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The loafers look like real Gucci to me
[[SPOILER]] I don't think it's a fake Armani tag, it's just the name Giorgio - a pretty common Italian name. Usually fake Armani goes overboard with the Eagle. That's just a jacket made by a guy named Giorgio.
Basic is a fit of Tom Ford, it indicates a narrower lapel - usually notched. It's a more conservative cut, but still often found among the wild patterns of Tom Ford fabrics. The tags are right and the long 5th button hole is the Tom Ford house style when they finish the sleeves (for a while they were doing 3 sleeve buttons but the 3rd was still a longer hole and left unbuttoned).The suit is legit.
Tags look legit and the labels do wear like that, especially if the shirts too tight. (I know from unfortunate, fat, experience)
Hi Anthony; I've bought from the loft before - it's all been real and authentic.
100% authentic
Both are real. The Gucci is about 20 years old, the dolce is their mainline, but they still fuse a lot of stuff, even the "gold tag" line.
It looks authentic to me. Versace Collection is, however, their diffusion line. They're fused suits made mostly to sell on the Versace name. Worth about 1/5 or less of what they retail for.
If you're of the opinion that "perfectly functional at a steal of a price" is the way to go with shoes, Tom Ford is not the suit for you.
Do you have any pictures of the manufacturer's tags? That may help identify more precisely.
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