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Flatmate was very upset about me eating horse. dgaf if you had one as a child, it's cheap as fuck and lean.
Would never mention dat der on it because then i'd never attract vegan female viewers and would probably get little advertisements. I'd probably just name it something entirely baking based and not mention lifting at all. Otherwise i'd call it trenbolone and treats.
Was thinking I should make a YouTube channel like the joy of baking but just do it topless and make shit like gluten free brownies because I think I'm about the ideal aesthetic for slaying 18-23 year olds who like buzz feed articles as long as I stay like 8-12%
Baklava Used a little too much syrup so they were very sticky, but tasted good. Will do rolls next time and then the ones which look like birds nests.
http://www.sainsburys.co.uk/shop/gb/groceries/sainsburys-pistachio-in-shell--so-organic-300gWould have been about $16 for all the pistachios i need + $8 for filo. I couldn't cope.
I have had to settle for half walnut half pistachio because pistachios are expensive as fuck and I can't find ones without there shell and fuck trying to unshell a lb of pistachios. The struggle is real.
I don't even know why I asked, I was never going to make pumpkin pie over baklava. Rolls or diamonds and what filling though? Prob do diamonds with pistachio since it's my first time making them.
RHET should I make a pumpkin pie or baklava for my cheat meal on saturday?
Yeah I suppose I phrased that wrong. Being big untrained does imply good genetics, but being small untrained doesn't necessarily mean bad genetics.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYxlvXPPL0k&list=UUisQo-fDUeLc1nIce0VD6YQ Pete Rubish seems to be slightly confused what a limited liability company is. Unless he actually registered his personal training company, which would be pretty pointless because what's the purpose of limited liability when there's probably no real investment.
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