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I think you should go into investment banking. The skills you need are probably less then that in marketing. Can you make pie charts, change fonts and read boring financial statements to pull numbers from.Might start charging people to do their CVs and cover letters, im really good at this. People have no idea what to write. This is what the girl had in her CV initially as work experience"intern, Property development/ project management unit,Attended meetings which...
Should clearly let me write your cover about how analytical you are and how your a team player and you want to develop long lasting relationships with clients and gain a broad understanding of how business is conducted around the world.
Writing the president of turkmeinistans or one of those countries daughters CVs for finance because shes shit and isnt willing to write I AM QUANT AS FUCK AND WILL USE MY AMAZING ANALYTICAL SKILLS TO EVALUATE VARIOUS FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS AND INCREASE YOUR EBITDA 10X FOLD.
Reckon thats a bit more then test. Looks like he trens quite hard too.
Recent updatesWas hospitalised for benzodiazapine widthdrawl (bipolar is going horribly)HAD SEX WITH MY FIRST BLACK GIRL AND IT WAS FUCKING GREAT DAT ASS MANG MY GOD. Legit berried my face in there. Dem teddies too mang. Only problem was I tried to do a sneaky snapchat after and she noticed and was like I think you should leave right now. Ill get in there again. I have never seen a girl get so wet, like wet enough I thought her ass got wet.Liftings going ok because Im...
tell me more
Got ambulanced yesterday out of uni yesterday, i'm so fucking edgy. Was too messy for my 9am and had an ambulance called. Paramedics were giving me so much shit. What are you going into after uni (always say investment banking because commoners don't know the intriscities of quant trading) and from there on out it was just some para giving me shit about how the country is going to be run by fucks like me. Asked if he was mad my $200bn fund is 50% pensions, was saying how...
What is with this poverty arch. Grab bar,hyperxtend back using your neck as a base. Put feet on bench and do a glute bridge and then pull your feet behind your glutes. Grab the back of the bench and arch your neck through to your lower spine. Gets like half a foot off the bench.
I have a date tomorrow rhet. This will be my first one ever, what do I do? What do I wear? The way I met my last gf was asking if she wanted to try bake an illicit chemical into an oreo cup cake. This one also works for amnesty international so she's like moral and shit.
I'd say if your not already really focused on this by the time your 20 your a little to late for an analyst role. I had my offer from for a SA role from MS (yolo don't work there anymore) when I was 19. No one wants to hire a 23 year old 1 year out of uni with no internship experience even if they've got a first econometrics and mathematical methods at LSE when they can hire a summer intern. In the UK banks put requirements on your high school grades to even apply, you...
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