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renaissance technologies has been on like 40% returns for decades, guy who runs it invented signal processing. Entirely quant fund charging something like 4 and 46.Whilst they dont contribute in the same was as say science they do allow it to happen. Got a friend who works got a tiny boutique investment bank. Oculus rift isnt happening for shit without him. To be honest I wouldn't go into finance if not for the money, but fuck academy or being a government statistician...
Can't be fucked to read this because it all sounds like retail,commercial or whatever that in-between thing is banking scum, but M&A, capital raising, IPOs, issues new securities and market making is the shit. DGAF about mortgages and people taking out loans to start their shoe shop. I'm not doing any of this, just going to be generating alpha for rich as fuck investors who don't mind paying 2 and 20 making money for rich people.
But how does the world exist without a financial section? Cold argue they create value and wealth for everyone they interact with because they help other firms grow.
DGAF as long as pay is good, but this new place is all mahogany, gold marble and out elevators are incased in water falls so its pretty nice. Oh and they have barcelona chairs in the waiting room. This bulge bracket i worked at looked like a food court.
Didn't network for shit. Didn't go to any career information sessions or cold call people asking for an "information session" just applied online then interviewed. Fuck tonnes of laws in the UK to prevent nepotism. Im sure once you get in it matters, but at the bottom level still everyones filling in the same bull shit questions and tests. Group I got just emailed everyone at our school an email to send their cv and cover letters to.
Assuming you get PE, which I don't mean to be a cunt, but doesn't sound that likely and not an associate IBD role at a MM IB.
No I mean which field.
My firm actually only recruited from lse, cambridge and oxford so it would have beeen impossible haha. No I meant what industry in the end. Is LBS even a real school? Never interviewed for a job with someone from there.
What are you planning on going into out of stern?
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