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brb looking like a 15 year old who thinks he's a bad man because he can name every kind of weed.
Didn't know what a power rack was is the best. Lifting at my mates poverty garage gym today, gonna feel so hardcore until I get pinned and can't ditch the bar because he only has shit squat stands, cast iron plates and no matting.
Why are you talking about the gym like it's a bunch of waring tribes or some shit? Who deadlifts in romeleos? Who deadlifts in a power rack? gear doesn't make useless muscle or else every professional athlete wouldn't be on and the first half of your paragraph kind of contradicts the 2nd.
this is the reality of what happens when you buy a bunch of eleiko shit for a uni gym, what did they do to deserve this? Someone doing horrific form preacher curls on a $40 bar with like $500 worth of plates. There are tonnes of signs up around the gym saying not to do t bar rows with the eleiko bars because a bunch of them are fucked up now lol.
Lol maybe it is and I'm just unhygienic as fuckAw fuk functional strength and gear have came up in random fashion thoughts. The sterons don't build functions strength, the muscle is fake is just balloons.
I doubt he's ever heard of one, neither have I. I just treat mine like a normal bed.
You would start reading WAYWT if the guys were more jacked? So what is stopping you from currently reading it is a lack of muscular men? Strong.
I must clearly just look very rapey,
Waxed most of my body Looks so much leaner, now I just need a tan and ill look like I lift. Tried to wax my pubes without trimming them first, not it looks like I have herpes. You know in lord of the rings when the ents walk near Isenguard and they see the fucked up forest? That's what the top of my pubes looks like.
I've noticed americans have an aversion to working in. Whenever I lift at the American military base gym or ask a transfer student they always look like I'm asking them for some fuck. So nostalgic for the days when I was like 17 lifting in that rough as fuck gym having some chav wearing work boots and a high vis jacket scream at me whilst spotting my 50kg bench press telling me I should get on some deca. Dem feels man. I've also never seen anyone wipe down a bench in...
New Posts  All Forums: