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Fuck that feel when tagutcow actually mocks your fit.
I think it's great, could do with being a bit higher, but thats why I bought the new elevated pull up bar. Does everything I could want it to do for fairly cheap and I can move it around
poverty set up, so excite for new flat
Fuck that's cool man. I'm just here doing shitty ring dips trying to pause at the bottom and making sure I rotate my arms as I go up.
Probably will only use it to hang rings off I don't like angled grips and it doesn't have wide grips like my current one. Just wanted something to get the rings a little higher. Does it go up pretty high? Yeah will take off the tubes. What do you mean custom bars? Sounds interesting. getting really into pull ups and calisthenics , doing like 100 a day. Got a 22 rep set on the rings. Might buy some rogue cannon balls to hang off it for grip work
Spending so much money on gym shit http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0027ICCTA/ref=pe_385721_37038051_TE_3p_dp_1 bought this so I can use my rings without having to do an L sit. It's so nice having lifting shit at home. Moving in 2 weeks, new room is big enough for a set of squat stands. Might get some lel. Fucking $500 a week in rent before utlities, feels bad man. Even if I dont get a squat rack I might just buy a shit oly bar and like 60kg in plates for OHP. I'm really...
bit late to this, but erm yes?
Not on that summertime shredness it seems
Call capital IQ and tell them it's really urgent and they need to prioritise it. I just make pretty graphs and tables without grid lines because they're ugly. I once made a box plot graph and my MD said it was ugly and i should try to use more pie charts
No everyone in my office is fat. This idea of jacked bankers who are into fitness is not a reality. Yeah it's better hours. I still have another 2 years of applying for internships so I could always do s&t next year then potentially straight to buyside if i dont like it.
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