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How do you best handle using the washroom (long term sit down situations obviously) while wearing suspenders? Its not like you want to just let them touch the floor. It's disgusting. Disgusting.
Armani black label suit with free shipping!
They're working for me. I wish these shoes were a size up though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kajak Everything ex-soviet bloc coaches have told me makes me think that the OP is exactly wrong, and that Soviet gyms (at least the National Team and Army ones) where clean, well run, and organized... and these aren't usually guys with a ton of respect for communism. I didn't mean communists are disrespectful, I meant the gym system has flaws that can be exploited. The "national team and army ones" anywhere are...
In Canada, they typically go by declared value, and charge sales tax and duty, however, they are allowed to re-assess if they think the declared value is low and charge based on their "estimated" price. You can fight against it here, usually if you show the eBay listing or paypal statement they'll reduce it to the fees on price paid. That said, it can be a pain to get in touch with someone at Customs, it's all leaving messages and circular automated phone trees.
(Odds of this thread getting DT'd 3:2) Communism is the small timer's system. That's a fact. It never works and the gym is a perfect allegory for why: - No property rights: If it belongs to me, it's my problem. If it belongs to everybody, it's somebody else's problem. This is how you get morons breaking stuff left right and center. Breaking weights, busting treadmills, snapping cables, all acting like assholes, because it's communal property. - No...
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles You sound like the biggest queer in the world. Please do not sully deadlifts by trying them. Stick to bicep curls. Am I to late to recommend the shake weight?
Quote: Originally Posted by computerpro3 I will never buy a D&G product because of how their advertising is "gay." It's not a lifestyle that appeals to me, I don't like a lot of their styles, and I don't wish to be perceived as gay by others. It just doesn't appeal to me. Dolce and Gabbana give no fucks about you. What JG is missing is the big picture. If, like he says, Gucci is missing 90% of the GQ demographic, who are they marketing...
Quote: Originally Posted by fredfred Hmmmm. How come in this thread from a month ago (which got locked) you say you've recently lost weight. But now you say you have gained weight? http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...34#post3553334 Nice shirt, but the story doesn't make sense to me. You will notice that thread was locked. Upon further inspection, forum moderator J decided I had gotten fatter, not thinner and locked it as punishment for...
Quote: Originally Posted by heli0x lol, you don't frequent the SW&D B&S much do you? Why isn't this in SW&D?
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