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Bailey Nelson, they have 2 stores in the Sydney CBD. Australian owned and operated. Great looking frames at a reasonable price point.
@JayH they look very nice! did you order them though the Vass group buy?
I would be interested in some chukkas. Could someone PM some comparisons between U and F last. Cheers
great chukka boots! hope you get lots of wear out of them
I think i need a black cap toe oxford. C&J hallam or meermin or other?
calf leather would be sweet!
Is the free tree code still valid? It didn't seem to work for me
Tried to order both the loake Hilton and loake strand but both are delayed in production until december. Budget is up to $350
What would you gents recommend for a semi brogue shoe in tan?
Wrong size or not your style? Is the colour in the photo true to life?
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