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Yeah making the pitch book might seem fairly useless, but no one is hiring an investment bank that doesn't make one. How are new firms going to raise capital without an investment bank? They don't have links to institutional investors or know how to access capital markets and issue securities.New job is less pie charts because buyside analysis actually has to be a real analysis.
Without analysts pricing securities they wouldn't be accurately priced, we wouldn't have efficient markets and excess funds would not be distributed efficiently. Without investment banks and funds firms are not going to be able to access capital. I do think some degrees should receive government funding, but I don't think liberal arts degrees need funding.
Why should the government fund art degrees? Why can't people do art themselves. Why should they fund degrees there is no demand for.
It is, they could have bought a lot of crayons with there $60k. If they're not interested in going into high paying fields that require university then they shouldn't go and should learn a trade.
I really don't think education is too expensive, if you go into a good field afterwords it's worth it. If you majored in film then maybe you shouldn't have gone to uni. Uni is quite cheap in the UK like $15k a year or something and I have tonnes of friends who studied like film or art at shit schools. Why should the government fund people studying bullshit.
Yeah, but then poors can get good jobs.
dat feel.Didn't say M&A got easier, I said it seems more interesting
No idea how real quantitive analysis works. Used to really want to do a masters/maybe a PHD in statistics then do actual quant analysis, but they don't really get paid that much more money then fundamental analysis which is like looking at different accounting statements and making predictions. I assume they design some kind of program to analyse historical data some kind of machine learning or signal processing shit. The work im going to be doing is looking at financial...
Analysis me and Kyahmbi are talking about is largely qualitative and based on intuition so it can't really be computerised yet, but yet most pricing of simple securities is done by computers. For some more complex securities there are people using actual maths to price them, but I assume eventually that will be computerised. But yeah quant skills are fairly useless.
I've never really thought of it, I've had friends get PE internships but they were always at small shops that didn't have the capacity to take them on. To be honest I only applied for 2 roles this year because I couldn't be fucked with another year of recruiting so I applied to CS ER because they didn't have competency questions which I hate with a passion and my fund because they were hiring through careers services, was just going to focus on academia so I could get into...
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