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Lol dave tate is such a rim. Everything he writes is him against the world.
Inb4 szeph wins the aesthetics contest because he's the only contestant with abs. Most successful blast yet, putting on a lot of size without any fat it seems. Could be because it's after a month of not really lifting whilst I was in thailand, but I'm also training much higher volume and frequency. Not focusing on strength work so much just getting that pump. medium tren very low test.
Waiting for my CFA books to get here so I can eat breakfast, lift, eat again, take amphetamines, go to the library and spend all doing studying then go home eat and sleep. Easiest way to cut, no way to snack.
My macros when dieting are 10% fat 60% carbs 30% protein. Quite a lot of guys on gear run low fat high carb when they diet because you don't really need the fat for hormonal function and you can take much more volume so more carbs are helpful.
I think he means it'll be healthier to go on gear lean and get to 190lb then go on gear now and get to 215lb and still be fat, not get to 215lb natty.
How fat you are effects aromatase activity.
Might as well go on gear, you're in the UK pretty much legal yolo.
Strongest comment on someone's physique in RHET history.
I assume he has some data he's trying to analyse or is this a question asking him to derive the matrix form of the lse? Questions kind of confusing surely y = -1 + 0.5x + (epsilon) is lse and he can predict y values from it? Always kind of disliked linear regression in general, the part of stats I liked was probability theory like different properties of estimators and stochastic process markhov chain stuff was interesting. Got a course at baysian analysis, which might be...
isn't that just 3 lines of code? Something likemodel=lm("output data"~"input data")plot("output data","input data")abline(model)
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