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Got my rowing singlet several sizes too small. I now understand equipped powerlifting. I could definitely get a few kg out of this.
Will post pics when we go to ikea this weekend for additional furniture lol wat. She's really into ikea/my flat. Also told me she wants to save me, which I find pretty weird considering she's the one with BPD and a serious kidney problem and i'm doing pretty well for myself. She's coming over on Tuesday again so ill try take a selfie with. I'd post her fb pics, but that's just creepy as fuck. Obviously less creepy if im flexing in the background. I've never encountered...
She is being a little weird already to be fair. Is nesting hard as fuck considering we've slept together once and i've known her like 5 days. She's bringing over pillows and a lamp because she doesn't like the lighting and pillow situation. She's also very worried that I haven't registered as a student at my uni yet this year and we're half way through the first term. Very intense. Free pillows and lamp though.
She's hot as fuck though. Looks like daisy lowe/zoe deschanel with tits. Will get pics eventually.
Because I got paid like $75k a year for my internship and I'm 20 with absolutely no skills. I find statistics very interesting, what you actually do at work is so boring in comparison, at least maths requires you to think, making pie charts and filling in models is mindless. I'd love to make a career out of doing actual maths or statistics instead. But yeah the moneys make it worth it.
Smashed the kidney problem girl i had over last night. Didn't actually bake anything. Way crazier then I thought she was. Actually has borderline personality disorder, not bipolar and had to take mood stabilisers several times whilst we were together. Also lost her virginity when she was 12, which is young even for England. Weird as fuck girl, but quite hot. Took pics, but can't see shit. Will attempt to get better pics next time sorry rhet. Made her pancakes in the...
Yeah I really wish I was like 5'6" then all my dreams would come true.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-tZ9-_-Q0E&list=UUdb48UjmZr5uCaWgyE64rUA&index=3 video not loading George Leeman saying his friend, Vince Urbanks brother doesn't have godly genetics because he only weighed 185 at 6'3" untrained and missed a 315 pull the first time he lifted. Lel alright mate. Don't give a fuck how hard you train if you pull 550lb within 4 months of training that was genetics, there is only so much you can train and diet.
How? Your significantly bigger and definitely stronger upper body wise.They are quite skinny to be fair, quads look pretty big in shorts, but thats just insertions and my calves are tiny. Haha she's coming over to "bake" something with me. Forever asking girls to come over and cook or bake with me, that inoffensive way to get girls to come over. Making oreo cup cakes or some shit. Will get pics as per usual.
Met an obscenely aesthetic girl today in the library, like 9/10 aesthetics. Got talking, turns out she's bipolar, very very ill, will likely need a kidney transplant soon and has a script for morphine. For what it's worth i'm also diagnosed as bipolar (but type 2 because not cray), but I don't have any treatment except occasional psychiatry when I want it. This is going to go so horrifically badly. She's coming over thursday. Did not PR in the bench press today, very...
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