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Its kind of like juggling, it's hard and probably requires some physical skill, but who gives a fuck.
Heard some s&t guys talking about how apparently there's some guy here who can pull 220kg and how he has the highest deadlift at my bank. Top lol not anymore. 1 arm push ups look retarded, most people here are probably strong enough to do one, they're just too awkward.
Didn't realise investment banks have "house styles", brb only using ariel size 6, 8, 11 or times new roman when its bold, but you have to reduce the font size down 1 size so its just darker not bigger and only specific pastel colours to high light. Have to use a specific order of colours on pie charts except when the pie chart involves the bank then you use its personal colours. Learning bluebook/powerpoint/author is going to be harder then excel, financial modeling is...
Pulled 510lb today after some decent front squats and some very shit paused back squats. Quite happy. Haven't done deads in probably a month or 2 so I reckon if I push them for a few weeks mid 500s could be possible. weighing 203lb so I could definitely lift at 198 if I ever decide to do a meet, now I just need to get a decent bench press and learn how to get something out of wearing a belt on squats again.
I've never understood why people think investment bankers like somehow stole their money. How the fuck did M&A cause the financial crisis.
Yeah but you squat like 700lb, not 2 plates so there's probably a little difference though 500lb of gains make.I still can't get over the fact a firm is paying me so much money when I have no tangible skills it's ridiculous. Someone recommend me a sickening attaché case, I don't need to carry much for work so I want something elegant as fuck.
So much this, either fatties who store all their fat on their legs or just people chatting shit. I don't see how you can have so much quad hypertrophy squatting like 275 that it's impossible for you to find jeans. Could easily get like new standards to comfortably fit, maybe even petits, but those would be tight.
I find it so weird how people think eating like 1 food is going to make them healthy, this came up on my fb "Just drank my first cup of home made Matcha tea. Cant say it was the best. The lumps were hard to swallow, but downed it like a shot of tequila (with the same face at the end). Bring on energy and healthy living." mate you drank some green fowl tasting shit, nothing magic is going to happen. It's like all women posting about chia seeds.
Just powerlift mate, you'll make no gains. Might even shrink.
Wear uniqlo jeggings so tight you can see my hamstrings when I walk. I just wear really really tight trousers, even suit trousers. I thought I lost my house keys today, but then I remembered they couldn't fall out of my trousers
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