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RHET finance brethren unite!
Good luck man. Are you still thinking of doing an MFE? I'm looking at a few programs incase I don't get made a FT offer at the fund im going to, but I'd probably just end up doing a Msc Finance at LSE, imperial or oxford.
How can you gain weight at 3000 calories a day and 200lb? I'd loose weight fairly quick at that and I weigh about the same as you.
Need to account for water weight, he'll be holding a lot more water now then he would be at 8%Signed up for CFA 1 in december, hoping to get to level 2 before I finish undergrad.
Dumb as fuck 17-21 year old girls at raves (all i fuk) definitely care. Was so much easier in late summer/early autumn then it was in the winter.
Most of rhet seems delusional about how high bf% they are and how much muscle they have on them. matt ogus at 5'6" 155" and prob a tiny bit under 8%. Looks a lot bigger then most guys on rhet.
fuck sorry didn't read the thread didn't think someone would actually argue against that.
has this ever been debated?
wtf mang you could buy like 25 squids on sticks for that much. Squid on stick is GOAT thai food.
My mum told me my special restoratives have been working recently, we all gonna make it RHET!!!!
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