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Yeah I really wish I was like 5'6" then all my dreams would come true.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-tZ9-_-Q0E&list=UUdb48UjmZr5uCaWgyE64rUA&index=3 video not loading George Leeman saying his friend, Vince Urbanks brother doesn't have godly genetics because he only weighed 185 at 6'3" untrained and missed a 315 pull the first time he lifted. Lel alright mate. Don't give a fuck how hard you train if you pull 550lb within 4 months of training that was genetics, there is only so much you can train and diet.
How? Your significantly bigger and definitely stronger upper body wise.They are quite skinny to be fair, quads look pretty big in shorts, but thats just insertions and my calves are tiny. Haha she's coming over to "bake" something with me. Forever asking girls to come over and cook or bake with me, that inoffensive way to get girls to come over. Making oreo cup cakes or some shit. Will get pics as per usual.
Met an obscenely aesthetic girl today in the library, like 9/10 aesthetics. Got talking, turns out she's bipolar, very very ill, will likely need a kidney transplant soon and has a script for morphine. For what it's worth i'm also diagnosed as bipolar (but type 2 because not cray), but I don't have any treatment except occasional psychiatry when I want it. This is going to go so horrifically badly. She's coming over thursday. Did not PR in the bench press today, very...
I think its instiches.
not nearly 40lb, I can't even get 40lb out of knee wraps. I think I sized them too loose, but maybe 20, which would be optimistic. Could probably get a lot more if i wore them really tight.
https://www.strengthshopusa.com/sleeves-wraps-straps/knee-sleeves/strengthshop-triple-ply-odin-knee-sleeves.htmli use these, great bounce.
When did these SBD knee sleeves become a thing? Why are they better then rehband? I use some stupid triple ply heavy as fuck elastic ones I get some solid rebound out of.
wtf is market research. Doing a course in it, but haven't been. It counts as a statistics course, but if it doesn't involve brownian motion its not stats.
Brb mailing someone a half used bottle of test prop and mast from before I went pharma grade only.
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