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Personally a bit dubious of layne nortons nattyness. Not like getting drug tested once at competition is going to stop anyone from going on. edit: never mind didnt see you wrote that already
Rich Piana is prob bigger, stronger and leaner then you.
Brb taking all my training advice from rich piana. hrrrrr drrrrr u can only dissolve 250mg of test in a ml of oil, science dun told me.
Imaginative parents. It was that, kooper or sebastian.Got my gymnastics rings, anchored into the ceiling and I just bought 60kg of shitty non olympic plates for like $60. Also have a 20lb weight vest. BW + 150lb pull up before I finish uni? New flat mates haven't moved in yet, don't know if they'll like this.I don't find fat satiating at all so I keep it very low, like 20-30g a day with very high carbs.
Saw my mum for he first time since I started cutting, i've got a pretty prominent vein above my eye lid wrapping around to my ear now. She's booked me an appointment with a cardiologist. Fucking took my creatine away when I was 17 too.
Have a module in time series this year so I'm gonna learn it soon. Will be my first time doing stats on a computer instead of like describing the convergence of a function.
Haha dat * you on that excel time?
http://www.theguardian.com/music/2014/aug/22/henry-rollins-attacks-robin-williams-suicide Pretty lolzy, isn't this the guy who posted about is so deep and spiritual and THE IRON and how nothing is as tough in life as THE IRON or some shit. Friend of mine tried to kill herself recently and is in rehab now, should have just lifted some IRON and disregarded her genetic propensity for loosing her shit. Called me at like 1am last night, was quite surprising.
They look bigger then 14 at least.
Do you get that black stone money though?Haha my mum sent me the top article asking why I was going into IBD. Maybe if I get a nice quantitative masters some HF will think I'm smart as fuck.
New Posts  All Forums: