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I try not to ever grind reps. Would rather rack the weight and be able to get more volume in. Being able to do lifts very frequently at high volume is where its at. Back in cambridge for a while so I went cookware shopping and now i'm making this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1Tn92nXGSw&list=UUFjd060Z3nTHv0UyO8M43mQ woooo pull ups and baking. I want to start a blog called deca and desserts or tren and treats. Prob be tren and treats because no thank you deca.
I would do whatever you can bare doing well and consistently. I was doing HIIT on a bike or a rowing machine for a while, but it made me feel shit so I only did it once in a while. Now I walk on a treadmill at 4-6km an hour on a 15 degree incline watching jamie olives 15 minute meals or dives, dinners and drive throughs depending on what time it is and I can do that all day long. It's probably shit cardio, but I get it done.
I made a lime tart, it was delicious, baking is getting better. Only had like a quarter of it, brought it home for my parents because they're letting me use their health insurance for bloods #supportivefamily #andifyoudiditthenitsfamilybusiness Will let rhet know if I still have kidney and liver function, my red blood cell count, cholesterol and what my thyroid is doing. It's probably not doing anything to be honest.
Someone even made a youtube series about why it's such a weird place. It's very accurate. It's a shitty 50m street wrapped around an ergonomic office chair store full of asians who want to go into banking. I'm ok with me being like that, but I don't want to go to a school with a lot of versions of me.
I really want to, gonna do a bit this month with some girl. Having post IB depression of just buying inane shit haha
Nah, but uni starts October first so I have nothing to do. Actual uni starts in April because none of my work is compulsory since I have ADHD and that's when I start prepping for exams. LSE isn't a very strenuous school if your doing a quant degree. You have like 4 questions per week per class which you go through in class with a masters student and 2 hours of lectures but everything's online and we get good textbooks so I don't really have much interaction with the uni...
Put some little pads under the contact points so it doesn't dig in. I'm over 200lb and have gone up to 90 or so lb of additional weight and my door frame seems ok. Jarude is right, with bands and a pull up frame you can get a lot of shit done. Taught myself to do a standing ab roll out by getting no 4, 3, 2, 1 bands wrapping one around my waist and attaching it to the bar so it made ab roll outs easier. Gradually reduced the band tension and now I can do them without any...
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