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Always feel like their should be a quadratic when calculating volume since 1*2*50% and 1*1*100% aren't exactly the same. Should be like reps*sets*(%1rm^2)
http://www.buzzfeed.com/markdistefano/diet-pills-burns-up DNP killing retards on the reg.
Light grey is grossest suit colour. If you wear that shit with a yellow tie you can look like your on judge judy or some shit. Only navy blue 2 button notch lapel suits with white spread collar shirts somber ties and black oxfords. Got to look boring as fuck.
All the chairs at my uni are these http://www.hermanmiller.co.uk/products/seating/performance-work-chairs/aeron-chairs.html comfy as fuck.
fucking lol didn't realise someone made a tv show about management consultancy.
Das it mang, thats the dream.
Whenever I fuck less attractive randoms after a relationship ends I always feel a bit shit after because it's like what am I fucking? Fucked some grim shit this year after my break up, did sleep with my first black girl though. Possibly first asian male in history to sleep with a black girl.
Began fucking my ex again from when I was like 15-19 like last september, which is a good reason to be friends.
But rhet feels empathy for you bae, we all believe in you, we all gonna make it lift, laugh, love.
Lol dave tate is such a rim. Everything he writes is him against the world.
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