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Without lifting and cooking stress would kill me.
top lel, would have been hilarious if i was living with your friend. This ones kind of ug so its good your not friends with her. Ill still try hit it, she looks giving.Got myself a tiny as fuck band for ab roll outs. Managed to do 40 from my knees, tried to do one standing and fell on my face. Bought no 2,3,4 bands progressed down till i could do 12 on a no 2, tried to do 1 standing and managed a negative, but couldn't come up. Now I can do 4-6 on a 1 band so I should be...
Erm don't suppose she's living in a flat in Holborn as I'm moving in with a girl I've never met moving from the states to do her MPH at the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine and it's a pretty small school if I remember,.....I think she was from arkansas though or like missouri.So excite for the winter, bulking goal is 240lb 20%. Will be so ugly and fat.
Buying a barcelona chair and that matching foot stool. Gonna get some orchids and shit for my flat too. #ifyouainttalkingmoney
which school?
PSure brah I've met up with a lot of rhetters. What time of year are you thinking?
nah couldn't bring myself to spend that much money, i'd rather buy lifting shit. Only asking because my sister got one and she lives reasonably nearby and wii games are pretty cheap by now i assume. Had nothing to do at wor ktoday. Bought mobility bands and some iron mind straps (and some of dat der lel).
Rhet I got a wii recommend me some sick games. I like Zelda Finak fantasy metroid Mario kind of shit
WAYWT told me I look like I lift and I'm 200lb....I'm shredded as fuck though right now
Please do not mock my ADHD/Bipolar, it's very hard to live with. I come to style forum to get away from the outside world, not to be tormented for something I cannot change. The struggle is real.Less tight fit. Stormy as fuck on the wharf today, should not have to wear an overcoat in the winternice birds eye view of my penor bulge
New Posts  All Forums: