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I doubt he's ever heard of one, neither have I. I just treat mine like a normal bed.
You would start reading WAYWT if the guys were more jacked? So what is stopping you from currently reading it is a lack of muscular men? Strong.
I must clearly just look very rapey,
Waxed most of my body Looks so much leaner, now I just need a tan and ill look like I lift. Tried to wax my pubes without trimming them first, not it looks like I have herpes. You know in lord of the rings when the ents walk near Isenguard and they see the fucked up forest? That's what the top of my pubes looks like.
I've noticed americans have an aversion to working in. Whenever I lift at the American military base gym or ask a transfer student they always look like I'm asking them for some fuck. So nostalgic for the days when I was like 17 lifting in that rough as fuck gym having some chav wearing work boots and a high vis jacket scream at me whilst spotting my 50kg bench press telling me I should get on some deca. Dem feels man. I've also never seen anyone wipe down a bench in...
Like 18-20% i'd say.
Wow rhet the weirdest thing just happened to me, it was like a film, very dramatic. I was walking down the strand, which is quite a beautiful street in london it's on a lot of post cards and it was raining quite heavily. Been awake for about 24 hours now and yesterday I was awake for like 44 so quite tired. Anyway there's the homeless guy in the street screaming at the sky asking if anyone cares and if anyone will help him. His clothes were soaked and one of his eyes was...
I'm not a particularly experienced statistician, just about to start the last year of my undergrad, but you could do something like this. Say you have like a 3 year period so you could express the change over the 3 year period as (1+y1)(1+y2)(1+y3) where y is the percentage change over the period. You could set that to equal (1+x)^3 so x would be cuberoot((1+y1)(1+y2)(1+y3))-1 and x would be your effective percentage change over the period if percentage change was kept...
I really don't like lifting on amphetamine, I've done it once and I will definitely not do it again, dat heart beat man. Could try get a instant release one so not like adderal or vyvanse and take it after going to the gym and it should have worn off by the time you leave work. Your in the states so I assume it's ridiculously easy for you to get and you don't need to get seen by like 4 psychiatrists, a cardiologist and a couple gps.
Maybe if your job doesn't involve you interacting with people because it makes me really fucking weird. I sweat loads, can't get words out, I move really awkwardly and I can't maintain eye contact. Basically become aspergers as fuck. I am very productive though and I can survive on like 3 hours sleep a night for a couple days on it without much sleep debt. I wounder if I'm going to be able to lift whilst banking, hopefully. I can probably still make solid gains on like 3...
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