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You actually believe that the roulette machine has a memory? I have studied probability/stochastics to a fairly high level and it just amazes me you can think this. It's not like the probability decreases exponentially or something the probability of 12 after 11 is just the probability of 11 times 0.5If you think of it as an event from the beginning where nothing has happened yet then 11 black 1 red is 12x as likely as 12 black because there are 12x as many ways for it to...
Yeah it feels absolutely tiny which is why I got the sub. Looks like I'm wearing a women's watch.
Got a rolex submariner. Watch family looking aesthetic as fuck now.
What are these firms sponsoring IPF events? Obviously we all know Eleiko, SBD and rebhand, but wtf is heina.
So basically the same as the UK where everyone has a general practitioner who they see on like a few days notice who can then refer them to specialists?
I would never want to live in the uk without private health care. If you are largely healthy the NHS is probably fine, but they were absolutely useless when I had a problem with benzos and when my ex tried to kill herself. I'd be dead without private health care.
He's training for aesthetics, bitches don't care about legs.
No longer interested in lifting, just training my crabhe's on 500mg a week of test e
booked a holiday to rome instead. I suppose being 19 she can justify acting like an idiot, but i probably should have some sense eventually.
Fucking hedgehog got canceled on. We were talking about it last night and decided we're moving too fast to have a pet together. Sorry to let you down rhet.
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