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On Ebay - Feel free to make an offer
Truly an investment piece.
Further price drop
Too bad it's not my size. One of Esquire's Best Dressed Real Men's tux? Sounds good.
Nothing really SF-approved, but maybe somebody's interested in the suits: Armani Black Label 40R Gucci 54 Also acouple ofcheaplots. Feel free to make me an offer if you're interested in any of it.
Price drop
A Gucci (by Zegna) suit, made in Switzerland marked 54L, but measures closer to 54R, so I've posted pictures of some jacket measurements. I've lost a bit of weight since I bought it, and would rather sell it than alter it. It is 3 button, single breasted. Pinstripe suit with single vent and four buttons at the cuffs. The pants are flat front, lined to the knee with a plain hem. Waist is 38" and inseam is 30" with approx 2.5" at the hem. Measurements appear to...
Hello and thank you for taking the time to review my item! I bought these gorgeous shoes off the 'Bay where they were mis-listed as size 11, but are actually a 10. They are too snug for my feet and so I'm looking to recover my cost. The shoes measure 12 1/4" at the sole. The soles are practically flawless with a size sticker still on the bottom. I don't have boxes or bags unfortunately. All questions are welcome! Asking $160 shipped to...
Hello all, I'm unloading my old suits, Kenneth Cole, DKNY and other similar brands. They're packaged in lots, so even though it's not "SF approved" the price is very cheap. * First Lot * Second Lot * Third Lot Hopefully somebody has some interest in something. Be well!
Hello, I am looking for a tuxedo in 42R. Single breasted only, one button preferred. Preferred peak or shawl lapels, but I'm not terribly fussy. Hope someone can help. Thanks!
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