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Haha yeah your running 3x as much test as me and less tren.
Your using a fair bit more test then me though right? Like equal test to tren right? I'm only using enough to have like sexual function.
Gear doesn't effect your penor, my balls are fine because I take hcg, sex drive isn't that high because I'm barely using any test. No gyno because I'm not at all estrogen sensitive I don't even really need to run an AI, but I haven't ran anything that raises estrogen particularly much. I like androgens so yeah I've lost my shit at people on the ocassion.
Don't really have any one specific goal, I like training a lot. I would like to do a meet this year and total around 1250 but I also want to look really good so a bit of powerlifting a bit of bodybuilding.
6x a week push, pull, legs. Legs is a shit tonne of back squats and front squats for probably 15 sets total then usually overhead press, some light leg shit like lunges and really light good mornings. Push is 2 big pressing movements then overhead press, maybe a small pressing movement then flys and tricep shit. Pull is just a bunch of rows and pull up movements for really high reps then curls and rear delts. I also do about 50-100 pull ups everyday and recently abs daily....
No your supposed to start the program with just the bar weight. It's a beginners program. You think if I start the program now with a 500lb deadlift I'll be deadlifting 600 in 10 weeks? Im using a decent bit of gear and there is no way I could consistently put 15lb on my squat a week especially only doing 15 sets a week.
Yeah but your also supposed to start with just the bar. If you have decent lifts your not going to be putting 5lb on your squat every session
It'll give you massive glutes and nothing else. It's really nothing special, not nearly enough volume for me.
Yeah Titan is good and they make cool purple python ones
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