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Was hoping to find a brand that just sold the trousers and jackets separately.
Yeah can never get the jacket to fit everywhere,always either pulling on the shoulders or i can fit a football in the waist, but don't have moneys for that right now so just getting trousers to stay onis more important.Could possibly get mtm and just get 2 jackets and 5 trousers since finance in the UK is much more casual then the states. Usually no ties or jackets.
RHET non fridge build brahs, where do you buy your suits? Usually a 44 or 46 jacket, but waist is around 32 or 30. Currently buy my suits from a british chain called primark, which is just about the cheapest clothes imaginable, like around 1/3 to 1/4 the price of h&m so obviously quality is lacking, but they sell trousers and jackets separate which is nice. Is there anywhere else less poverty that also does this?
Just based on how my jizz looks I think if anything i'm more fertile. It's much more viscous and opaque, which I interpret as having a higher concentration of sperm.
This is the girl i lost my virginity to back in the day, we're having a renaissance. Tesserect confirmed she was aesthetic.I may buy new suits now, but growing too regularly for it to be worth it. Current ones are $50, but theyre cut ok so I dont really care.
Girl i'm kind of seeing has lost 40lb in a few months through bulemia lel. Posted progress pics on fb and so many girls asking how she lost the weight "1200 calories a day" haha. Body looks so good now, but can't go on top because shes too fragile.
Got an offer from the firm I applied to. So sickening, straight to the buy side. Awkward I kind of agree with the efficient market hypothesis and don't think you can predict stock movements from fundamentals.
You already have a place at med school though so not really a big worry? Am 6'3", didn't buy a new suit since the summer when i was ripped to shit at like 185, was a bit tight, had to rush out and buy a shirt last night.
Smashed my interview at the buyside firm i applied to. Only 3rd year in the group and only one with experience, dat bulge bracket IBD so hopefully i'll get it. Some people in the group were retarded, we had to analyse 3 firms and give buy/sell recommendations, 2 of the 5 of us only did 1 firm and they were cambridge econ and oxford PPE, wtf mang. Firm only recruits from oxford, cambridge and LSE, feel so elite mang. Pay is absolutely sickening, but it's mainly performance...
Obese flat mate is on that new year new me. Bought some mason jars to put her food in. Such women dieting, if I put my food in a cute jar i'll lose weight.
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