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14 stone 2lb 190cm master race checking in
Yeah definitely, unless your like obese and weak as fuck your not going to make significant gains cutting.
Not saying that at all, I'm just saying your statement that you cannot get stronger on a deficit is false. It's inevitably not optimal, but it isn't impossible. Before I went on, other then the time I went up to 210 on my first dreamer bulk I never really went above 190 or below 180 and I got stronger, not particularly quickly, but say like 40lb on my deadlift in a year or something, I still pulled 455 at like 180 or something. Cutting on gear is so much fun, I get to...
Not like people haven't gotten stronger whilst cutting. Coldsnap claims he put on like 50lb on his squat and mark seems to have gotten stronger. Even when I was natty as long as I dropped my volume really low I could still PR.
This is not true, i'm still PRing whilst cutting.Ridethecliche, if you can do front squats why don't you just push front squats pretty hard? Maybe not that high intensity per set, but go like 15 triples or something.
Starting work in 12 days. Loads of networking drinks when I start, I don't drink, haven't had any alcohol since the start of february. Should I just drink a tiny bit so I don't seem like some weird fitness guy? Make a gin and tonic last a couple hours haha. Wearing $60 suits and $9 shirts lol. Disregard material acquire fit.
Haha yeah if he wants to live by himself on 1k a month he can live in surrey. If he doesn't mind flat mates though he could probably live in shoreditch.
what are we defining as cheap
They are fairly cheap. Can get a room for like $220 a week easily, which is like 2/3 of what it costs to live more centrally.Had a homeless guy try kill himself in front of me on the strand a week ago. Threw himself in front of a car, very dramatic. He was having some feels.
I don't know new york so I don't know. By central I mean if you look at a map of london above the river between the hyde park and st pauls and I suppose just over the bridge to the south. All pretty similarly priced. I live on tralfalgar square and am moving to just over the river and yeah both are a bit over $300 a week for a room. If you go further south or north east it's a lot cheaper. A lot of people move to the north east, areas like shoreditch, which i guess are...
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