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For the man of size.
PM Sent, please let me know if they're still for sale...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pharrell Just wanted to add that ideally I want to find something similar or the exact same suit Lebron James is wearing on the most recent GQ cover That's a made-to-measure RLPL suit. It retails for 8 grand. It's exclusive to the mansion on Madison.
Quote: Originally Posted by soakwashrinsespin I've owned quite a few Dior Homme garments over the years, and I can confidently say that this suit isn't authentic. The poor printing quality and typo (missing a grave/accent over the 'a' in "nettoyage à sec") on the fabric composition tags, the roughness of the silver 'Dior' tags (particularly on the pants), and the spacing of the letters on the 'PARIS' tag are all dead giveaways. This is...
THIS THREAD... IS FOR... SMALL TIMERS ONLY Do you make $11,600 a year? Do you drink wine out of a box? When you drop a dime, do you not only pick it up, but chase it down the street? WELCOME TO THE SMALL TIMER M-M-M-MEGA THREAD! We have deals to suit all your small time needs! Do you need a suit for your interview for manager at a Burger King? We got you covered! Is your mom constantly hassling you for a suit to wear to your fat cousin Charmaine's...
On Ebay - Feel free to make an offer
Truly an investment piece.
Further price drop
Too bad it's not my size. One of Esquire's Best Dressed Real Men's tux? Sounds good.
Nothing really SF-approved, but maybe somebody's interested in the suits: Armani Black Label 40R Gucci 54 Also acouple ofcheaplots. Feel free to make me an offer if you're interested in any of it.
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