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We have thousands of templates from every sector, there's inevitably a model to suit whatever firm it is. Models are always already linked to the statements so you just fill them out and then fill out the assumption sheet and it builds the model. If you need a different template capitalIQ can always make it for you, inputting financial statements is easy, sometimes it's just a bit annoying making little modification so say your EBIDTA is right then again capitalIQ can do...
Yeah I came off five weeks of high tren low test a few days ago. For about 3 weeks with enough caber I was fine, but fuck the aggression and emotions got way too much. Ridiculous aggression followed by them pregnant women feels is not nice.
Only really used test and tren, having used tren I don't think i'd ever use anything else. Doubled 4 plates off an SS bar last night on a couple hours sleep and using an SS bar for the first time so I'd say it worked.everything is templated so there's no point in making any new models.
I'm taking today off because I tweaked a hamstring yesterday, but other then that yeah I've lifted everyday. I'm only sleeping about 4 hours a night though so I've been using a lot of modafinil. My training has been cut to about 45 minutes. My body feels surprisingly ok despite the shit nutrition and lack of sleep.
It's not expensive, cheaper then London. I live on £100 a week excluding rent which is £115 a week.
Dat feel when your assigned so much work you know your going to be in the office till like 4am and it's only 1pm. Aw fuk bye
Hahaha im 15 I think in that first photo and maybe 16 or 17 in the second. Who would have though i'd be deadlifting 500lb and squatting 400, such feels. Just tripled 285 on fronts beltless, it was a good feel.UK deadlift record at my age class in the 105kg weight class in 260kg, tempted to try go up to 105 so I can try beat it. The 93 or whatever is below 105 is actually higher.
He probably just runs SS, it's all you need to squat 700lb. Increase your squat 15lb a week and you'll be there in a year.
Do you even IBD? Still lift erryday.
they have a 20% off coupon on orders over $200
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