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Acne Jayden oversized sweater - bought in two sizes, don't feel like shipping back to Tres Bien.
Agreed, let's just push through on the burgundy/blue. Do we have enough commitments?
I'm in for a burgundy 7-fold.
I came to poast this. Perfect. Just noticed this isn't in SW&D though - may want to have it moved.
Ranks up there in the annals of SF history, I must say. I do miss that StyleForum.
PSA: Allen Edmonds at decent prices: link
So, we'll be in Napa after a conference I have in early October. We're staying in Yountville - plans thus far include dinner at Ad Hoc/Meadowood, brunch at Bouchon, tour of Ovid. Otherwise, I have no idea what we should do or what we need to do. Anything that can't be missed, etc.? I was considering a tour at Montelena as well, for posterity.
Yea, he drinks Wings of the Morning Kona Coffee almost exclusively.. perhaps I get him a gift card to wholelattelove and call it a day.
DC - no Stumptown or Intelligentsia near me.. who would you recommend?
some shop wear, purchased a couple of days ago from SoleDevotion, NIB, going to buy Balenciaga's instead.a
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