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why do you want one of those?
Cutting during exams is the easiest because your distracted all day and not thinking about food. All I ate during my exams in my first year of uni was a pack of mackeral on 2 rolls every night when I got home.
haha, i just get defensive because i've had interviewers think all my degree is is just doing R or stata with some probability courses so I have to explain its actually very quant and theres only 1 half module that involves any computers.
Is applied math even math? If your not defining really obvious things like what a limit means or what the integers are or what even is an integral then is it even maths? So excite for some measure theory so I can define what area really means! You can use as much maths as you want in statistics, martingales and brownian motion and stochastic calculus/processes all require a very strong mathematical background.
are you here now? How long for again? I'm in London now but I have to be back in Cambridge for Friday, but then I can come back.
Representapparently im not bipolar anymore fucking psychiatrists keep moving my diagnosis to like everything else.
Nah you'll feel really depressed and have no energy and your joints will ache like fuck. Took too much Adex once, can't imagine what taking letro would feel like for a natty.yeah im like 220 at 12-14% most of the year, never get fat enough that I have no resemblance of abs. Assuming your cardiovascular system is in good health I wouldn't describe taking clen as messing up your body. You can get clen prescribed for asthma in some countries. What is in inhalers salbutamol is...
yeah pretty much.220lb and properly lean like veins on my abs and lats so lets say 7% bf would be pretty fucking huge. Like I would probably place in the WNBF. Arnold weighed like 230lb at contest and he's not that much shorter then me and they didn't even get that lean back then.
Other then suits I can buy everything off the rack pretty easy. I weigh like 190lb at 6'3" when very lean most of the year im like 210-220, no real interest in getting much bigger, maybe like 5lb heavier when lean. Theres only 3 people who have admitted to using gear, but there are more who are on.
yeah mang, remember watching his training montage like 3 years ago and mirin. Don't like his pseudo intellectual bullshit, if its not quant dgaf.
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