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im glad to see the "punishment" theme we keep alive in the store survives the transition to internet.
The time that it comes through is for jungle juice basically. Anyone dumb enough to take a shot of it on purpose deserves the unconsciousness and vomiting. However, it doesn't have really anything but alcohol in it, so the hangover is very light!
these RB6's have been worn once, are in excellent condition, and are amazing in both quality and construction. I cannot stress enough how soft and luxurious these feel to the touch. Measure true 32 in the waist, true 32 in the length, and a 9 inch leg opening. Asking Price is $150 shipped. contact: PM or
samurai also makes a great lee repro
I personally prefer these to a sugarcane 47 just because they are slimmer, although it's not terribly different if you compare the sugarcanes after a wash.
Quote: Originally Posted by wEstSidE i've never been complimented by women when wearing non-branded clothing except when dressing up is involved. I've been complimented twice when wearing non-branded clothing by men, one was by a gay man and the other was by a denim head employee at Up Against the Wall who probably is on SuFu since he knows of Ande Whall. haha that was definitely me. I've been complimented for both casual and dress clothing,...
i believe the effect you're referring to is "vertical falling". It doesn't seem too pronounced in those jeans, but the stripey effect seems consistent with that. It is an effect of something called structure denim, where the weft is more raised i believe.
natty light, because beer pong with stout last weekend was brutal.
denim bar has them too, with a 20 percent discount and free shipping.
wow, those RRL's really do look great.
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