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Jetted pockets are often considered too formal for sport coats. Flapped or patch pockets only.
There are two options here: you're trolling or you're an extreme neophyte. If you're trolling, you gain nothing from earnest advice, so either way that's the best option.Black is an extremely formal. Traditional (or classic) men's dress says it's for funerals and evening events. I'd argue that the consensus for the modern world says it's okay for any "dressy" event, like work. If you think this is a stylish look, you won't find the advice here helpful. If you wear the...
The jacket is 100% Tom Ford.
I just missed it. I'm 10,001 I was lurking all day too. At least I got to be post 3000?
You can't tell from the Zegna-format label because all zegna manufactured products (from Z zegna to Couture) have the same label format. The best check for Gucci is a pinch test to see if it is fused or canvas.*Edit* Jesus, sorry for the reply to an ancient post. Gotta be more attentive to the dates.
No way man, you're only as old as you dress!
Here's a good place to post this question. Also, if you can get some pics of the manufacturer's label (the tag with the size on an inside pocket usually), it can be easier to tell.
No. No. No, man. Shit, no, man.
A first for me: fake Tom Ford suit.
This one's a brioni. It's one of Brosnan's when he was bond.
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