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we have discussed this in great detail on fb. I am in london trying to sleep with slutty girls on md at raves, you live in long island where people actually do lift.
OK coming back to this from a sober perspective im literally the worst person to ask this to. I was either tiny 175lb shredded natty or 220 fat, but somehow pretty strong (total around 1000) with all my muscle in my legs and hip flexors. I only use gear to get me to the level where I look like a natty guy who has lifted for a while with really good genetics, but thats just having nice insertions and some muscle and being lean. Like Im the worst person to ask this to. I'd...
Aesthetic and natty are 2 separate geometric topologies.(never studied real maths no idea what that means lel just wanted to use some non set theory euclidian space basic bitch metephore. im drunk trying to understand toplogy from wiki) I had sex outside in the mid of winter.One day ill conquer real math and do like functional anaylysis an geometric algebra and rule the world and not just be like time series moving average bitch unlever that beta and see how it effects...
Baking/deserts is the easiest way to get laid. Hey went to come over and bake with me (inoffensive as fuck im basically gay now? Lets make ice cream because yolo, ah shit it takes 9 hours. I have some illicit chemicals want to get fucked up and watch netflix. Icecream is never made. This will be my 4th time doing this and it hasnt failed so far.
First of all i dont cycle i blast and cruise, which means i never fully come off just drop down to low levels to let my body recover which is cruising. Recently had to up my cruise dose actually because i couldnt get hard for shit. And no I would never put myself through the ridiculous emotional trauma of coming off after a while of blasting and the size loss. I have a variety of serious and dangerous mental health issues, coming off gear is something I would never...
every 2 days that was an exaggeration. I got scared walking up to that much weight every time i lifted and i'd get really upset if I didn't PR because when you're blasting and don't PR it feels like whats the point.
So now we are defining functional as just your goals, so everything is functional. Me wanting to be 190lb and 8% with a 27 inch waist so i can fuck sluts is functional because thats my goal? So what is non functional training for me, being ugly?https://instagram.com/p/ikE2RaxQmO/?modal=truephysique goals.
Nah in the summer when i was blasting hard as fuck and pulling every day. I don't deadlift anymore, most recent was 405x10 deadstop. I doubt ill ever really deadlift again, not within my goals now, i just front squat for legs and do some lunges.
Would I be more functional if I could run 100 miles or do an iron cross how would that improve my life?
My life has not improved in functionality deadlifting 135 or 550, do not get this functional shit.
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