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After cutting to like 185lb and 9% I think I might start a instagram and post photoshopped photos of myself with captions like "aim for the stars because if you miss you'll still hit the moon" under my photos and start wearing an obey snapback. Gonna drown in 17 year old clunge (yes legal).
200kg pull, should be totalling about 1100lb right now feels good man. Before someone says thats 180 the plates are 20,20,10,10,20,10. Pulled 220 after this, could maybe have gotten like 225 on an eleiko bar instead of this chunky as fuck squat bar. I will probably cycle for a bit then when I'm older stay on forever. Carbs provide so many good feels, not just lifting ones.
People do get sides on test only, fuck people get gyno and acne on a bit of dbol. I've heard of fake test in the uk, but we have like 40 ugls so I don't know what the scene is like in the us. Edit; misread your post thought you said you don't get sides from test.
+1Like my mate who lactated on npp that is dark as fuck.It is true they are peer reviewed but labs do go bad and start scamming when they want to close down.
Just pulled 5 plate conventional deadlift. Previous best conventional was 180 I think. I love adding 40kg to my deadlift over several months of not deadlifting. Videoed 200kg but didn't video 220 because I didn't think id get it. Will upload when I'm home. #carbs Since my stronger pull is conventional I reckon I should deadlift lol 500s sumo
Strong asking where to buy illegal drugs on a public forum. There's a reason forums don't allow source discussions.
Isn't that a bit low? 125mg of tren e is pretty low and I doubt he'd even feel 125mg of mast e.
I don't know how you're defining abs, but lets say you mean 10-11ish bf%. 177 at 5'8" at 10% bf is pretty fucking jacked.
Manager of my gym is such a retard, bought another set of kettlebells. Now we have 4x as many kettlebells as we have dumbbells because apparently the athletes need them. No one uses fucking kettlebells and we have no athletes in our gym, just asian wannabe investment bankers. I'm allowed to continue competing in uni powerlifting competitions as long as I don't try to have the highest total, this some bull shit.
If you have enough upper back muscle you don't really need to keep it as tight to make a shelf. I'm guessing a lot of the bigger lifters don't have the mobility to get there hands that close either.
New Posts  All Forums: