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I'm going home to some dry as shit turkey and parsley meat balls and a "tuna bake" consisting of tuna in water on grated cauliflower, zuchini and low calorie cheese. She obviously isn't. My MD made another intern cry today, it was intense. Women is absolutely terrifying.
Russled some people on the train today. Fat women asks me if she could have my seat, asked her why and she said her knees hurt or some shit. I'm not giving up my seat because you ate too much, if I fuck my knee squatting I'm not going to ask people to give up their seat, I shouldn't have fucked up my knee. Fucking fatties man. I did more then 5 reps yesterday, I've got DOMs, the struggle is real.
Not in England, gumtree is full of plastic 1" plates, shit exercise bikes and sit up benches at near retail price.
what kind of company do you work for?Brb going to HR next time I decide taking tremadol for 2 weeks is a good idea.Tremadol is fun, does anyone here train calves? My calves looked shit when I was 170 and they look even worse at 210.
Put the belt on like you normally would but more loose, wrap the chain around the belt so its perpendicular to it then just put the chain through a plate and hook the carabiner up.If thats confusing ill take a pic next time i do pull ups.
If I could get olympic plates for a reasonable price in the UK I'd do that too, but they're like $1.60 a lb minimum. Decent bar for $160 or so and some saw horses.
Nah he's just not that into it and is always changing his goals. Standard fuckarounditis.
Has a "bad back" and "bad shoulders" and he can't eat dairy, gluton or particularly high calories because apparently when he used to box like 4 years ago that fucked up his stomach, but i've seen him eat 2lb of fries after getting absolutely shit faced so i'm dubious. Recently bought a pair of adipowers, squat stands, 180kg in plates a bar and an adjustable bench for his house. Does an ungodly amount of moblity work and researches everything, but he just doesn't seem to...
My friend who got me into lifting who started like 7 years ago had his tested at 900 or something. Never even pulled an 140kg deadlift or an 100kg squat. Definitely more then just test levels, most monkeys have lower test levels then humans if i recall.
Never seen the point in any of these belts for dips or pull ups. Just buy a powerlifting belt, a chain and a carabiner, that way you only need to carry one belt with you. If you want to have the plates perpandicular to the belt just use 2 carabiners. Much more stabile then a dip belt too.I am significantly stronger at weighted pull ups then weighted dips, quite a weird feel.
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