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P/P/L or upper/lower six times a week aw ye. Recently changed to Push, pull, legs, push,pull, shoulders and arms because summer.
Lel think I just found you on wallstreet oasis. Is your username Khayembii?
I accidentally did a shit on one of my flat mates towels last year. He was a little bitch and called my girlfriend at the time fat once so I didn't feel bad.
The idea of wearing someone elses rehbands is fucking disgusting.
http://www.buzzfeed.com/sallytamarkin/different-ways-to-be-fit THOUGHT THIS WOULD INSPIRE SOME OF YOU TO GET TO THE GYM AND BE ACTIVE #HEALTHYATANYSIZE "22. a way to combat chronic pain" not according to half of rhet who is injured as fuck
Yeah I don't think it's really possible to do a clean bulk from 4% bf
Because your natty and by the time your finished cutting for 6 months after doing a dreamer bulk and getting fat strong you'll have no gains.
Even without clothes if your cutting hard you end up looking kind of shit. You reach peak aesthetics like one week after cutting when your eating normal cals again, but you haven't gotten fat again.
Theres a massive fire at my uni, whole street it's on has been evacuated. Maybe this will get the occupy protesters out.
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