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Decided to take part in casual friday. Now my team thinks im gay next time ill wear an over sized ralph lauren polo and shit chinos
Need to stop buying shit. Just spent $70 on some since wooden rings for my pull up bar. Getting bored of pull ups, dips and ab wheels so I thought id add some variety. Adding a bit of cardio since my weight loss is stalling. 20km cycle every day. Takes like 40 minutes.
Those evil hydrocarbons, so innately evil.
Can you even get cut on T4? Surely you can't put your thyroid up to ridiculous levels with it like you can with T3 because your body only uses what it needs?
this i used to do clean, lost mobility when i gained weight now i just do cross. no difference at all.
Yeah, but i'm guessing they bodybuild unlike essentially everyone in this thread.
Most of the people complaining about not being able to not fit into jeans are squatting like 1.5x bw, it's not like a 300lb squat is going to give you 30" quads.
I suspect most of you are just a little chubby trying to fit into jeans too small on you thinking it's because of your absolutely massive elite squat that you can't wear a 29" APCs anymore (obviously excluding charlie and his massive elite squat) This is a few months ago so made some gainz since then. Squatting low 400s pulling in the 500s and my 30" uniqlo stretch jeggings aren't even that tight. Washes are a little shit though, I just wear the black ones usually. How...
Really don't mind it, never blocked anyone on here, sf isn't serious business. Had a similar thing happen in real life actually, talking to a personal trainer at the gym. Subject of gear came up, guy was surprised I was on because I don't weigh much for my height, worked up to a 170kg beltless double on high bar squats and did 20 dead hang pull ups. Guy could not tell if real life. Said I looked like I squatted 120-140ish, dat feel.Don't even need to be like 220 to "score...
Lol this reminds me of applying for IBD "I want to work with clients to help create a unique solution to their financial problems" or when I was particularly interested in restructuring "I find the variety of debt products fascinating in how they can all be structured into creating a unique solution for the clients needs". I go through financial statements pic out numbers, put them into excel templates, make everything into the "house aesthetic", get bitched at because...
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