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charly uses a hook grip, which is different then just double overhand, in fact it's stronger then mixed. I doubt charly could double overhand like 700lb or whatever it is he's pulling now adays. You shouldn't let your grip limit how much you can pull.
Or switch to a mixed grip/straps and train grip separately so your not holding back your deadlift, working on a very small part of it. I wouldn't worry about trying to deadlift double overhand, as your deadlift goes up your never going to be able to keep your double overhand grip as strong. People struggle to keep their mixed grip as strong. I have no idea what im maxing at now a days, I pulled 455 back in december, I can maybe hold 315 for a rep or 2 double overhand.
Well yeah if gains per day is x∑x of x=0 to x=30 =28 so E(x)= ~1but im guessing a lot of it happened in the initial days right after starting bulking again so∑(x-X)^2 x=0 to x=30 is probably pretty big.
I finished cutting mid february so since then.
Full homo as fuck photos coming up. Hit 91kg today so over 200lb for the first time since I dreamer bulked. Thinking I can do another 20lb and still look ok before I cut. Filtered for added gainz/so I don't look white as fuck. Up 28lb or so, feels good man. I want more chest, it's not looking aesthetic enough. I'm guessing im like 12-14% bf. [[SPOILER]]
Aggravated my golfers elbow doing squats. Haven't felt it in 2 years. Some feels are so deep they never truly go away.
Maybe for oly lifting, but I want to mire myself as I do lateral raises.
Gym manager is russling me. He has renamed the gym the "performance centre" because he wants everyone here to be athletes and functional. We now have special times just for our "athletes". Little does he realise LSE is probably the 2nd least athletic university in the UK after imperial. We only have 1 mirror in the gym because he doesn't want people to rely on them for form. We have eleiko training plates and the small ones are the kind that are approved for IPF...
Meh, the biggest emotional journey you'll have if you choose to test your limits after training natty for 6 months is finding the right dose of aromotise inhibitor to balance your test and estrogen so your neither listening to James Blake at 5am or struggling to feel your penis.In a more general view I don't see how the commitment of lifting on a non competitive level can be some spiritual journey. 8 hours a week in the gym or so isn't some massive commitment and it's...
What are you trying to achieve when you db bench?
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