nowadays in the US of A, beyond the film Thank You For Smoking. Makes one wonder how Charlie Chaplin and Stan Laurel had such success! Maybe they ought to get out of the lavatories more and avoid taking snapshots of themselves in bog-room mirrors, in between schmoozing clients.
What has been done before: trolling?
I agree that the colour and the making are not of the best.
They're galosh-topped boots but commonly called 'button boots'.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jerome Nicholas Storey (History of Men's Accessories). I hope that you enjoy it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gent True enough, but academia is nearly all one can resort to with the current state of formal dress. Just pointing out that in very specific circles, it's still alive, which I find heart-warming. Yes. Three cheers! It'll remain in certain specific places.
Sir John Mills is another exception that proves the general rule.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gent Oddly enough, the black vest with tailcoat is still alive in unexpected parts of Europe. Apparently this is related to those countries whose universities have strong German influences. I don't know the exact sphere of influence, but at least the Nordic Countries. It's only used in the daytime, striking as it might seem, and in very specific academic occasions, such as oral defenses of doctoral dissertations. After 6 PM...
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel How common are goshawks in Great Britain? In my part of the country (Southern California) they are only to be found, I believe, in high mountain forests. At least the only two times I have seen them has been at 9,000+ feet, once on Mt. San Jacinto and another time on the south slope of Mt. Baden-Powell. It is claimed they only winter here, but when I saw them it was late summer or early autumn. Their smaller, fiercer...
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