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Last year when I was shredded I did 2800 cals a day 60% carb 30% protein 10% fat 1 hour LISS every day did upper low 6x a week 75mcg t3 80mcg clen 2 days on 2 days off Sibutramine on the off days was some good shit.
Kind of forgot to lift the last month or so so i'm out. Can I use pics from last year when i was shredded as fuck?
I'm learning all of it in a finance setting so it's not particularly rigorous, get a really basic derivation of itos lemma based on taylor approximations that would never come up in a maths textbook.
Yeah not a fan of that side really, the course notes I sent you for generalised linear models is my least enjoyable class. If you can take any courses in time series analysis you should. GARCH models are quite interesting.
omg guys im learning stochastic calculus, is this real life? Am I real statistician yet? Also just got my STD test back, I have no STDs can finally go raw in the girl im fucking
Go to a rehab clinic, buy some gear, have eason show you lady boys he's fucked, watch eason prioritise fucking a normal looking girl over a really hot one because apparently she orgasms faster.
woooo got a prescription for amphetamine.
went 220ish to 185 last cut because i was dry as fuck. 5lb a month seems really slow considering a decent amount of that is going to be water initially.
Looks like you could have done 3-4 reps with your squat and deadlift.
Yeah I don't think some old guy getting whipped is going to look at me wearing some weird leather mask handing him food and be like "hey how well do you understand discounted cash flow valuation"
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