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I like them. It just takes the right cut and confidence to wear it well. Case in point, may I refer you to this gentleman, featured in The Sartorialist: If this man looks like a gangster, then I'm sold.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara WTF is Berks? http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/berk Think it's more of a UK thing. It is hilariously appropriate, however.
Some places have the servers grill it right in front of you. This is nice, since they do all the work for you. Only problem is it's a bit awkward having conversations with your friends right in front of them. Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles On a related note, what's up with Korean girls in the US and being very very Christian? I've met several who were not, but damn, I wish these honies would just forget Jesus and spread those...
Don't think too hard about this. I remember at my junior prom, I saw some guys wearing something that pretty much looked like this: No, they weren't thrown out. It's just prom; you don't have to adhere so strictly to the rules. I second the H&M suggestion. Come to think of it, didn't they come out with a tuxedo last season? Try giving them a visit.
I think it's hard to make a recommendation without knowing what your current lifestyle is like. What does your average diet consist of, and how much exercise are you getting currently? Be honest.
Quote: Originally Posted by andyliu52 i wore it once to a piano competition (all the guys wore suits) and on my comment sheet one of the judge wrote "playing was too flashy". it may really have just been my playing but the first thing i thought when i saw the sheet was "damn rlbl," since my playing really wasnt (and never is) particularly flashy, especially for a competition. Strange comment indeed, as I have no clue what constitutes "flashy...
Quote: Originally Posted by andyliu52 i think the biggest problem with rlbl is that it looks like a very expensive suit, but not everyone knows that you got it for $240 at woodbury, so it makes people think you are either living on credit or have really rich parents if you are young and have one I think this has more to do with your demeanor than any inherent fault of the suit, though. I wouldn't say RLBL suits are incredibly wild, but I feel...
Quote: Originally Posted by beansprouts1 In my opinion, the buyer agreeing to buy without pictures is more reason to not do a return. He gets a guaranteed item this way. If I sold items without pictures in the future and did returns, then people would just buy my stuff right off the back and return it if they dont like it. This is a fair point, but lets look at the alternative. If you refuse, things may potentially get much more complicated....
Just curious, is there a specific reason for your aversion to returns? Just take it back and be done with it.
Pm'd. Please check your messages.
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