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what are we defining as cheap
They are fairly cheap. Can get a room for like $220 a week easily, which is like 2/3 of what it costs to live more centrally.Had a homeless guy try kill himself in front of me on the strand a week ago. Threw himself in front of a car, very dramatic. He was having some feels.
I don't know new york so I don't know. By central I mean if you look at a map of london above the river between the hyde park and st pauls and I suppose just over the bridge to the south. All pretty similarly priced. I live on tralfalgar square and am moving to just over the river and yeah both are a bit over $300 a week for a room. If you go further south or north east it's a lot cheaper. A lot of people move to the north east, areas like shoreditch, which i guess are...
That's not much money so you won't live in central London, you can live in like dalston or somewhere a bit shit. I pay about $1300 a month to live in a tiny room in central. London's nice I suppose, don't find it particularly different to any major city. I don't know why you would decide to move here for no real reason.
Fuck was so surprised when you were asian. Back photos you looked white. You look like you deadlift more then 285, like mid 400s, your back isn't that much smaller then mine and I pull just over 500 at 210lb. progress pics from a little while back. 5'7" 200lb sub 10% bf isn't going to happen natty, that is fucking huge. Like you would be competitive in the NPC. Chris jones is like 180 at 10% at that height and is huge.
its so beautiful. Not used it for squats yet, but fuark it feels good to press with. It's a texas power bar, that gnurling man, tears you up. Absolutely pointless having it at a uni gym, was hilarious watching some guy use it and eleiko plates to bench 25kg probably unaware this is literally the best equipment out there.
I wouldn't use a mirror, you can't really see that much and it's hard to pay attention on maximal weights. Video record yourself. Yeah it doesn't matter what row you though, I just do very light cable rows focus on the contraction or db rows pretty light too.
As a beginner I hated both those lifts too. I don't think the barbell row is a good movement for a beginner because you'll probably find getting into the position awkward and your lower back won't be strong enough do let you do the movement with much weight. I would switch it out for another row you prefer, say cable or db rows. It's a row, doesn't really matter what you do. I wouldn't abandon standing overhead press, but you could add in a few sets seated because you'll...
brb looking like a 15 year old who thinks he's a bad man because he can name every kind of weed.
Didn't know what a power rack was is the best. Lifting at my mates poverty garage gym today, gonna feel so hardcore until I get pinned and can't ditch the bar because he only has shit squat stands, cast iron plates and no matting.
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