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I have no idea how people bench on their toes, I can't get a higher arch, but my leg drive is so much weaker and I can't stay tight for shit. Friend of mine who had only been lifting for a few months hopped on some gear, gained really well, strength shot up, but now he herniated a disk for moving up in weight too fast. Thats a bad feel.
Aw yeah final round interview at arguably the top boutique investment bank for a buy side position.
Upright? Are you trying to do a clean pull? I would be getting so fat right now if i wasn't on tren, eating so much cookies, cake, salami and cheese.
225x9 245x4 on flat bench, feels ok, was hoping for it to be a bit higher. I think its because i'm using these ridiculous SBD wrist wraps and they're fucking up my groove a little bit. Make my titan THPs feel like some shit you'd but at sports authority.
Put plates on the floor and then put your feet on the plates.
instead of buying a new bench why didn't you put some plates on the floor?Arching a little does make getting your shoulders down easier.
SBD heavy 1m wrist wraps are ridiculous, makes my titan THPs feel like nothing.
Is that all in one set? Most i've done is 30x225. Went 245x2, 255x2, 260x2 on close grip bench, worked up to 225x3 on reverse grip and 220x3 on floor press today. Presses are really going up.
deadlift about 600lb and bench around 3 plates would be nice, maybe a 4 plate front squat too and still manage to get cut to shit for the summer.
Market research is the most boring subject i've ever taken. Loads of linear regression without actually doing any linear regression. Maybe an Msc is different, but my class was shit. I have been barred from taking exams this year, my uni is russled at me. 25% attendance and no homework is apparently too little. Will get the disability office to write to my teachers and say im too special to go to class or something. Tried to explain to my academic advisor that I don't...
New Posts  All Forums: