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Quote: Originally Posted by 89andy So is the leg opening slightly larger on PS or same as diors? if you're looking for something less slim and comparing to the dior 19cm, i wouldn't go for the apc ps. its about the same, if not slimmer. atleast from the knee down. you could always look up measurements online. i'm lazy. edit: PS. i have a size 30 apc ps i need to get rid of, if thats your size. worn for 2 days then i gave up. too small.
Quote: Originally Posted by 89andy anyone know how petit standards fit in relation to dior mij 19cm's? i have both. i wear a size 31 in all "modern" (vanity sized) jeans, such as Nudie, H&M etc. i wear a size 31 dior mij 19cm, fits perfectly and always has. i was fooled by the internets to size down for the apc and got a 30. too tight in the waist and it doesn't stretch at all, pretty much. got to give it away. so if you want one i'd advice...
RRL_Supplier is the man. Shipping stuff on a saturday!
PM:ed you!
Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid How much taper is too much? I need about 12" thighs to be able to move freely in jeans but I have ridiculously small ankles. I could probably fit a 6" ankle and still have room, and I would like to try jeans that narrow at the bottom to tuck into high tops & military boots. What kind of jeans have that kind of taper, and is that taper doable w/o looking like a chick? hi, then i think you should...
hi! is there/has there ever been a chinese proxy service? someone in china buying stuff and sending it to whoever-like. what's your experience? looking at Taobao and stuff is so, so cheap...
Hi, could you take a detailed shot of the fabric/pattern? Can't really get a good idea of how it actually looks, seems kind of strange in that light. Might be interested.
Quote: Originally Posted by csjesse hey guys.. wondering which shoe Buble's wearing here-they're obviously Converse. thanks! http://www.google.no/images?hl=en&q=...w=1318&bih=875 ?
Hi. Who carries RRL jeans (and are available online)??
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