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Yeah I cracked a rib one of the first times i used my 13mm inzer lol. I just took a month or 2 off training. Couldn't do anything it hurt so much.I'm not mirin how machoke doesn't seem to have delts, or does he not have bis? Or have they merged into one? Chest shape is pretty gross, looks like he just hits decline.Eugh this came up on my news feed. Everything I hate about new liftersYou're not a lion, you're skinny fat. How can you seriously wear a shirt like that to the...
But this is artisan chocolate so it's not really comparable. The kinder bueno is about $0.40 for all of it's hazelnutty goodness.
It makes me look more vascular because of dat sugar. I also like to make fat people jel so when I'm eating them they're like "when will it be my turn to eat 1000 calories of chocolate bars in the gym and be shredded?"
changes on what kind of mood im in. Did galaxy ripples today actually, sometimes kitkat chunky peanut butter or even wine gums.
200kgx6 on conventional deads off a 2" platform (the weight was elevated, not me), feels good man. Hoping for a 5 plate dead and 4 plate squat by juneish. Been preexhausting lats before i deadlift so I actually feel them in my upper back and not just my hams. I have started eating chocolate bars whilst I lift. I bring like a 4 pack of kinder buenos (GOAT chocolate bar, lol at you americans with your shit tier candy) and eat 2 whilst lifting and 2 when im done....
PRing squats after not training them heavy since like december, feels good man. 150kgx3 atg, clearly all the curls and lateral raises i've been doing have had a direct impact on my squat.
Larry Scott the original mr olympia died. See rhet this is what happens when you take 2 scoops of creatine.
The way I see most people doing rack pulls they're basically a vanity exercise to move huge weight. Most racks I've seen don't have pins low enough. I ocassionally do them off very short blocks like 2" high and they feel much better then off pins.
I'd think you'd probably need to be a veteran of the tour de france to be 240 lean at 6'3".
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