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Quite innacurate calling something meant to be price anova as anova is a way of measuring lack of precision really. So much anova and miss guided linear regression at work, calculating r squared values as if they really mean anything
Never heard of anyone taking caber to reverse gyno. People in the UK seem to use letrozole and nolvadex.First day at new investment bank doing buyside ER. Spending half my time with fundamental analysis and half with quant. Quant people were surprisingly not quant. Felt good leaving the office at half 6. Only thing that was worrying was they told me full time pay is approximately 2/3 bonus based entirely on how much money you make.
Assumed this post was about lady boys until reading further.
This is solved by a differential equation.2dg/dk + dg/dl = gWhich can be solved by separating the dls and dks and integrating with respect to k and l where g is gay l is lady boy, k is Kai dongo and d is differential/rate of change. On holiday otherwise I would have drawn out a transition matrix and modeled as a stochastic process. Fingered bae discreetly whilst watching the pope speak in the Vatican yesterday lel. Everyone had these huge plastic leaves with biblical shit...
May survive only on seafood now, can get whole salmon for about $15, seabass or small tuna for like $3. You have to buy a couple because its wholesale, but it's too cheap to justify buying markdown chicken breast when I can get fish caught that day for cheaper.
Couldn't sleep last night so I went to a whole sale fish market at 5am. Bought 3kg of octopus for cheaper then chicken breast. meal prep lel
No I have the same job, just the company they out sourced HR to were retarded. I'm still doing buyside equity analysis fortunately not a secretary.
HR and payroll are the bane of my life, why can no one hire smart HR girls. Firm im joining outsources all their HR to some company despite being massive investment bank, go to HR company and say I have a meeting to have my payroll done. Start filling out some form and I get to a spelling test. Ask the secretary why im doing a spelling test for a role I already have. Turns out she thought I was signing up to be a temp secretary. Wtf mang, whose going to hire me as a temp...
Read only this as I scrolled down the page, was slightly confused.
Nah got given it.
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