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I've never understood people who come from money going into IB. Girl I knows dad is a billionaire and she still applied for internships but didn't get anything. Why would you do this to yourself if you came from money? I'll try maintain this, obviously I won't be able to lift like I do now and I'll have to do way more mobility work then some shoulder dislocations and sitting in a full squat with 60kg for a minute before I lift.
Probably a bit higher then that closer to 80. Yeah it shouldn't be a problem, I don't sleep much but I should definitely be able to get 4 sessions in a week. It's just the unpredictability of the hours will make it hard to have a real schedule.
So excite to get all my meals comped. Gonna bulk hard as fuck in investment banking and try lift 4-5 days a week. Guessing 2 hour sessions are no longer realistic? Got final fantasy 2 for my iPhone, this is amazing.
I don't know how people can have a hard time bulking. There's no prep time for ice cream. I might push my macros to 60, 30, 10 because I really don't think I need over 300g of protein a day. 60 is the carbs number. Will eat more potatoes.
Top lol at saying I contribute nothing to the thread when all you do is act like a rim
Please stop being so alpha, it's turning me on despite using an unnecessary amount of Adex.
Squatted mid 300s, deadlifted 455, but I only benched like 200ish at 180 or so. Yeah I was bored and I hadn't progressed in a while.Dat russlement, my special ed coursework not that I do coursework because I'm quant as fuck has me getting paid $1.6k a week for my summer job and I'll get into whatever masters I want. I don't really consider a low 500s deadlift to be that weak, but ok. Why so angry lately? What do you contribute? Whilst I'm not strictly a powerlifter my...
I think I'm just going to alternate squat day bench day 6x a week with 100 pull ups and some rows and face pills every day. Chest isn't growing fast enough but benching 3x a week should sort that out. Will change variations every time to hopefully prevent tendinitis.
Fuck how have I never been to COS such beautiful aesthetics
Gonna stop having dedicated back days. I do so many pull ups and I don't think your upper back needs as much variety as say your chest just a lot of volume so I'm just going to make pull days into front squats and a few rows days. Hit a 130kg paused beltless front squat today, double bw should be achievable this year.
New Posts  All Forums: