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On the adidas uk website looking at oly shoes. Some guy posted this in his review of the adipowers fucking crossfit man, literally wtf also my rogue dowins are falling apart, strap is gonna rip pretty soon I think. I do put them on ridiculously tight, like so tight i usually have to take them off between sets so thats probably wearing them out. Should I just buy more rogues or buy something cool? Anything available other then nikes and adidas?
You see a lot of the 308+ lifters doing it. Probably don't have good enough mobility to get any tighter and if they're big enough they don't need to try that hard to make a shelf.
Nothing intrinsically wrong with holding the bar at the collars. I suppose for small inexperienced guys it would be idiotic
Partially but I also squat 2-3x a week and I sumo deadlifted for years and it's not like any women has ever been like "fuck your juicy stretch mark riddled hip flexors are making me wet take me now" so not entirely.
He used to post good lifting videos now he just waxes poetic and chats shit about philosophy and personal growth trying to make lifting into some grand spiritual journey. Also his wife is a 1/10 srs what is the point in dem gains and having a bbc when your going to fuck beaker from the muppets.
I can imagine him sitting on like an atlas stone trying to read nietzche romantacising the fuck out of himself trying to interlink the squat and absurdism.
Unrelated but elliot hulse is a massive retard. If I was to deadlift twice a week i'd do one normal session working up to a heavy triple or so then one day pulling like high rep deficits.
Yeah asian parents haha they made me save at least half.
If your squatting more then once a week just front squat first then back squat one day
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