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This is the 2nd most recent tag (2008-14, I believe). I lack the skill to decipher any further than that for a specific date
That jacket was absolutely not made by Zegna
The tags are all perfect, and they use the right style and kind of buttons, it's hard to imagine who would go through all that trouble to fake it but have the label say made in turkey. If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say it's a uniform shirt, if not a true retail. I know the uniform suits are done in China to cut costs and prevent resale, so that's what I'd guess about the shirt.
90% sure this tie is realIt's real - it was probably a factory 2nd that someone fished out of QA reject and then sold for a discount. It wasn't sold through a proper outlet otherwise they would have struck the label and I can't imagine GA would allow such a defect on a black label item be sold. I would hypothesize an employee recognized it was a minor error they could sell on the grey market for a decent sum
Once again - Spoo's the man on this, Gianni Versace himself could rise from the grave to contradict him and I'd still side with Spoo - but I believe the Zegna swap was done in 2004 or so. Zegna made the original Versace Collection (which has since moved on but the new manufacturer escapes me) as well as Gianni Versace Couture (which I believe it still does to this day.The Versace line (like the suit you have there) was above the Versace Collection/Versace Classic line, but...
They've recently changed the labels to silver over white. As of November 14, 2014 at least. I've seen them in the stores. Those are real.
Here you go
100% Real
If you post some pics of the manufacturer tags, that may provide further hints.
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