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Pretty sure all boiler room events are invite only.
So excited to blast again, only a few more weeks. Come at me tren hex, 210lb and 10% plz.
You really don't want pics, she's not hot.
well it is proportional to her size? Might still try fuck her for the lolz.
All the freshers have invaded my gym, it's fucking packed full of dyels. So much "I'm going to go to the gym everyday and eat healthy, study through the year and explore London", will be gone within 2 weeks, eating pasta with butter for the 8th time in a row and asking why you deduct change in payables from cash for the cashflow statement.
if you don't have delts and arms and are wearing them like you work in IT tech support.
Fuck yeah decided to deadlift for the first time since early summer, was feeling strong do decided to max. 235kg at 87kg bw.
Sadly this was the kind of price i was looking at for the entire shirt haha.
RHET where can I buy some good slim as fuck polo shirts for fairly cheap. Want those high as fuck arm sleeves and a massive taper. Everywhere I look makes them too baggy on the waist.
I do like high bar squatting and not spending 30 seconds like twisting the bar and shit to get tight. Just walk under it and drop down, feels good man.
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