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Looks okay, it'd be better to see the manufacturer's tag on the inside of the jacket (rather than just the material tag).
Et tu, spambot?
(Double post)
If I didn't want to keep the reg date for e-peen reasons, I would have long ago abandoned this incredibly embarrassing user name
That is definitely a blouse tucked into a skirt.
Real - (PS You can always trust WowNiceShirt)
Can you post some pics of the manufacturer tags?
I don't know if they have an analogous thread, but Streetwear & Denim would certainly have a better knowledge base to confirm authenticity.
This is authentic and it's from the turn of the century.Early to mid 90'sI have never seen a manufacturer tag for Zegna like that, but based on the label it could be that old. I have 0 experience with that one.
No one could authenticate anything based on that photo. Labels and manufacturer's tags are ideal, although some items can be verified by detailed fabric shots (such as hermes ties)
New Posts  All Forums: