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The Pour Homme line (and that label) predate the YSL embroidery. When they started doing that it was white lable "Yves St. Laurent" and white label "Yves St. Laurent -Rive Gauche-". Sorry
http://www.ebay.com/itm/TOM-FORD-2013-GrayBlack-Birdseye-Woven-Slim-Lapel-2Btn-Slim-Fit-Wool-Suit-42R-/161206886562 What is going on with those lapels? Has anyone seen anything like this before? Was this OTR? Did Tom Ford design it that way? Did someone have their tailor do that? WHY?
Not true. When they transitioned to the new tag Zegna had the modern pants tag paired with the older jacket tag for about a year. I've owned about 6 zegna (and zegna made) suits like that.
The jacket is too short and clearly too tight.I don't even understand this line of reasoning. What made the scenes in Skyfall a more casual occasion? As for action scenes, Daniel Craig is in good shape and built like a brawler, you don't need to stuff him into a sausage casing suit to showcase it. It actually makes it look worse.
A little late, but this is real.This armani is real, but like 15-20 years old (as others have said)Also everything barrelInTrigger said is true (I can't vouch for the givenchy, but he was bang on about everything else)
Gucci suits have been made by Zegna for decades. ( Styleforum citation? ) Plus the manufacterer's tag is a zegna tag.
It's made by Zegna.
Nope. Lots of Brioni don't do working cuffs on the suits.
This is a very difficult question to answer. Formal, by definition, is not creative. Formal traditionally means white tie. Semi-formal means black tie. Nothing about those are creative. Formal implies a rigorous standard, a uniform almost. I'm going to assume you mean formal in a colloquial sense, in that for most people, just wearing a suit (or for some, a sports coat) is formal. So if you're looking for dress shirts which are creative, but not crazy patterns, then...
The real issue is it's covered with branding, which is the #1 target for forgers, and lots of them are good. The ostentatiousness of that bag runs counter to the tastes of most members here, so it's unlikely to find anyone who could authenticate it. I honestly wouldn't buy anything that is so ripe for forging without a receipt.
New Posts  All Forums: