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The way I kind of look at it as being ok is that whilst you may be able to get onto the ground floor with nepatism, if you weren't hard enough working to get there yourself your not going to have the drive to slug through being an analyst for 2-3 years and either progress through or go through recruiting again to the buy side.
Slightly russled. A friend of mine has an internship greenhill. He didn't even apply or interview for it, but his aunt works there and got him one. He applied same as me for all the other banks but he's not as good a candidate as me so he never got past first round, but now through nepatism he has arguably as good an internship as me. His aunt literally just called him up asking if he wanted to work. Based on the fact there was no structured employment process I doubt...
Been doing most of my training without a belt for a while because I used to get something like 40kg out of wearing one. Hit a 135kg beltless front squat today so it seems to be working. Hasn't actually pushed up my belted max that much which is a bit shit, but it seems like the form is better with one?
Made some quark mayo. 3 egg yolks, 250g quark, 80g mustard. Whole thing was 420 cals, 38.7 protein, 17.4 carb, 22.3 fat, which isn't bad. Not as good as mayo, but decent. Might make a quiche with it out of egg whites and chicken breast.
Walmart make decent tights, can't remember what brand, but they're like $8 a pair. I have a few pairs, don't really wear them much because I prefer compression shorts, but who cares if they fall apart for $8.
Yesterday I accidently went 2500 calories over my target calories, I was shopping for more quark but the super market had marked all the pasteries down to $0.30 so I bought 5 of them and binged. It's fine though ill still probably get leaner. I don't even know how many calories I eat when I'm bulking because I had 5300 yesterday and it wasn't like i was full, I could easily have had 5 more pasteries, when im bulking i must be eating like 6 or 7000. Struggles of marfans...
Today i've had 750g of quark, 1kg of chicken breast, 200g of baby tomatoes and 200g of salad. Never before have i felt such satiation on so little food. Maxed out my gyms dbs on incline press today, 44s. I feel so lost now, where do I go to next? Conceptionist, how did you make mayo out of it? I need dat spicy mayo with my chicken breast.
Quark is the best cutting food. 15g of protein, 4g carb 0 fat per 100g and its ridiculously filling. Had 500g for breakfast mixed with cinnamon and splenda, which is like 300 cals. Painful as fuck to finish it because its so damn dense, like eating a block of cream cheese.
If she becomes a dietician will she get you shredded?
My decline is lower then even my incline bench because the movement is awkward as fuck. Where do you even touch the bar to?
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