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100% authentic
Both are real. The Gucci is about 20 years old, the dolce is their mainline, but they still fuse a lot of stuff, even the "gold tag" line.
It looks authentic to me. Versace Collection is, however, their diffusion line. They're fused suits made mostly to sell on the Versace name. Worth about 1/5 or less of what they retail for.
If you're of the opinion that "perfectly functional at a steal of a price" is the way to go with shoes, Tom Ford is not the suit for you.
Do you have any pictures of the manufacturer's tags? That may help identify more precisely.
That's authentic Armani women's wear. Sorry if this is too late
This is the 2nd most recent tag (2008-14, I believe). I lack the skill to decipher any further than that for a specific date
That jacket was absolutely not made by Zegna
The tags are all perfect, and they use the right style and kind of buttons, it's hard to imagine who would go through all that trouble to fake it but have the label say made in turkey. If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say it's a uniform shirt, if not a true retail. I know the uniform suits are done in China to cut costs and prevent resale, so that's what I'd guess about the shirt.
90% sure this tie is realIt's real - it was probably a factory 2nd that someone fished out of QA reject and then sold for a discount. It wasn't sold through a proper outlet otherwise they would have struck the label and I can't imagine GA would allow such a defect on a black label item be sold. I would hypothesize an employee recognized it was a minor error they could sell on the grey market for a decent sum
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