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Drop- Maybe next time I'll start increasing the price, just to be different.
Price drop, desperate to get my post count up so I can see which George called out Manton in CE. Edit: Ugh. Disappointing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum Except the word 'historic' tends to imply a significant event in history. It can be used to mean the same as 'historical', but 'historical' is more common when referring to something relating to the past but which doesn't hold any particular historical significance. I'll buy that. But historical always sounds wrong. Like orientate or irregardless.
Quote: Originally Posted by Grammaton Cleric Don't look good. Stick with the classic 6 x 2. If patch pockets, then 4 x 2. Don't listen to this guy, he doesn't even believe in feelings. Double breasted are coming back into fashion, but would probably still run the risk of looking too old fashioned for a young person. It would depend on your style. For clarification, do you mean a 6x4 double breasted without the nipple buttons? Or a 4x2?
Is it a gingham?
What ever happened to historic? It does everything historical does with two less letters
Weekend price drop.
Price drop. So I bumped. I didn't really want to drop the price, but as a raging narcissist I take it as a personal affront when my posts aren't on the front page.
Authentic lightweight wool Gucci suit. Two button double vented. Size 52R (US 42). Dark charcoal colour. Note that the Underarm measurement is a little off. The tape measure wasn't all the way to the seam, it's about 21". Asking $old shipped to US and Canada Authentic 100% linen Etro suit. Three button suit with a ticket pocket. Partially lined jacket with dual vents. Size 52R (US 42). Asking $old shipped to US and Canada Authentic lightweight...
To be honest, pretty much any colour would work. Reds, burgundies, greens, blues, yellows, pinks, oranges... You've chosen pretty conservative colours that will work well with anything. It's really up to the occasion and your sense of style.
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