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To be honest, pretty much any colour would work. Reds, burgundies, greens, blues, yellows, pinks, oranges... You've chosen pretty conservative colours that will work well with anything. It's really up to the occasion and your sense of style.
Look at this. Look!
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker ^ you think mine is close enough? :fingerscrossed: There's another one. If yours doesn't go high enough, you should look at his listing for ideas.
Quote: Originally Posted by Man of Wealth and Taste Truly an investment piece. Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker A $760 sale for a Tom Ford tie? WHAT THE F... That guy had that tie listed at the end of August for $1,250 so $760's quite a deal.
Quote: Originally Posted by intent No. That would make me 24 / 2 - 7 = 5. Here. You need this.
Quote: Originally Posted by The Silverfox and I've washed my hands vigorously, I have to touch the fucking doorhandle to get out, the doorhandle countless people have touched after doing disgusting things without washing their hands. If ever I meet the person who thought that was a great idea, he's getting fucking strangled on the spot. Thanks for the advice. To get around the doorhandle thing, don't throw out the paper towel from drying your...
It's been over a month without getting my item and he isn't responding to my emails or pms. Does anybody know what happened?
How do you best handle using the washroom (long term sit down situations obviously) while wearing suspenders? Its not like you want to just let them touch the floor. It's disgusting. Disgusting.
Armani black label suit with free shipping!
They're working for me. I wish these shoes were a size up though.
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