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Sent you a PM.
For $10 I'll take them, assuming the thigh measurement will work for me. Get back to me with that measurement and I'll pay ASAP assuming it works.
Anyone know a good source for some of those slutty tees that were all the rage a few pages ago? I've been on the lookout for some looser/drapey numbers with deeper necklines for a while, but I haven't quite found much that fits the bill. I really feel like it's time to slut it up a bit.
That's the price you pay for powerlifting my friend! You won't see Andy Bolton fitting into a Before Dinner shirt any time soon, y'know. I agree. I have the Sno Cone and can confirm that it is super lightweight and awesome. Only drawback is that it wrinkles like crazy.
Shades of Grey traveler shorts. So-so construction but I like the cut.
Rocked the liberty of london floral shirt today. I think this is my favorite summer shirt. Pics in WAYWT:
It's hot as balls out here guys.(click to biggify) [[SPOILER]]
Yes, measurements please!
Never got a pic up for this?
I like that a lot MF...looks like you're wearing MMA gloves though...
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