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Because of his injury i'd say he's better off guying higher reps, he's never going to be particularly strong with his back so I think he could more safely push himself with lighter weight and high reps.Yeah i've never had any problems fitting into trousers. I still wear 30" waist uniqlo stretch jeans.
Nah he benched 40kg he was just retarded. Yeah I really only ever do supersets to save time. Like today I super setted facepulls and cable crunches because they use the same machine and i was running late.
Its working really well man, you should try it.
Was high bar squatting today pretty near my max, using my sickening asian mobility to go atg. Usually start off beltless doing paused triples increase the weight till I can't pause, then doubles, then singles, add a belt and maybe go for a heavy single. Around about when I was using a belt so around 4 plates some guy asked me if I had ever tried maxing out because "you can get another 5-10% from maxing out". Is this fucking final fantasy 7? Is maxing out like my limit...
Forever doing shit loads of doubles on squats and then occasionally a single because I don't have the mental grit to squat more then 2 reps.
Dat feel when lifts are considered huge, Since he obviously means charly maybe this means in 2 years ill be at charly level.
Dat feel when you take a pic of a fat person on a train drinking a smoothie and eating a salad so you can snapchat #gettingcutgettingbutt #summertimeshredness but you forget to turn your phone to silent aw fuk bye
14 stone 2lb 190cm master race checking in
Yeah definitely, unless your like obese and weak as fuck your not going to make significant gains cutting.
Not saying that at all, I'm just saying your statement that you cannot get stronger on a deficit is false. It's inevitably not optimal, but it isn't impossible. Before I went on, other then the time I went up to 210 on my first dreamer bulk I never really went above 190 or below 180 and I got stronger, not particularly quickly, but say like 40lb on my deadlift in a year or something, I still pulled 455 at like 180 or something. Cutting on gear is so much fun, I get to...
New Posts  All Forums: