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haha, same here. If they're that popular, I'd imagine they'll be restocked at some point (if they are indeed sold out). Not really worried about it - was just curious.
wow, french blue already gone in 32? also, did the restocks of the navy/gunmetal come in? someone got bleach on my old gunmetals, so I definitely want a new pair.
Quote: Originally Posted by Razele Blister pack of Flunitrazepam winner
Quote: Originally Posted by Makeshift_Robot dick slot I like this one.
Quote: Originally Posted by subdivide I wish you all would take a month or more off from using "COP / KOPP" as a verb. Do you actually say that word out loud? If your friends were really your friends, they'd slap the taste out your mouth. one may think that considering your 4.5 year membership here, your extremely limited posts would be pretty insightful. they'd be very wrong.
Quote: Originally Posted by Valcrist Have a question about the Ervell FW10 fair isle knit, can you size down on this? I have a 37 chest, and I know a medium gives the ervell boxy type fit, jw if i can size down to small and have it still work. My chest is 37" and I wear a small in that sweater - it works fine.
yep, in for this.
Quote: Originally Posted by Magic1 how do Common Projects compare with Alden barrie/trubalance lasts? A US 8D in alden barrie/trubalance = ____ in Common Projects? Leather sole vs sneakers makes the conversion a little weird, but Barrie/Trubalance is generally a half size smaller than your true size. I wear a 9.5 in Barrie, 10 in regular leather soled shoes, and a 43 in CPs. My guess is that you're a 41 in CP, but someone with a true 8.5 foot...
Quote: Originally Posted by PorterInjax I can tell you from my experience only: If they slip when new, they will continue to slip. Others may have different comments. To find out if there is any interest in them, state the size. Just for a different perspective, I had some slight heel slippage in my #8 longwings when I got them. I've worn them probably 4-5 times now, and the "problem" gets better with each wear. While these aren't the...
model's face is too distracting; i want to punch every picture.
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