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Like 17-18ish i'd say.
she does actually. Goes twice a day spends like 4 hours in the gym everyday haha.
My flat mate just told me she has an eating disorder. Confused why I'm more shredded? Her delts aren't even striated.
Just got this email from my uni Disability and Wellbeing Service (DWS) Welcome meeting for all disabled students Tuesday 30th September 2014. Dear Student I am very pleased to offer you a warm invitation to our Welcome and Orientation Day. This will be in Room OLD 3.21, 3rd floor of the Old Building from 10.30 - 3.00, and offers an invaluable opportunity to meet other students, as well as DWS staff, and get a sense of how the School works. Dat feel when my uni thinks im...
I do them for pretty high reps and after squats. I also never felt I got anything out of going heavy on them.Would rather just feel the movement and get a really deep stretch.
how heavy are you doing lunges you need straps? I use like 35-50lb dbs.
This is just a part time job during uni a few days a week because I got used to my banking money and I don't want to stop spending like I currently am lol.Fucking yes rhet I sent my ex gf from when i was like 17 topless selfies out of the blue asking if she wanted some fuck and she does. Went for drinks last night and she's going to come over for some fuk on friday. That no contact for like 2 years then randomly sending nudes is clearly the way.
RHET anyone want to let me know wtf a smart grid is? Interviewing at an energy company for a part time analyst job at an energy firm doing something with smart grids. Only 20 hours a week so it'll be nice to have some extra money whilst studying. Thank you quant degree from a target uni for giving me better part time career prospects then my friends with masters in English/History/Drama/Politics/Philosophy from non target unis.
For me unflavoured is like 80% the price and I don't ever really make shakes, i usually cook with it so i'd rather add my own flavouring. Kind of annoying making like banana bread with it and only have chocolate and coconut whey.
Have you had unflavoured whey before? Fucking grim.
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