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For me unflavoured is like 80% the price and I don't ever really make shakes, i usually cook with it so i'd rather add my own flavouring. Kind of annoying making like banana bread with it and only have chocolate and coconut whey.
Have you had unflavoured whey before? Fucking grim.
Yeah my like 3 days of trying it were awful felt like death and worst of all I couldn't even get a pump, much rather cut on low fat.Hit an 130kg front squat today, not an all time PR, but it's the highest i've gone at this bw and without any androgenics to make me ridiculously angry in the gym.Trying to make some weird pumpkin pie thing that will fit my macros. Bought that tinned pumpkin shit and some spices, ammmmericuh.
I don't know how anyone in america is fat you have the most amazing cutting foods, these fake sweets with like no calories. That no fat no sugar pistachio pudding + 1 cup of greek yoghurt + 1 cup 0% fat milk + 50g of whey + a shit tonne of no fat cool whip and misc low calorie chocolate syrup fuuuuuuuuuark its so good and the macros are amazing. I can fit in like a tub of hagen daz a day in with these macros. Drinking that a&w diet cream soda so good. Even had 2 pop tarts...
Reverse band overloads the top in the exact same way normal band does, both make the bottom part easier. I don't think anyone has actually developed a way to overload the bottom. A longer pause is harder. I tried to pause an 120kg squat for 30 seconds once and I couldn't do it.I think it's a pretty stupid movement, I don't know why people do it.
Cardio is improving, I can run solidly for a few miles now without wheezing, getting a stitch or shin splints. Will continue this whilst bulking to stay leaner and I suppose just to feel better.
Because it's only going to be for say 10-14 days less then 20g likely.
It's going to be a very short term thing. I was around 8ish% bf maybe a little leaner last friday, but then I had a messy few cheat days up until tuesday and now i'm bloated and look shit. Put on maybe a couple lb of fat. like 2-3 tops I'd say. Just going to do it long enough to get back to where I was then i'll try hold 8% for as long as I can. Feels bad seeing weeks of hard work go to shit because I lost self restrain for a few days.
Going to try that low carb to get leaner. I know initially it'll be nice eating loads of brie, eggs and pork belly, but within a few days i'll feel like death and just want a croissant. http://figsandfeta.com/recipes/frappe-oreo-ice-cream/ i want to make this, but nothing tastes as good as shredded feels.
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