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Not true. When they transitioned to the new tag Zegna had the modern pants tag paired with the older jacket tag for about a year. I've owned about 6 zegna (and zegna made) suits like that.
The jacket is too short and clearly too tight.I don't even understand this line of reasoning. What made the scenes in Skyfall a more casual occasion? As for action scenes, Daniel Craig is in good shape and built like a brawler, you don't need to stuff him into a sausage casing suit to showcase it. It actually makes it look worse.
A little late, but this is real.This armani is real, but like 15-20 years old (as others have said)Also everything barrelInTrigger said is true (I can't vouch for the givenchy, but he was bang on about everything else)
Gucci suits have been made by Zegna for decades. ( Styleforum citation? ) Plus the manufacterer's tag is a zegna tag.
It's made by Zegna.
Nope. Lots of Brioni don't do working cuffs on the suits.
Oh yeah, pornography. Forgot about pornography.
I had written up a defence and started to get all serious, but honestly you made a glib remark about this student on the internet and I would DIE to protect your right to be flippant on the internet. Why else would we even HAVE the internet??
It is, but to be fair, nurses make pretty good money. It might not be all that reckless.EDIT: Honestly, after re-reading Alkydrinker's posts, this should just go straight to DT
No one with an account on this forum should have the audacity to criticize someone else's spending, particularly on fashion.EDIT: I do think this belongs more in CE
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