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I'd say it's closer to what MisterFu was saying: model pictures are hard. They're designed to make it look as good as possible. Real world conditions are more realistic and you can more readily discern them.
When did feminism die? Did I miss the obit?
If this were a 52R I'd already be paypalling you.
Gorgeous! Can we get some more pics, maybe with close-up detail of the suit?
That YSL suit is killer. Wish it was my size.
Can anyone recommend a good consignment service or person? I have a half dozen or so suits I want to get rid of (mostly fashion house stuff, like Prada, Dior and Gucci - nothing really SF approved) and I take terrible pictures and have next to no ebay seller profile, so I think it makes sense for me to consign them off. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
A Tom Ford shirt for the style conscious Larry the Cable Guy fan.
Does his shirt look like a bitch?
Feh to this. He should wear what he wants. It's a rabbit-hole of what traditional actually is. Take for example your described outfit. A white bow tie should only be worn with full dress, i.e. tails, for an evening event. Thus your outfit was not traditional (although I'm sure it looked great, particularly in contrast with your groomsmen in black). The suit he described will look great (as long as he takes the advice here about not trying to match the vest)
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