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I will be working very sane hours 9-6 or 7 for my fair bit more then $100k. It's only IBD, which kills you.
There arent really people in finance from not top 10 schools. No one from plymouth went to GS. Its not like theres really shit banks either, which don't pay well. Still clear six figures in your first year at jefferies. i'm not comparing it to averages in comp sci im comparing it to averages at google, which should be pretty high. I don't really see that as a problem with IB, if you didnt do well in school your probably pretty dumb and even if not dumb your not driven,...
Not in England interview and selection process is entirely different. Theres a grade threshold all banks have thats equivalent to a 3.0 and you essentially have to be from lse, oxford, cambridge for the best chance and apparently some might say imperial (great school), UCL (just lol), Warick(didn't even know there was a school there), luckily my firm only does lse, oxford, cambridge. Interviews are entirely fit based and motivational or brain teasers. Some basic...
Unless your making something new in tech like an app developed by yourself not for another company your not making particularly much monday. Like yeah whoever founded snapchat is rich as fuck, but if they did that under another firm they wouldnt get much. Not the most credible source, buthttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2959627/Exactly-need-earn-339-000-year-Google-New-list-reveals-company-s-20-highest-paying-jobs.htmlMy mate who works for a tiny like 50 person...
watyeah this is true especially for actual investment banking (most people call everything at a bank investment banking) your a graphic designer who can do 12 year old maths who knows some accounting, except at the higher level when its a relationship business.. People say trading is quant, but its not actually. What im doing going into a quant fund so there will be some nice maths and coding.
just never understood it when you can make that as a first year analyst at a good bank if the year is good with 3 years less of school and faster progression. Fuck mafoofan left law to go into investment banking.
I don't understand why anyone would ever want to be a lawyer, you start on like $150k after law school, you work investment banking hours, work sounds even more boring like on m&a your back office spelling checking shit, what are your exit opps another firm? Progression of pay isn't very quick and unless you make partner, which happens when your legit old you'll never have have real cash money.Talked to my uncle about this and he said he didn't know finance even existed...
My mum was confused when I told her you were asian and not in high finance.... come at me bro.
We including height and face?
shit yeah your right, doesn't prolactin convert to progesterone or something hense why people do get gyno off tren and deca?fuuuuuark real pfizer dostinox? Its like $100 for 20 2mg pills here.
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