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eggs are surprisingly expensive in england like $0.30 each. I feel like this is the perfect time to cut, i'm too poor to afford to cheat.
Checked my bank balance for the first time in a while yesterday. Realised I'm legit poor right now. Going to try live on $2 a day until I start my internship. Yesterday I ate 1.25kg of boiled potatoes and 150g of whey. If genuine poverty people can live on $1 a day I can do $2.
Does hook grip make masturbating shit because your thumbs really rough?
i found that the further back i got my legs the more difficult it was for my ass to come off the bench and also the more solid my arch.
Took that one time last summer when i was shredded to shit 250mg (girl who died took 2000mg). Oh lawd you feel shit, that lethargy, feels like your skin is crawling too. Couldn't even eat I was so nauseous. Made me look depleted as fuck instantly. Would never use againI wouldn't say it can easily kill you, if you want to be an idiot and start off on 1000mg and then eat an ungodly amount of carbs yeah good luck, but if your taking something like that you should research it.
Stay natty CTK! Don't give in! It's not worth it, it'll make your dick shrink. Actually it prob will, you might get a bit of stim dick lol.
To be fair everyone here seems to be out of there depth if they don't understand how stochastic convergence works.
No its actually n!/k!(n-k)!p^k*(1-p)^(n-k) if the order of events is inconsequential, if you're doing ordered sets then yeah that is correct. You're understanding of the "law of averages" (not actually a real thing by the way, just something people seem to say, the closest thing is stochastic convergence) is wrong. If you have 10 reds in a row and you have N many more goes on the roulette then the total number of expected reds is N/2 + 10. Yes this will converge to N/2 not...
Kind of did say that. Why after seeing 10 reds would that incline you to bet black?5 reds and 5 blacks is more likely then 10 reds 1 black as it can occur in significantly more ways.
OK so based on 10 blacks in a row why would that make you bet red? You said because the chance of more blacks in a row is incredibly small, but it is no smaller then getting reds next turn.
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