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When I start uni again so I'm not sitting at a desk all day and I my hips and ankles feel normal
Buy one man, theyre cheap as fuck. Did like 200 today. Get a pull up bar too, so easy to get good at pull ups just doing a bunch of sets that are like 80% to failure a few times a days
fuk yeh flat mates gonna be mad as fuck theres no space in the living room. For $80 its a really nice dip rack, width is very comfortable and the handles are nice and narrow.
Yeah definitely not getting something which requires much maintenance, thats why i was thinking a hedgehog
That feel when you become ones of those MC guys who takes fit picks in the bathroom fuck didnt realise the mirror had my firms name on it brb editing
Want something I can walk ideally.
RHET recommend me a cool pet, may get one of those albino hedgehogs, has to be low maintenance.
Lel just bought a dip station too. What has been working well for me is really high frequency training so I figure throw in 100 dips a day wont hurt. Got that guys PHD study I applied for a few weeks ago coming up after summer so I'll be squatting twice a day for that. Should be fun.
https://www.strengthshop.co.uk/glute-ham-developer-seconds.html Might buy this for my flat, never seen a GHR so cheap. Do 100 a day or something, would definitely help my squat. Dat IB money, first thing I buy is an ice cream maker and a GHR.
You should buy a pull up bar for home, get some volume in when your not working. Doesn't take long to get very good at pull ups when you do them daily
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