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Can... can we do that? Just announce price drops in other people's threads? This is important.
How do you do the lettuce wrap though? I find it's hard to get a handle on and the ketchup and sauce just slips around and makes a mess. Nothing soaks the good stuff in like a bun.
Hi, Interested in size 52/54 (42/44 US) suits from Gucci, Yves St. Laurent Rive Gauche or anything three piece. Must be recent, with preference given to one/two button single breasted. No preference solid or pattern. Thanks!
Price drop. If there's any interest, I can take better pictures if they're concerned about colour or if the measurements are clear etc.
Hi, These have been in my closet over a year. If they still have the tags on them, the rule is that they gotta go. My wife took the pictures (I was recently hospitalized) so sorry if the colour/flash isn't great. She isn't familiar with the settings. The first is an Armani Collezioni peaked lapel, beige/tan suit. I don't know who makes Collezioni, is it Vestimenta? Or do they only do Giorgio black label? It is unvented and has four buttons at the cuff. Unaltered...
Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 I love those Australians and Canadians who think they'll get markdowns and free international shipping. To be fair, shipping is arbitrary bullshit. It's closer to Winnipeg from New York than Alberqurque, let alone Toronto or Montreal. It's all nationalistic subsidized crap. Also that shirt is clearly a fake! You should take it back and refund the seller. I will, as a gentleman, relieve you of this...
Quote: Originally Posted by Style.Guru I sort of look like Harry Crane from Madmen and dress a bit like him too. FTFY
Bump for price drop.
Price drops. Looking to move this stuff, so feel free to make some offers.
[Price drops.
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