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I don't understand why anyone would ever want to be a lawyer, you start on like $150k after law school, you work investment banking hours, work sounds even more boring like on m&a your back office spelling checking shit, what are your exit opps another firm? Progression of pay isn't very quick and unless you make partner, which happens when your legit old you'll never have have real cash money.Talked to my uncle about this and he said he didn't know finance even existed...
My mum was confused when I told her you were asian and not in high finance.... come at me bro.
We including height and face?
shit yeah your right, doesn't prolactin convert to progesterone or something hense why people do get gyno off tren and deca?fuuuuuark real pfizer dostinox? Its like $100 for 20 2mg pills here.
haha not quitehttp://www.zennioptical.com/232915-plastic-fashion-full-rim-frame.htmlI have about 15 pairs because i loose them and just order more. Have them in sunglasses too. Price includes lenses.
Probably just happenstance because tren is know to elevate progesterone, which is why most everyone takes caber with it to lower progesterone. I used to, but stopped because I wasn't getting sides.My friend lactated on it because apparently he's incredibly susceptible to progesterone and he bought non pharma caber because caber is like the most expensive drug of all this stuff. Spend like 2-3x as much on the caber as the tren.One nice benefit is your body releases...
You want progesterone caused gyno? You want to lactate? oklel i got tren jaw, never had a hint of gyno or even nipple tenderness, either i don't have the receptors there or I just have no armotase enzymes because I stopped using AIs ages ago.
Yeah can't imagine my 27" waist when im cut would be able to take many hits. My neck would probably snap. Come to think of it, the one time i played rugby when i was about 12 i got a concussion. Sorry to hear about your chest, didn't know you could have less upper chest.
Got cat called by lots of gay men walking down Oxford street with Eason wearing shorts down to about my balls
I have first date this week, cancled one other week because crisis and kind of ug. This one is 8/10. Known her since I was 6 and shes like one of those really caring wants to look after children and do councilling, obscenely low self esteem, could white knight and it'd work. Also kind who wants to be looked after and have dat alpha male protect her. I know this because shes one of my sisters closest friends who is luckily not cock blocking. Knows im on that finance time,...
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