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selbutamol is better no shaes. yeah it feels shit but in my experience it does help.
nah im the best looking asian at lse (srs) (0) its not me.Got called out on steroid use by rehab place, said they need to know what im coming off so they can treat me and no whats in my body was like lol already told you. One of the councillors who previously used was like fuji your delts lel. Trying to convince them i need a drug like clen or salbutamol because my lungs are tight from smoking. Cutting hard.
Dat feel when lifting goals are only to be 190-195ish 8% at 6'3" and im pretty much there. So easy to cut at rehab because the meals are only certain times, i ask for chicken breast and steamed vegetables twice a day, 7 white 3 yolk omlet for breakfast, 3 spinach and watermelon smoothies and ice black coffee and $2 cigarettes to keep your mind off the hunger and as much cardio time as you want.
Pretty sure half the people discussing diets have never seen veins on their abs and quads. To get really fucking lean what matters is high satiation food, which tend to be clean not much of it in my opinion evenly spread through the day and I also think a fair bit of cardio helps.
yeah we'll miss each other sorry
only hear a month when are you in london?
cheers, they have a gym at least but no texas power bars and triangular plates, not getting stronger for shit, but ill cut and do pump hypertrophy work.still cannot tell if sarcasm.I face planted a 225lb squat as in fell straight forward onto the floor, withdrawl symptoms and spinal loading dont mix. lifting 3x a day because boredom back, chest, shoulders arms splits. Can forget about legs for a while
will message you on fb
This rehab place is fucking shit. At least i can go to the gym 3x a day.
im in thailand mate , adex is a minute away Ive also used more test then that and i dont get estrosides.
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