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dat cheat meal. Was feeling like death today, couldnt do another day of hard dieting so I just did bw shit and had 4500 calories of mostly carbs. I look a lot better since i'm not depleted as fuck. Back down to 2500 tomorrow, feels bad man. Realised I don't have to do a shitty job as a waiter this year because now with my previous experience in IBD I can apply for bull shit part time "research analyst" roles, which pay a lot more and are probably a lot less work.
Uniqlo, old navy or whatever the brand they sell at target is I can't remember. I just wear whatever T shirt I was wearing that day. I barely sweat though.
Well yeah then your eating too much food.
Obviously everyone is generically different but 8% feels shit to me and I'm 20 and on test. I cannot imagine 8% would be easy to live at if your like late 30s and natty. If I cheat I look noticeably different the next day.
I have had a massive improvement in blood pressure actually, i've had stage 1 hypertension since I was like 14 the first time i had it read and now I'm in a healthy range and my resting heart beat, which was always very high has gone down. The potato may have stopped the sexual dysfunction most natty guys would probably have on this low fat, but I don't have the ridiculous sex drive I normally get on test. Just feel like how I did natty, but not cutting. I'm definitely...
Walking home from the gym after cardio I was tired as fuck and it started to rain. Literally felt like crying, considered taking a taxi to my flat 5 minutes away. Facial aesthetics have improved, cheek bones look like triceps on my face and my eyes look really big. I'm definitely going to reverse diet and go back up gradually. A week ago my parents came to london so I had a fairly big cheat day, visible fat gain the next day, not having all this work be for nothing. I'm on...
Conceptionist did you start to feel like absolute shit when you got down to 6% bf? I'm around 8ish, veins over my abs , everything is visible without any flexing, but I feel horrible. Kind of depressed, no energy, get kind of nauseous lifting and lower body strength is really dropping off. Could probably barely pull a 190kg or so deadlift.
Not all water, but say your 200lb cut low carb for a month. Could pretty easily get down to 180 and look very similar. Say 5lb of fat 5lb of glycogen, 10-12 pounds of water if you happen to weigh yourself at the right time. Look at CS and khyam, both lost like 30lb and they don't look remarkably different.
Weighed 120-130lb at 6'3" until I was like 16 or so and never looked that weird or had people comment on my weight. I suppose marfans gave me a fairly wide frame so I didn't look that small. 165lb at 5'10" you could have a fair bit of muscle in you if your lean. I can feel my pulse in my forehead vein.
Haha what were you blending that needed more then 1500 watts? I'll give it a go and if it's shit ill return it, an additional $250 is still a fair bit for me. Do you remember what model you had?
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