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Grace Sullivan clearly wants some fuckNo never done a peak on bench. I did get 105x3 paused after the touch and go benching, which I was quite happy with. Probably could have eked out a 4th one. I think it is a bit psychological. Once I got past like 110 on touch and go my numbers drop dramatically, but yeah some practice with heavier weights would probably help.
90x17 100x9 on flat bench. Why is my max so fucking shit.
wtf is that squat rack.
Loads of great forums out there. I mainly read uk muscle since they discuss the brands that are available to me rather then American brands. Pretty much all forums have the same information, I find American ones are much more dogmatic like if you suggest anything other then a 500mg test cycle at 30 years old and your genetic limit you'll get flamed to shit. I've never understood the "your 20 your body is making shit loads of test anyway" thing, if your 20 making 60mg of...
Last time I ran tren in the summer I used a similar dose with the same amount of test and I had horrific psychological sides. Made me ridiculously aggressive and very depressed. I was also using a drug called caber, which is meant to reduce those sides. This time I used no caber, but I was in a much better place mentally then I was in the summer and I had only a tiny increase in irritability, So yeah pretty much no psychological sides except wanting to fuck everything.
Finished my 5 week blast today. Think I put about 20kg on my squat and deadlift and 10kg on my bench so very successful in my opinion and I learned a bit about how to tolerate tren without going crazy. If anyone is interested it was 250mg test 350mg of tren ace. Now cutting for 5 weeks on 250mg test a week. Doing 5 week blasts whilst bulking followed by 5 week cuts whilst cruising so I never got too fat or have to do prolonged cuts.
last time i posted a fit it got like 10 pages of discussion of people arguing if i should show off gains or not.
RHET I got prescribed sodium valproate, which is a mood stabiliser/ anti convulsant today for dat der bipolar type 2. Should I take it? Sounds kind of shit. Don't think I will.
I did pull ups every day over the summer when I was lighter, like 150 a day. All kinds of grips and rings too. Got up to like 40kgx8 weighted and 25 bodyweight. Obviously my recovery is a little enhanced, but with lower intensity you could probably do pull ups everyday fine. It put a tonne of size on my lats.
Do I count as american? Lived in england 15 years. I just worse a white vest I cut some holes in and put some shit paint on my face. Smashed a girl doing her A levels, felt so nostalgic. She asked to see my abs so I showed her a pic on my phone from when i was like 7%. Dat feel when no abs right now.
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