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fuck swear i just posted it a 2nd time toothis is a different girl, shes russian. trying to fuck her again, but shes very demanding. Under the impression im rich as fuck because i worked in IBD and wants me to send a car to bring her to mine lol.
8/10 i'd say , this one is definitely one of the better ones. Literally a few pages back I wrote for "ctk and barrel" and posted a photo of the russians ass, was genuinely disappointed when i saw your next post not commenting on it. You would have liked it, thick as fuck.London's is nice man, just don't ever leave it. Fuck don't leave like zone 1 on the tube line.They are quite slooty here, like most girls my age have slept with like at least 15 guys, and they do get more...
fuk u guys
I had no reponse to me posting pics of the russian girls ass though? I need encouragement. Not sure moderation would be cool with it because although gear is legal in the UK it isn't in the states.
Brb trying to work out how to blur paces on photobucket.
Such a good man for helping legions of noobs recite answers to "how would you value this company?" followed by "how would you calculate WACC"
Took the absolute best photo last night, but not sure if rhet/internet appropriate. It's of a naked girl lying across my bed doing like some gang sign in the background and my hand loading a syringe with half a ml of tren ace in the foreground. Her tits and vagina are covered by a pillow, but it's still a bit dodgy. Only thing that could have made it better would be if instead of a pillow covering her tits it was the rosenbaum and pearl investment banking guide. Shit would...
More dimsum. Guessing most of you have not heard of this, it's made of grated and boiled chinese turnips and rice flour, which are poured into a cake tin and steamed and then you cut slices of it and fry it. Put some chinese sausage and bacon in it. Kind of ugly food, but it's delicious.
Recent cooking Beer can chicken Sumai, those little cantonese pork and shrimp dumplings. Pain in the ass to make, had to mince 1kg of pork with a knife instead of buying ground pork because ground pork is too spongy. They did assist me in pulling last night though, I was in the queue for a club talking to some girl showing her my cooking and the queue was really long so I just asked if she wanted to go back with me and have some dimsum. Had no oyster sauce...
Got bitched at by my gyms manager for grunting, wtf mang we are supposed to be a sports and conditioning facility. He said i'm just doing it for attention and it sounds different then my natural grunts. Before a big set i'll sometimes shake the bar a bit and yell so obviously yelling sounds different then grunting whilst lifting. Guy is spending far too much time analysing my grunts. I'm squatting over 4 plates at a fucking uni gym, people are going to stare regardless of...
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