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No interest in topology, but yeah some measure theory would be cool in my masters, learn a bit of stochastic analysis.Wasn't aware econ got so quant, never really respected people at lse who took i to be honest haha
Annoyed me to no end at my last investment bank when I told people I did stats and everyone was like "oh so you can code", fuck off I basically do a maths degree without all the topology kind of shit.
No fucking wifi at the one my parents want. They have horses, apparently fucking horses are going to sort shit out.
Documentary would be very boring right now, going to be in the hospital for a while.
want to go to a rave full of 18 year olds and get topless wat.....
sik, im taking the rest of the year of uni for "personal reasons" so we can get fucked up.
No you should all follow me to the promised land that is the buyside
I dont understand how people teach statistics without a basis in probability like can you even know what your ANOVA means. Time series is interesting, people make it out that its way harder then it is, but just feels like regression to me.
What is this statistics you people talk about that doesnt basically require 3ish years of undergrad calculus, linear algebra and maybe a touch of real analysis. How will you understand brownian motion and the martingale process? DGAF about N~(0,σ^2) and your hypothesis test.
I think you should go into investment banking. The skills you need are probably less then that in marketing. Can you make pie charts, change fonts and read boring financial statements to pull numbers from.Might start charging people to do their CVs and cover letters, im really good at this. People have no idea what to write. This is what the girl had in her CV initially as work experience"intern, Property development/ project management unit,Attended meetings which...
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