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Call capital IQ and tell them it's really urgent and they need to prioritise it. I just make pretty graphs and tables without grid lines because they're ugly. I once made a box plot graph and my MD said it was ugly and i should try to use more pie charts
No everyone in my office is fat. This idea of jacked bankers who are into fitness is not a reality. Yeah it's better hours. I still have another 2 years of applying for internships so I could always do s&t next year then potentially straight to buyside if i dont like it.
What's the difference between them? T3 is expensive and they sell t4 on all day chemist for a few dollars.
Dat feel when you do a statistics degree and you never have or will use any software. Everyone always asking if I know any programming.
How do I tell my VP that I need to leave work at least 6 hours early because my gymnastics rings came and I really want to try them out? Will he understand? My MD and ED are out so yolo amirite? Might apply for sales and trading next year for better hours. Don't know if I could do this for 2 years, but dem exit opps dat buy side dat prestige. On the other hand I would like more then 2 screens and my own bloomberg terminal. Sometimes you need 2 different financial...
I find using straps really awkward. Can't get the bar securely into my neck. I would give the clean grip a go, I find it much more comfortable then even the clean grip except it's sometimes a bit awkward to line up evenly with the bar since you don't really know where you are under it.
In my experience you want the bar higher then where you initially think it should go. I have it high enough so that on the ascent when I really push my elbows up it almost rolls into my neck. Kind of uncomfortable bit it won't give up your delts as much. Front squats take a while to get used to
The best diet is the one you can stick to. I essentially do IF with a 10 hour fasting period during the day because it's convenient and I like to eat at least one real meal a day. It psychologically easier then only eating small meals and I train much better after eating a lot.
Uniqlo stretch jeggings are the pinnacle of denim construction.
Not about those british teeth aesthetics
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