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I keep looking at this suit somehow hoping my stares can change the size to a 52R. The Tom Ford designed stuff (made by Zegna) is great. It really is Couture level!!
Christie's is selling a bunch of James Bond Memorabilia for the 50th Anniversary, including: - Daniel Craig's TF suits and tuxedo from Skyfall - A brioni suit worn by Pierce Brosnan in Die Another Day - The DBS used in Quantum of Solace Just a quick question: Daniel Craig's suits are listed as 48F - what's the F? Is it a made-to-measure designation? I've seen it a few times on other Zegna made suits and had no idea what it meant and it's impossible to google.
325 OBO for a 38 Ralph Lauren Purple Label suit by Chester Barrie here.
You know, I always thought a "Just Kopped" thread or "Stuff I think is cool but didn't post until now because I don't need you sons a bitches bidding it up" would be interesting for just this reason.
Any seller who knows what they are doing puts up an auto-decline so they don't even have to vet what they consider insultingly low. I wouldn't bother with an explanation, just submit what you think is fair and they'll reply as they see fit.I think BIN OBO tends to have inflated prices as they expect lowballers.
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs I lost my top rated seller status for one month and my total page views went from 600-800 per day to 5-25 per day. I got it back and jumped to 800 within two days. Fixed price listings are nearly worthless if you are not top rated. Why was that? Does the search algorithm prefer 'top rated' or do buyers put that much of a preference for top ratings?
Can... can we do that? Just announce price drops in other people's threads? This is important.
How do you do the lettuce wrap though? I find it's hard to get a handle on and the ketchup and sauce just slips around and makes a mess. Nothing soaks the good stuff in like a bun.
Hi, Interested in size 52/54 (42/44 US) suits from Gucci, Yves St. Laurent Rive Gauche or anything three piece. Must be recent, with preference given to one/two button single breasted. No preference solid or pattern. Thanks!
Price drop. If there's any interest, I can take better pictures if they're concerned about colour or if the measurements are clear etc.
New Posts  All Forums: