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Hi! Yeah, psychologically more comfortable with the Tudor anyway. I had issues with justifying the cost of the Rolex honestly, and most of all people's reactions to me wearing it. I miss it though, it's perfect. As to how the black bay wears and wrist presence, I'd say the 114060 is neater and classier and the black bay is maybe more modern in terms of size and wrist presence, but its not that much different.
Edit: just realized I might be in the wrong thread. Sorry.
Just realized I've been meaning to buy some RRL jeans...for 10 years. Maybe it's time. I'm in Europe, can anyone recommend a place (online)?
Sweet, looking for something similar myself.
Quote: Originally Posted by 89andy So is the leg opening slightly larger on PS or same as diors? if you're looking for something less slim and comparing to the dior 19cm, i wouldn't go for the apc ps. its about the same, if not slimmer. atleast from the knee down. you could always look up measurements online. i'm lazy. edit: PS. i have a size 30 apc ps i need to get rid of, if thats your size. worn for 2 days then i gave up. too small.
Quote: Originally Posted by 89andy anyone know how petit standards fit in relation to dior mij 19cm's? i have both. i wear a size 31 in all "modern" (vanity sized) jeans, such as Nudie, H&M etc. i wear a size 31 dior mij 19cm, fits perfectly and always has. i was fooled by the internets to size down for the apc and got a 30. too tight in the waist and it doesn't stretch at all, pretty much. got to give it away. so if you want one i'd advice...
RRL_Supplier is the man. Shipping stuff on a saturday!
PM:ed you!
Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid How much taper is too much? I need about 12" thighs to be able to move freely in jeans but I have ridiculously small ankles. I could probably fit a 6" ankle and still have room, and I would like to try jeans that narrow at the bottom to tuck into high tops & military boots. What kind of jeans have that kind of taper, and is that taper doable w/o looking like a chick? hi, then i think you should...
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