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Fuck yeah decided to deadlift for the first time since early summer, was feeling strong do decided to max. 235kg at 87kg bw.
Sadly this was the kind of price i was looking at for the entire shirt haha.
RHET where can I buy some good slim as fuck polo shirts for fairly cheap. Want those high as fuck arm sleeves and a massive taper. Everywhere I look makes them too baggy on the waist.
I do like high bar squatting and not spending 30 seconds like twisting the bar and shit to get tight. Just walk under it and drop down, feels good man.
Created a new high protein, low carb, low fat ice cream base that resembles ice cream much more then what I was making before. Will post pics next time I make i, just did rasberry vanilla, might try a chocolate one later. Contains no protein powder. Could prob make it a bit heavier with some casein. Raspberry ice cream had these macros 680g 444 cal 8.8 fat 47.6 carb 40.7 protein hnnnnng
There was a chubby chinese guy and an indian manlet lifting in the gym today. Tonnes of lifting gear, they were snorting ammonia during lifts and shit, asian guy had a singlet on. Indian guy was surprisingly strong, squatted 150kg, which must have been over double body weight and the chinese guy was trying to oly lift snatching like 60kg or some shit. Neither of them did anything past doubles. So glad I started doing shit loads of volume and actually training upper body...
I'm sure she's going to feel very uncomfortable because me and the eating disorder girl both weigh all our food and track cals with myfitnesspal, we both go to the gym a lot, she goes like 4 hours a day it's kind of weird and we both talk about it a lot like discussing plans for cheat days and shit. I also have a dip station, gymnastic rings and a lower back extension in the living room. When she moved in I was making protein fluff and when she asked why I was eating it I...
Everywhere she's just big like she could push a plough or some shit. My flat consists of an anorexic girl an obese girl and my non natty self. It's like a temple of body insecurity.
My new flat mate moved in. I think she's bigger then me, like def over 200lb. What should I do rhet?
Im going to guess you'll have to go a fait bit lower then 170lb. Your probably carrying a fair bit of water, you could probably hit 175 within 2 weeks of cutting and not look that different.
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