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Store in cambridge called primark. $20 for trousers, $30 for the jacket haha.
I took trenbolone suspension once preworkout, was a bit intense. $15 for lunch is crazy. Most I spend is like $5, now I just do 2 shakes of protein flour, coco power, 1 scoops of whey and almond milk. The suits I wear for work are about $50, give no fucks about them and they look good on me.
I'll have to work for KPMG audit
Good idea, just reported it.
Personally a bit dubious of layne nortons nattyness. Not like getting drug tested once at competition is going to stop anyone from going on. edit: never mind didnt see you wrote that already
Rich Piana is prob bigger, stronger and leaner then you.
Brb taking all my training advice from rich piana. hrrrrr drrrrr u can only dissolve 250mg of test in a ml of oil, science dun told me.
Imaginative parents. It was that, kooper or sebastian.Got my gymnastics rings, anchored into the ceiling and I just bought 60kg of shitty non olympic plates for like $60. Also have a 20lb weight vest. BW + 150lb pull up before I finish uni? New flat mates haven't moved in yet, don't know if they'll like this.I don't find fat satiating at all so I keep it very low, like 20-30g a day with very high carbs.
Saw my mum for he first time since I started cutting, i've got a pretty prominent vein above my eye lid wrapping around to my ear now. She's booked me an appointment with a cardiologist. Fucking took my creatine away when I was 17 too.
Have a module in time series this year so I'm gonna learn it soon. Will be my first time doing stats on a computer instead of like describing the convergence of a function.
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