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Tom Ford suits have an aggressive cut. For a number of bases I find I have to size down. I don't have a lot of experience with the fits (what TF calls bases now) but I definitely wouldn't be surprised if a 46 was inline with a generous 42. It's always better to let measurements guide you rather than size tags.
I know this is an older post, but like Coxsackie, I caught up on this thread yesterday and this still sticks in my craw.I respect Matthew Fan a lot, he's an institution here (he's an emoticon for fuck's sake) and is quite knowledgeable and shown a mastery of CBD and style in general. That said, this disparaging attitude of how "it's all gone down hill" is something I'm quite tired of seeing. In particular the phrasing "the utility of this forum has drastically declined"...
The label looks real, and should be very recent (I believe that's the current couture label). I'd need to see the manufacturer tag to be certain though.
[[SPOILER]] Fake. Also, they're women's sunglasses (if that makes a difference). The fakers did a reasonably good job, but still pretty sloppy. They included a real model number, but the model they stamped it with doesn't match what style they are (I don't know women's glasses enough to tell if they've duped a real prada model, or just stamped a random fashion). Also, the blurring on the prada logo on the lens is probably to fool filtering software for copyright...
I'll start with the good news: they're real. The bad news is: Gucci can be, and frequently is, hella tacky.
[[SPOILER]] This is real, it's just older. It doesn't have a listed style (which would be in the box marked "Tessuto/Modello/Articulo", which means cloth/model/type), but it is size 56R EU (the TG stands for Taglia - size)
+1, the gucci is real too
Yes, they do. MTM is custom alterations from a base (fit) and size. The MTM will show the size for whatever the suit started as.
The picture's not great, but it's Versace Collection - the diffusion line. On the plus side it looks a little older and may be when that line was still made by Zegna, but I'd need to see the manufacturer's tags to verify.
In my experience, most of the RTW pants sold at TF (or TF departments in stores) have belt loops. There are also suits that include belt loops (I believe even the side adjuster suit pants come with belt loops if you prefer them)
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