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No way man, you're only as old as you dress!
Here's a good place to post this question. Also, if you can get some pics of the manufacturer's label (the tag with the size on an inside pocket usually), it can be easier to tell.
No. No. No, man. Shit, no, man.
A first for me: fake Tom Ford suit.
This one's a brioni. It's one of Brosnan's when he was bond.
I'd say it's closer to what MisterFu was saying: model pictures are hard. They're designed to make it look as good as possible. Real world conditions are more realistic and you can more readily discern them.
When did feminism die? Did I miss the obit?
If this were a 52R I'd already be paypalling you.
Gorgeous! Can we get some more pics, maybe with close-up detail of the suit?
That YSL suit is killer. Wish it was my size.
New Posts  All Forums: