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Not really no, clothes are a bit looser now and some stuff I definitely could not wear when I was heavier, but I only lost like 20lb so it's not that much.
Haha I lost more then that I reckon. Last week I nearly got pinned by 80kg on bench press and my last squat session I could only triple 140kg in a belt.Most of the strength loss is probably from being in the process of cutting and being back at even maintenance levels my strength will probably go back up to normal. My strength for high reps hasn't gone down, but when I've had very low calories for a while my ability to max just goes to shit.this is how I looked when I was...
just in time for sabbath.
Todays baking is sesame seed challah rolls and chinese egg custard tarts hnnnnng.
Haha, not really a grin, more of a retard tensing face. None of that flexing whilst smiling mens physique stuff.Not going to get on with this new flat mate. Whilst I was gone for 2 days she moved all my shit, I wouldn't have minded if she asked first, but don't touch my shit without asking.
Fucking lol
RHET how is my snap chat game? Do I need to continue cutting for freshers or am I "Ho Ready" yet? I need to get that tan, but I think my body fat is at the most aesthetic level.
No I'm american, I'm a virginia citizen (0)
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