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Nah, we had a big discussion about them a couple days ago. A couple people are on.
It's what you call your mothers father in cantonese. His name's just Richard lol.
Some lolzy stuff happened today. I emailed my grand dad a photo of my lat spread and this was his reply " the picture of your back is great, with your height and over two hundred pounds, you are an impressive dude. But I would hasten to remind you that a muscle-bound persona is so retro, Arnold Schwasnegger as Mr. Mr. Atlas was in fashion in the 1960's, now a muscular hunk is out ! Love you. GungGung" I guess that's that time to stop lifting, it's not fashion. Also...
RHET what american universities for masters programs have the most prestigious names for finance? I'm thinking of leaving the UK for my masters and berkley sounds nice.
Disregard literacy acquire "quantitative skills, attention to detail and leadership abilities" #IBD.
Was talking to my mate in the library about my 220kg pull. Some boy who was sitting next to me said "come back when you can leg press 220" is this real life?
Since your main goal seems to be growing your pecs I'd do 2 chest days and just hit some light presses and lateral raises after. You're only hitting chest once a week aren't you?
Why don't you just do incline bench?
Fuark rhet I know that feel of not having health insurance in america now.My uni has been paying for me to see a private psychiatrist for 1 hour every 2 weeks. For some reason they send me to one in belgravia, which is the most expensive neighborhood in the world. This costs $700 an hour, but my uni happens to pay for it. I'm getting drug tested every 2 weeks now, which is around $120 each time because It's getting done at some stupidly expensive private lab, which I have...
I'm so confused rhet, I lifted and I didn't PR all my lifts in all their rep ranges. This is the first time in a while. I only PRed the higher rep ranges like 8-20, but not my heavy sets (dat pyramid time). I think I need a rest day, the carbs don't help your CNS recover faster right? Just the muscles, which is why I'm still PRing higher reps. Lifted with my mate and his gf today, they're one of those annoying gym couples. Him spotting her on her 4kg incline db bench was...
New Posts  All Forums: