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dat feel when too pale to even see abs or vascularity. Fucking hell i'm so bored at work.
Deloitte doesn't pay enough/they aren't very prestigious and there's no realistic chance of me getting Mck, BCG or Bain out of undergrad. They're just so fucking competitive. I interviewed at pretty much every place I applied to, but not one MC firm even replied. I didn't even apply to the big ones, stuff like L.E.K, booz and some boutiques.Did they start at Mck right out of their undergrad or after several years in another field?
Nah I don't mind it, pay is great, work is interesting when you have something good to do and the hours are vaguely manageable, but I have 2 more years to look at other sectors in finance so I figure I might as well try them out before I decide what I want to do.I wouldn't want to work in any sector other then finance because no other industry will pay me enough so no real plan B. Well maybe management consultancy, but I think it's kind of a bull shit job and the good...
Summer is generally fairly quiet in Europe because everyone gets so much holiday time, you need to put in face time and something may come up, but I will probably leave quite early today. I have done absolutely no work today except rereading slides and financials. Monday is a public holiday in the UK so a lot of people take friday off so the office is very quiet.
Work is very quiet so I'm thinking up baking ideas. Gonna make a 0% fat cottage cheese cheese cake swirled with 0 sugar jelly and meringues made with splenda. May add peanut flour, will hnnng so hard.
Nah it's just summer so now is the time to cut, also universities in the UK are starting in a few weeks so lots of freshers events to go to with drunk 18 year old girls. I'm excited to bulk too, want to get up to mid 200s, like 240lb. I will finally get to use my icecream maker again and not try replace cream and sugar with splenda and coconut milk haha. I'm still making quite good gains, I don't bother weigh myself because scale weight hasn't been moving drastically.
Yeah, I remember I bought a brooks brothers belt when I was 15 (Garden state plaza mall lel) and it would go to the 2nd notch. Tried it on today and i'm down to the last one. I have a really small waist normally, I think it's because my obliques insert kind of high, like may an inch and a half or so higher then most peoples do and don't have those chunky front ab genetics. I've posted a few pics previously, will do more next weekend when I'm a little leaner. Hoping for 8%...
Plz don't be mean to the fellow rhetters, we are all here for gains.Don't remember if this is still prescribed in the states, but sibutramine is godly for cutting. On under 2k cals and I feel fine, not even hungry during the day. Breakfast is like 500g of peas, onions, leaks, mushrooms and parsley, 200g of greek yoghurt with coco powder and peanut flour, 2 shakes of 25g of whey, 10g of peanut flour and 10g of coco during the day at 1 and 6, nothing before the gym usually...
Got my adipowers, fuck so much nicer then I expected. Absolutely shit on my rogues. hnnng got the keys for my flat, what colour barcelona chair should I get? Thinking black.
Just had to argue my projections for a firm to an ED who took an immediate dislike to me, was terrifying. Such a weird feel being intimidated by old people so much smaller then me.
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