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My new flat mate moved in. I think she's bigger then me, like def over 200lb. What should I do rhet?
Im going to guess you'll have to go a fait bit lower then 170lb. Your probably carrying a fair bit of water, you could probably hit 175 within 2 weeks of cutting and not look that different.
I used to like doing them from pins a little above parallel because they really hit my mid back, but I haven't done them in a while because they hurt too much with any decent weight haha. How do you intend to do them without a squat rack? Off of 2 benches or something?
Gym has TVs on the treadmills so I watch the food network, since uni is starting soon I'll probably watch lectures on it instead. Without a TV or internet it would be shit and i'd probably not do it.
How do your joints feel in general? I can't imagine what having 725 on your back even feels like. Do you think you'd squat more then you deadlift if you weren't wearing wraps?
Going to russle the living shit out of my previous flat mates. Getting charged like a grand for repairs to the house, I didn't put any deposit down because my parents guaranteed the flat. I'm not paying shit. Not paying part of the $300 for my disgusting flat mate because he somehow managed to ruin the bed. Wtf how do you ruin a bed in a year? He told me to do tricep pushdowns instead of close grip bench for triceps so fuck him. dat tricep development fuuuuuark, those...
I'm a big fan of very low intensity cardio for about an hour a day. I do like 4km an hour at 12.5 degree incline for an hour daily, I don't think it effects my recovery but I doubt most people have time for that. Uni gym got another squat rack, Texas power bar, eleiko competition bar and DBs up to 60kg fuk ye
Like 17-18ish i'd say.
she does actually. Goes twice a day spends like 4 hours in the gym everyday haha.
My flat mate just told me she has an eating disorder. Confused why I'm more shredded? Her delts aren't even striated.
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