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Please provide some details man, just ordered it from walmart for $149 so if it's shit ill cancel the order.Improved ice cream recipe to 680 cals 50 protein 26 carbs 40 fat per 450g. Gonna experiment with some xanthum gum to see if it'll hold with even less milk.
It's weird how different people can look at the same weight height and bf. Zyzz was only like 185 6'3" if I recall.
180lb and lean was my goal after my first dreamer bulk to 210. Cut to 180 was still fat as fuck lol. Such a disappointing feel when. You loose 20lb and look the same because it's all water. Belly button looks so strange, it's like only half there now. Half of it is flush with my abs and the other half is still slightly indented. For appetite suppression I'm using a stack of stimulants which is very popular in the uk: Sibutramine, syphenol, dmaa, yohimbine and caffeine,...
Ordered a ninja blender. Their top end one, 1500 watts 2.5 horse power, americuh fuk ye. Gonna need such a huge transformer for it to work here. Supposed to compete with like vitamix but it's Chinese made so a lot cheapee
Managed to make chocolate ice cream with pretty damn good macros that tastes better then anything you'd find in a store. Made 450g so 1lb or so with 702 cal 47 protein 26 carbs 47 fat. I can probably get the fat a little lower and the protein higher. Just need to play with the proportions and see what will still hold. Wifi is out so I'm on my phone. Will post pics Monday when it's back. Brb following kunks topless photos with ice cream posts because I'm alpha as fuck.
Haha i've had many people say this to me. I also speak quite quickly so drunk people often get confused.
Well your body probably won't be able to kope with the volume you were doing before nor will you be able to do the same weight so i'd start off lighter with less volume. Probably don't want to start back on a cut. Last day of work, not sure I can realistically do this for 2 years. May look at other roles, but there aren't really any roles that would pay me enough that have horrific hours. I'd like to do something quanty, but even though I am quant as fuck I don't think I...
I could do one when I was like 180lb, but not anymore and there wasnt much muscle involved. Well I probably could if I could do a false grip on rings, but without a massive kip I can't flip my wrists. Cannot wait to bulk again, feeling horrific this lean, max strength is dropping off, but reps are still good. Haven't even had the chance to really use my ice cream maker yet, only twice
I'm going home to some dry as shit turkey and parsley meat balls and a "tuna bake" consisting of tuna in water on grated cauliflower, zuchini and low calorie cheese. She obviously isn't. My MD made another intern cry today, it was intense. Women is absolutely terrifying.
Russled some people on the train today. Fat women asks me if she could have my seat, asked her why and she said her knees hurt or some shit. I'm not giving up my seat because you ate too much, if I fuck my knee squatting I'm not going to ask people to give up their seat, I shouldn't have fucked up my knee. Fucking fatties man. I did more then 5 reps yesterday, I've got DOMs, the struggle is real.
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