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yeah we'll miss each other sorry
only hear a month when are you in london?
cheers, they have a gym at least but no texas power bars and triangular plates, not getting stronger for shit, but ill cut and do pump hypertrophy work.still cannot tell if sarcasm.I face planted a 225lb squat as in fell straight forward onto the floor, withdrawl symptoms and spinal loading dont mix. lifting 3x a day because boredom back, chest, shoulders arms splits. Can forget about legs for a while
will message you on fb
This rehab place is fucking shit. At least i can go to the gym 3x a day.
im in thailand mate , adex is a minute away Ive also used more test then that and i dont get estrosides.
you think 12ml of test undec and 2ml of sust 400 is eonugh for a month lel. My god that pip mate.
Thailand tomorrow for rehab, pinned 12ml of test undeconate to last along with with sust so i have a steady stream of gear. Outside gym, shit food, will be tanned and shredded, Perfect fb status for when i get back "rode elephants, built orphanages, stared into a childs eyes as we peeled mangoes together realising we're really not all that different just different people in different parts of the world just looking for some connection in life and I realised all I need to...
yolo still manages to get itself into a lot of holes.
The halves are always the best. Every girl ive slept with im their first asian and I got a wow at my cock, promise low, deliver big. Then them slightly more masculine facial features, I feel like the Zeus cut me out of jade.
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