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Nah had a really horrible break up where she got nasty as fuck then my bipolar started being a bit weird last friday and I went a bit cray/self destructive, but I start them medications tomorrow and i'm getting a hedgehog so hopefully back to normal soon. Even acquired new sloots right away, but feels is feels. The rhet warned me of her borderline personality disorder, but i didn't listen.
bBriefly thought your back hair was part of the tattoo, but looking quite thick.
oh was confused, thought you meant arm warmers for lifting.
Don't just wear arm warmers, actually buy proper heavy sleeves. Theyre a bit expensive but definitely worth it.
it has little cups you can attach to it to blend small amounts.
Buy a ninja ultima, $130 on walmart right now and its fucking sick.
Yeah, that would be a better statistics, but the confidence interval could probably still contain 0.
How many mcg did you take and did you use pharma grade or ugl? It just gives me some shakes and i sweat a little immediately after taking it, but nothing intense. I had a friend have to go to hospital after taking salbutamol though so I guess everyone reacts differently. When I used to use it 2 weeks on 2 weeks off i'd build from 80mcg to 200mcg, but i've realised thats a bit of a shit way to use it because your tolerance goes up so quickly so i do 2 days on 2 days off at...
Absolutely shit study"They recorded the powerlifters pulling an average straight-bar deadlift 1RM of 244.5 ± 39.5kg and an average hex-bar deadlift 1RM of 265.0 ± 41.8kg. They noted that the difference between straight-bar and hex-bar deadlift 1RM results was significant."them overlapping confidence intervals, that n=19, that definitely not significant difference.
I've only ever heard of people taking taurine to stop cramping up from clenbuterol or stop the lower back and shin pumps from oral steroids.
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