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Quote: Originally Posted by Style.Guru I sort of look like Harry Crane from Madmen and dress a bit like him too. FTFY
Bump for price drop.
Price drops. Looking to move this stuff, so feel free to make some offers.
[Price drops.
Bump for new items added (price drop on old suit)
Quote: Originally Posted by thomascrowne you elevated the discussion with your language. If I met you at a bar and you spoke to me that way, I would beat you senseless. Mind the f-bombs you dick bag... Guys. You better watch it. Look at how tough he claims he is. You can't lie about being a tough guy on the internet!
Quote: Originally Posted by k4lnamja Just out of curiosity . . . how comfortable are you guys buying suits that are pre-owned? I mean, you cant really know if the suit will "fit" unless if you tried it on regardless if you know your measurements, right? I buy them. You have to take into a risk factor for accuracy with measurements. I trust the people on SF a lot. Also, it helps to stick to brands/makers you know.
Vinasity is a great seller and anyone who says otherwise is a liar. And a communist.
Drop- Maybe next time I'll start increasing the price, just to be different.
Price drop, desperate to get my post count up so I can see which George called out Manton in CE. Edit: Ugh. Disappointing.
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