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I can cruise for not that much more money then creatine. I spend like $4 a week on gear to cruise.
No I obviously understand why, it's very clear, just confused why they would really think there is much more to me. Maybe it's because i'm really into baking, but I just love cakes and ice cream. I'm not really a dick, like i'm not rude to people or really aggressive I'm just kind of indifferent and self centered. Also didn't like how money oriented i am, but i'm asian with parents who get their furniture out of dumpsters so that can't be helped.
RHET i've been dumped, dem feels. It's because I told her I didn't really care about ebola and I don't think we should give poor people money and she's studying social policy so she's quite into helping people and this makes me a bad person. Forever dating too moral girls and getting dumped for being a bad person. I don't know what they expect i'm always really clearly a bit of a dick, it's not like this is something that just comes out and they're shocked. She couldn't be...
If you only have 80 data points just do it by hand, would take longer to download any software and learn the syntax.
random health and exercise and academia and careers and sloots and food and occasional, but less then circa 2013 calling each other out thoughts.
Talked to head of admissions for a masters in statistics at lse. Said they'll make me an offer contingent on my maths grade this year being a 2.1 which is like the UK equivalent of a B. If I do it ill take courses in stochastic process, stochastic calculus and analysis, signal processing, machine learning, probability theory and algorithms and computing in java. I think that should be enough for a nice quant job or even a tech firm like google.
I don't think it matters, she can report me to my landlord, the police, my uni. Gear is completely legal in the UK and the police can't search your house unless you've already been convicted of a crime and anyway i have no illegal drugs in here. Landlord can't evict me because I haven't breached the contract and there are so many laws in the UK on evicting someone it would take years. If you leave your house unlocked and someone goes in you can't even kick them out. ...
Nah, I like maths, more fun then filling out spread sheets and powerpoint presentations and if im good ill make more money. Flatmate has reported me to my uni about steroid use. Luckily they are legal in the UK and the university already knew about them. That's how I got this job actually, I got called into to talk to the person who handles my disability stuff and she agreed my flat mate is a cunt and said they're not doing anything about it and even if she reports it to...
This is just a couple hours a week maybe 2 or 3 during term time so I have extra money. Didn't even apply for it, just went to see the women who handles my special needs stuff and we were talking about my exam scores and she asked if i wanted to teach. I will probably not go into banking though. I'm going to be doing a masters in financial engineering at either LSE or possibly imperial if they can convince me to part with another $16k then i'll apply for some kind of quant...
I am now a part time teacher at the LSE teaching introductory accounting and statistics. Is this real life? Get $70 an hour. Must be so shit to go to one of the most elite universities in the country and then got taught by me.
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