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It is, but to be fair, nurses make pretty good money. It might not be all that reckless.EDIT: Honestly, after re-reading Alkydrinker's posts, this should just go straight to DT
No one with an account on this forum should have the audacity to criticize someone else's spending, particularly on fashion.EDIT: I do think this belongs more in CE
This is a very difficult question to answer. Formal, by definition, is not creative. Formal traditionally means white tie. Semi-formal means black tie. Nothing about those are creative. Formal implies a rigorous standard, a uniform almost. I'm going to assume you mean formal in a colloquial sense, in that for most people, just wearing a suit (or for some, a sports coat) is formal. So if you're looking for dress shirts which are creative, but not crazy patterns, then...
The real issue is it's covered with branding, which is the #1 target for forgers, and lots of them are good. The ostentatiousness of that bag runs counter to the tastes of most members here, so it's unlikely to find anyone who could authenticate it. I honestly wouldn't buy anything that is so ripe for forging without a receipt.
Why not?
That's nothing. David Paker above got banned in one post in the same time frame. His only post seems to be confirming olebar brown in this very thread??
Dolce&Gabbana tends to be pricey for the construction. D&G is their fashion-forward line and does tend to have fewer of the qualities this forum, in general, prefers in their menswear. Fashion brands like Dolce&Gabbana and Burberry are not very popular here, hence the lack of response. Honestly I don't know how much burberry costs, so I don't know if you'll be able to get it at that price. It's also difficult for anyone to assess the D&G coat without a fit picture. I...
A number of people on here are eBay sellers. It's an interesting look to see if there are any trends. A little context would be nice. I mean, that Adidas jacket had to be something, owned by RunDMC maybe? But for some of us, retail figures wouldn't be that interesting either. I'm sure Bijan sells something every month. Who cares?
To be specific, contrast collars are relatively formal, whereas button down collars are relatively casual. The contrast will not be appealing to many here. You'd be better off asking in Streetwear and Denim (SW&D) although I don't know if that will be to their taste either. The answer is you'll likely have to get it MTM, ModernTailor should be able to do it at a reasonable price.
New Posts  All Forums: