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How fat you are effects aromatase activity.
Might as well go on gear, you're in the UK pretty much legal yolo.
Strongest comment on someone's physique in RHET history.
I assume he has some data he's trying to analyse or is this a question asking him to derive the matrix form of the lse? Questions kind of confusing surely y = -1 + 0.5x + (epsilon) is lse and he can predict y values from it? Always kind of disliked linear regression in general, the part of stats I liked was probability theory like different properties of estimators and stochastic process markhov chain stuff was interesting. Got a course at baysian analysis, which might be...
isn't that just 3 lines of code? Something likemodel=lm("output data"~"input data")plot("output data","input data")abline(model)
R can get khyambii shredded
I think I just have bad lectures slides, they don't explain why any of the formula are the way they are and we weren't prescribed a textbook. I'm fine with actual linear algebra. I'll do fine on the course I just need to memorise all the formula.
R sounds cooler though. I like R.I don't think I like statistics anymore. Once matrices got involved in my regression and I had to remember all these fucking transforms like the hat matrix it feels like i'm doing linear algebra with no direction. I just like the probability theory, my time series course seems cool, hopefully that won't involve matrices any time soon.
The null hypothesis can be proved?
What wrong with dumb 17-21 year old girls? 16s legal in england.
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