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My friend who got me into lifting who started like 7 years ago had his tested at 900 or something. Never even pulled an 140kg deadlift or an 100kg squat. Definitely more then just test levels, most monkeys have lower test levels then humans if i recall.
Never seen the point in any of these belts for dips or pull ups. Just buy a powerlifting belt, a chain and a carabiner, that way you only need to carry one belt with you. If you want to have the plates perpandicular to the belt just use 2 carabiners. Much more stabile then a dip belt too.I am significantly stronger at weighted pull ups then weighted dips, quite a weird feel.
Aim for the stars because if you miss you'll land on the moon
Going to a flower market to buy me some aesthetic orchids for my flat. Also getting some long 1" pipe to thread so I can stick all these plates I got for chins on it and do some rows when im bored. Orchids, barcelona chairs and swole DBs, flat is gonna be in harpers bazar or some shit soon.
That's deep enough for a meet then?
If your squats aren't even deep enough to hit depth you dun goofed man that's like the bare minimum. I thought I squatted like 400lb when I was 17 because being retarded I thought having a box at knee height was parallel
Baking blondies made out of chick peas because im a women who reads buzzfeed.
Their dress shirts are awful though, have some for work. Regardlesss of the fact they're like $7 they're just too shit. In england we have a huge variety of decent shirt brands for fairly cheap. All the Jermeyn Street brands are quite cheap and slim. 4 more days of work, fuk cannot ait to be done. Big presentation on thursday, but we all gonna make it.
Actually wool lol. Yeah they don't feel nice, but as long as they fit you well who cares.
Store in cambridge called primark. $20 for trousers, $30 for the jacket haha.
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