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I've never noticed any difference in how my weight feels going from eleiko training plates to shit steel ones or random gym rubber coated ones. I've noticed massive differences in dbs though. Those 40kgs at the first gym i lifted at were like 30s at most. Always woundered why I could db press more then I could barbell.
Comfortably tripled 100kg on bench after shit loads of volume pyramiding. Dat feel when finally not lmao1plate. VLSI, surely if your going on TRT the doctor will give you an AI? Likely aromisin because it's the newest generation AI.
we all gonna make it rhet. Was so close to the 4096, had a 1024 made. Didn't use the cheat version either because it's not natty.
I've done just a whole chicken, smoked paprika and chilli powder and it was good.
Do you have a belt yet? You can probably get a decent 4" one for $45. It won't be an inzer, but who cares really.http://www.amazon.com/Leather-Power-Weight-Lifting-Medium/dp/B0028H00HG/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1396031926&sr=8-11&keywords=4%22+lifting+belthere's one.Could be a faux powerlifter like most of this thread and get a slingshothttp://www.amazon.com/Reactive-Slingshot-By-Mark-Bell/dp/B008J48N9E/ref=pd_sim_sg_5?ie=UTF8&refRID=10SV4CPNN2ERDYGZK928Get 1...
I thought you were squatting like 350x5?
As in the body weight squat challenge so 200lb for reps.
Will post video attempting bw on wednesday. It'll be grim. George Leeman posting some weird shit on fb "I can feel it, the unlimited energy that just sits inside me begging, demanding, to be unleashed on a worthy weight. I can feel it waiting to flood my entire body, thinking of my passion makes the adrenalin cup overflow and I can feel the waves flowing through me leaving trails of goosebumps covering me. The feeling of power, the extreme self expression, the freedom...
Fuark so I've been benching at just about the widest legal width? Always thought i benched kind of narrow. The gym I usually train at has an ongoing meet year round. You just ask one of the staff to watch you do your total and they put it on a board,but the problem is they divide totals into just 300kg, 400kg or 500kg and nothing in between. I don't think I could hit 500kg, but i could do 400kg with like around my 10rm (140,80,180) so I don't really see all that much point.
RHET I think we should start having interthread challenges for the lolz. Obviously charly will beat us all, but it could be quite fun. Maybe something like body weight for reps squat? May attempt on wednesday, i reckon I'm good for 25-30 reps. Did 315x10 quite easy today so I think 405 should be doable for a single, will put up some form videos this week. I'm having some bad feels, at 205lb I can no longer fit my elbow or knee sleeves. Gonna have to spend like $100 on...
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