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Just powerlift mate, you'll make no gains. Might even shrink.
Wear uniqlo jeggings so tight you can see my hamstrings when I walk. I just wear really really tight trousers, even suit trousers. I thought I lost my house keys today, but then I remembered they couldn't fall out of my trousers
30" waist at 210 checking in. Forever tiny abs.
First day at work, $330 to listen to presentations about how special my bank is and how they care about their people and how they put their clients first. Such a weird feel getting paid. Every bank says the same shit about their core values, I don't really see the point.
3rd guy is wearing a squat suit so who cares, 4th guy is pretty fucking huge for how much weight he's deadlifting, that's like maybe 10kg more then me and he's got a shit load more muscle, I wish I looked like that. 2nd guy is I think Tim henriques whose a 220lb lifter so it's not like he's a small guy, first guy is eric cressey and yeah he's not very big, but outside of charly i'm pretty sure he's bigger then anyone else in this thread who regularly posts.
Rhet is there such thing as too much fiber because I've been having quite a lot lately and some of my shits have been rather over zealous. Pls respond
If you don't look strong chances are your also a shit powerlifter.
On the adidas uk website looking at oly shoes. Some guy posted this in his review of the adipowers fucking crossfit man, literally wtf also my rogue dowins are falling apart, strap is gonna rip pretty soon I think. I do put them on ridiculously tight, like so tight i usually have to take them off between sets so thats probably wearing them out. Should I just buy more rogues or buy something cool? Anything available other then nikes and adidas?
You see a lot of the 308+ lifters doing it. Probably don't have good enough mobility to get any tighter and if they're big enough they don't need to try that hard to make a shelf.
Nothing intrinsically wrong with holding the bar at the collars. I suppose for small inexperienced guys it would be idiotic
New Posts  All Forums: