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Tren friends 2k15 Just do what I did last summer and refuse to eat and when everyone asks you why say you're getting shredded and then don't get a return offer lel.
I think this is only a problem for the manlet. If you don't go fridge mode when you put on muscle suits are fine.
Greatly confused why the CFA is recommended for equity analysts. I've read about half the material and I don't see how most of it is at all relevant to me picking securities. Yeah some of the financial reporting stuff is very useful, I haven't covered much corp fin, but I imagine some of it is, but pretty much everything else is bullshit. No one has ever used the risk free method of pricing options, no one outside of risk quants who probably don't take the CFA give a fuck...
Always feel like their should be a quadratic when calculating volume since 1*2*50% and 1*1*100% aren't exactly the same. Should be like reps*sets*(%1rm^2)
http://www.buzzfeed.com/markdistefano/diet-pills-burns-up DNP killing retards on the reg.
Light grey is grossest suit colour. If you wear that shit with a yellow tie you can look like your on judge judy or some shit. Only navy blue 2 button notch lapel suits with white spread collar shirts somber ties and black oxfords. Got to look boring as fuck.
All the chairs at my uni are these http://www.hermanmiller.co.uk/products/seating/performance-work-chairs/aeron-chairs.html comfy as fuck.
fucking lol didn't realise someone made a tv show about management consultancy.
Das it mang, thats the dream.
Whenever I fuck less attractive randoms after a relationship ends I always feel a bit shit after because it's like what am I fucking? Fucked some grim shit this year after my break up, did sleep with my first black girl though. Possibly first asian male in history to sleep with a black girl.
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