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The new years resolutioners are coming.
Love it when big strong men work on me......... wat
Yeah I used to be stronger sumo, pulled 455 at 180lb back in the natty days, but made literally no gains except for in my hip flexors.
Pretty sure if your tall with long legs conventional is the way to go. Always stocky guys doing sumo it seems. Form looks good, would tell him not to pull touch and go, I used to always do it, all the happens is you end up with a 1rm 10lb higher then your 5rm and your weak as fuck off the floor.
manager spent about $3k on kettle balls. Theyre all the same size, but the pink is 8kg and the red is 32kg. Fucking magic. Pink is about $190 per kettleball and the red is about $300.
The biotech sector has a higher beta then the market, obviously returns are going to be higher then the market. You can obviously beat market indices by picking stocks with higher betas then the market.
Going to miss these days on monday when term starts and the gym is full of dyels and my beloved texas power bar is being used to half squat 30kg with the pussy pad on it. 145kgx2 front squat. Nice pr after 10 days off lifting and pretty much eating.
Not at lse, none of them even lift.First day back to the gym, mood stabilisers making me lethargic as fuck. Feel like an asexual sloth. Hoping all this tren keeps my sex drive up.
Yeah I get laid a lot more when i'm manic in the beginning because i'm really outgoing and social and do stupid shit, but as it progresses I just kind of get aggressive and obsessive, which I think is very helpful with work sometimes. Would rather be normal, the depressive states get really out of hand sometimes. Just get a delusionaly pessimistic outlook on life, had some bad medical news last summer and I was convinced I was going to die imminently for ages.
Yeah, I'm type 2 bipolar so the depressive ones are significantly worse. From about February to September this year peaking in July I had a very bad depressive episode. I think maybe i'm mixed state right now because I keep going from being ridiculously down to really energised, wanting to acquire lots of sloots and less down back to really down again. Haven't made it to the gym since before new years. Personally really enjoy the manic ones, theyre a bit reckless, but I...
New Posts  All Forums: