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I did pull ups every day over the summer when I was lighter, like 150 a day. All kinds of grips and rings too. Got up to like 40kgx8 weighted and 25 bodyweight. Obviously my recovery is a little enhanced, but with lower intensity you could probably do pull ups everyday fine. It put a tonne of size on my lats.
Do I count as american? Lived in england 15 years. I just worse a white vest I cut some holes in and put some shit paint on my face. Smashed a girl doing her A levels, felt so nostalgic. She asked to see my abs so I showed her a pic on my phone from when i was like 7%. Dat feel when no abs right now.
Yeah same. I feel like I can just eke out additional reps by pausing for a bit with higher reps, but with like a triple once I'm done I'm done.
Nah if you put it in a calculator I get maxes like 10% higher for sets of like 8-10 then 3-5.
Nah paused reps. It's not just deads it's on all lifts. Went 100x9 then 105x5 on bench. Just shit at maxing. I guess this is why people peak.
220kgx5 230kgx2 on deads today. Was really surprised I only got 2 with 230kg, my strength drops off massively when I go below like 8 reps. Went 200x9 the other day.
I bought 2 pairs of womens skeleton leggings. Will wear one on my arms and one on my legs, so much effort and thought. Went to my unis student bar today. Some guy was like "your up up up guy from the gym". I shout up when I lift usually, quite weird people notice.
What is RHET being for halloween?
I used to pull exclusively sumo before I went on gear and suddenly lost the mobility to, never saw the point in sumo rack pulls since I was always weak off the floor. Never seen anyone weak locking out with sumo.
Even if your pulling sumo i'd want to do some conventional pulling, but definitely maintain some sumo pulling so you maintain the mobility to do the form especially if you're pulling with a really wide stance. I'd just do normal sump pulls and conventional deficits.
New Posts  All Forums: