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Yeah I don't think it's really possible to do a clean bulk from 4% bf
Because your natty and by the time your finished cutting for 6 months after doing a dreamer bulk and getting fat strong you'll have no gains.
Even without clothes if your cutting hard you end up looking kind of shit. You reach peak aesthetics like one week after cutting when your eating normal cals again, but you haven't gotten fat again.
Theres a massive fire at my uni, whole street it's on has been evacuated. Maybe this will get the occupy protesters out.
For most buyside roles I would think an MBA would be better just because of the stronger recruitment. Unless you want to do something specifically quant at a hedgefund I don't think you'd have much benefit from an MFE.
Do you find this has helped you at all in UK interviews? I've never been asked any technicals. Most technical question I've had is to write buy/sell recommendations on british super markets. I've heard in the US they actually ask you questions about models in interviews, but in the UK everything always seemed fit based and motivational.
Decline is safer on shoulders?
Depends on the field you want to go into I suppose. I doubt anyone would care if your applying for IBD or MC other then maybe getting you the interview as it shows intelligence. It's not like you're going to use martingales in excel. They might value it more in trading, but again for most roles your never going to need that high level math. I mainly hear about people with Phds in math or statistics taking it so they know how to apply what they know in a finance setting. On...
enjoy having your plates move around during your lifts. Your going to end up racking the hex bar on the bit your supposed to mount plates on so when you put the plates on the bar they're going to slide inwards as you lift.
Seems they're mainly owned by fidelity now.
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