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wtf mang you could buy like 25 squids on sticks for that much. Squid on stick is GOAT thai food.
My mum told me my special restoratives have been working recently, we all gonna make it RHET!!!!
This looks good based on his description, going to go with it, was between this and matrix analysis and applied linear algebra, but that's expensive as fuck. Hoffman and kunze seems a bit more like a real maths textbook.
Any rhet brahs know of a good linear algebra text book? Something like the stewart calculus book, but for linear algebra so not too much theory, more techniques. Needs to be up to jordan normal form so fairly high level. Bought linear algebra done right and it was absolutely shit for my purposes.
Am dubious a landlord would kick out a tenant of 7 years for being a bitch to another tenant who only has a few months left on the lease. Wouldn't make much sense, it's not likes shes done anything illegal.
P/P/L or upper/lower six times a week aw ye. Recently changed to Push, pull, legs, push,pull, shoulders and arms because summer.
Lel think I just found you on wallstreet oasis. Is your username Khayembii?
I accidentally did a shit on one of my flat mates towels last year. He was a little bitch and called my girlfriend at the time fat once so I didn't feel bad.
The idea of wearing someone elses rehbands is fucking disgusting.
http://www.buzzfeed.com/sallytamarkin/different-ways-to-be-fit THOUGHT THIS WOULD INSPIRE SOME OF YOU TO GET TO THE GYM AND BE ACTIVE #HEALTHYATANYSIZE "22. a way to combat chronic pain" not according to half of rhet who is injured as fuck
New Posts  All Forums: