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It's going to be a very short term thing. I was around 8ish% bf maybe a little leaner last friday, but then I had a messy few cheat days up until tuesday and now i'm bloated and look shit. Put on maybe a couple lb of fat. like 2-3 tops I'd say. Just going to do it long enough to get back to where I was then i'll try hold 8% for as long as I can. Feels bad seeing weeks of hard work go to shit because I lost self restrain for a few days.
Going to try that low carb to get leaner. I know initially it'll be nice eating loads of brie, eggs and pork belly, but within a few days i'll feel like death and just want a croissant. http://figsandfeta.com/recipes/frappe-oreo-ice-cream/ i want to make this, but nothing tastes as good as shredded feels.
Ketamine definitely is. Only lasts like an hour, no comedown, your not going to get the munchies and eat loads of shit, you won't even know what eating is and your going to relax your muscles so much you need your flat mates to carry you back into the house after you go for a cigarette. Random health and ketamine thoughts thread.
Fucking ice cream maker is the bane of my shreddedness, biscoff and caramel waffer vanilla ice cream get in my belly. Had a cheat week and I'm like 10% bf now lol. Well probably not i'm only up like 2lb so i'm guessing it's just bloating making me look less clear. I might throw out all the baking products from my house, I can't control myself around them now that im not working. Made rasberry and coconut macarons yesterday, it's just too much to handle. Gonna go on that...
Whilst I probably could look like this natty I doubt I ever would have gotten there. I've put on like 25lb of lean tissue, that would have taken a long as fuck time to put on that much tissue and lose a fair bit of body fat. I also do this fairly safely with the getting blood work done and everything. Bloods have actually improved since when I was natty because I used to not do so much cardio nor would I ever consider eating this clean. In terms of this physical sides like...
Not really no, clothes are a bit looser now and some stuff I definitely could not wear when I was heavier, but I only lost like 20lb so it's not that much.
Haha I lost more then that I reckon. Last week I nearly got pinned by 80kg on bench press and my last squat session I could only triple 140kg in a belt.Most of the strength loss is probably from being in the process of cutting and being back at even maintenance levels my strength will probably go back up to normal. My strength for high reps hasn't gone down, but when I've had very low calories for a while my ability to max just goes to shit.this is how I looked when I was...
just in time for sabbath.
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