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Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum Everything weighs the same as everything else if you 'get a pound of both', that doesn't mean that we can say bricks weigh the same as feathers but they're just "more dense". This is why he called you out on saying "weighs more" instead of denser. Denser = higher mass = 'weighs more'. Denser != higher mass. Copper is denser than milk. That does not mean that a penny has more mass than a gallon...
Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy Quote: Originally Posted by feynmix Thanks for the link. Is racism still an issue? No, I am not white. No. It's not something you have to worry about. Unless you're First Nations.
Quote: Originally Posted by imschatz I think it'd be rude for the guy to get up .. not say a word .. and make a mad dash for the shower. Then to sit there in the shower crying, wishing he wasn't such a dirty slut. I told you, I was about something different and I had shampoo in my eyes. Seriously, this is hardly the time or place to bring it up again!
Great transaction with hooker4186. It was fast, easy and no lying about ages, unlike my last encounter with someone called hooker.
Son, I served with Chuck Bass. I knew Chuck Bass. Chuck Bass was a friend of mine. Son, you are no Chuck Bass.
To most, anyone in a suit will look like a "suit", regardless of flourishes or price of the labels. We can see the difference between trad and modern, tell the difference between business and business casual, have a variety of opinions on what details are too formal or not formal enough depending on the occasion etc. But can any of us tell the difference between B-boy style and Crunk style? Not likely. It's not our area of interest. It's not our taste. There's...
I'll give you $75 for one of the tags.
According to the magazine itself, that is Black Fleece. Retailed then for $150 and available at any fine BB location.
Quote: Originally Posted by TieMyShoe u trying to sell these at retail price? with 58 posts? damn gl. It is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open it and have it proven.
We're fighting amongst ourselves and missing the real issue here: Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff every garment on Yoox has 'boning' in it for one reason or another. i have absolutely no idea what that is, but for some reason it is yoox's trump card marketing term. Fucking boning! How does it work?
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