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PSure brah I've met up with a lot of rhetters. What time of year are you thinking?
nah couldn't bring myself to spend that much money, i'd rather buy lifting shit. Only asking because my sister got one and she lives reasonably nearby and wii games are pretty cheap by now i assume. Had nothing to do at wor ktoday. Bought mobility bands and some iron mind straps (and some of dat der lel).
Rhet I got a wii recommend me some sick games. I like Zelda Finak fantasy metroid Mario kind of shit
WAYWT told me I look like I lift and I'm 200lb....I'm shredded as fuck though right now
Please do not mock my ADHD/Bipolar, it's very hard to live with. I come to style forum to get away from the outside world, not to be tormented for something I cannot change. The struggle is real.Less tight fit. Stormy as fuck on the wharf today, should not have to wear an overcoat in the winternice birds eye view of my penor bulge
Yeah I am aware it is overly tight, I haven't actually dismissed that. I just like to wear my clothes tight to show off to be honest, obiously it's not to everyones taste. Most of the conversation has been other people disputing it, not me. I would prefer it cut looser in the body because I thinking the wrinkling looks bad, but I think short sleeve dress shirts that are not squeezing the fuck out of your arms look shit.
The only way to wear a short sleeve dress shirt is to have it tight with ugly patterns. Otherwise you look like you work in IT tech support and you need short sleeves and dress shoe sneaker hybrids to get underneath the printer.
Fuk yeh 2 EDs and a VP told me they're impressed with how quick I work in a team meeting. Feels good mang we all gonna make it. Still don't know if I could do this for 2 years or longer. Haven't slept more then 4 hours every night this week but that's mainly because I still lift 1 and a half hours a day.
If he can't clean i'm pretty dubious he can snatch. Don't replace it with a squat because then youll have no back work, just do some barbell rows and pull ups. Your not an athlete why bother cleaning.
That feel when went to university for a statistic (with finance) degree and you've never used R but you can prove the neymen Pearson Lima or the kolmogerov differential equations, but you can make a damn good pie chart of generation break downPosted in waywt now it's about lifting or something
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