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The blasty blast begins today, standard high tren low test as per usual but with tren enth instead of ace because pinning every day is shit. Quad is healed, hit an 180kg squat full asian squat mode. Goal is to bench 130-140kg, at about 120 right now.
I once had a guy try justify to me that im cheating because other guys don't use gear who are trying to sleep with the same girls im trying to sleep with making it not fair. It was some solid logic, implying getting laid is some kind of sport. If I ever compete i'd do it in the BPU, which is untested.
Gains from gear are definitely not permanent. Even going from a high dose to a low dose you lose strength and size, most people lose a fair bit of their strength coming off fully.
Aw ye getting my own flat next year because my parents are moving back to DC, but they need to keep a place of residence here so they can become citizens.
Yeah their is a nice peptide now that permanently changes the ratio of slow to fast twitch muscle fibres in your body.
surely for the tour its more like the guy who was clean in 70th?
If people get through the olympics and tour de france on drugs i'm sure people can get through the IPF on gear.
That guy who squatted like 1100lb in single ply in the IPF is definitely natty.
woooo first buy side interview
I can cruise for not that much more money then creatine. I spend like $4 a week on gear to cruise.
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