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Nah this is the one with borderline personality disorder. Russian girls family owned the constructing group for the winter Olympic stadium, last time we slept together she wanted me to beat the shit out of her which was awks.
Yes She's not that crazy, lost her shit again because my fb was open and she saw a message to another girl saying I didn't have a girlfriend, she was mad. I think her mood stabilisers work quite well though because she's quite normal, just gets a bit more hurt over things.
RHET i'm applying for my masters now. Should I do it in statistics, financial statistics, the equivalent of financial engineering or accounting with finance? Thinking accounting with finance is a bit pov so probably one of the first 3. Thinking financial engineering because it would open up a lot more doors for me then just doing IB or less skilled positions in finance. It mainly covers programming in java and c++, stochastic calculus and some game theory.
Currently making a pumpkin pie too.Realised i'm retarded for cutting right now so back on that bulk, hoping to hit 230, which will be the biggest i've ever been. I have a gf and it's winter, i won't get any benefit in being shredded at christmas.
Bought it, was pretty cheap on amazon.
I have the ninja ultima. It's absolutely great, I don't see what more I could want in a blender. Makes vegetables into great smoothies with no lumps or grittiness at all like what you would get in a store. Very good blender, construction seems great too. I've never handled a vitamix, but I can't imagine it does that much better of a job blending.
It seems so disordered though, I would like some kind of order to go through it with instead of watching random youtube videos and being like oh cool. I'll have a look at that book, a book seems ideal.
Because of the quite large amount of people in RHET who do stats/econ/other quant shit and who work in finance we should create a RHET alumni society
When people who havent studied statistics do statistics brb fitting linear models to everythingbrb assuming results are homoscedastic and stochasticbrb basic as fuck hypothesis tests assuming normal distribution on everythingbrb "but my r=0.8 and p>0.05 my model/hypothesis must be right"gf who does social policy has to do a statistics for social science class, she hasn't done any maths since she was 15. Can't wait to see what kind of bullshit she pulls out of strata.Do you...
Taking some time off squats and deads because my right quad has been giving me shit since summer. I blame sitting in a chair all day. Can't do a bodyweight squat without a little pain, I can still squat if I want to and after a few sets the pain usually stops, but it seems to be getting worse and I don't want an actual injury. Will take this time to get my bench a little higher because it's absolutely shit. Going to bench every other day doing a rep day with lots of...
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