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All the girls I get with are fucking crazy, at least this ones quite hawt. Got out of a psych ward for trying to kill herself a few weeks ago, diagnosed with borderline and bipolar. She's rich as fuck though, lives in a chelsea mansion, family does something with hedgefunds and she went to pastry school.
A kilogram of 0% fat greek yoghurt
I'm not going to be cut by then. Going to a festival in croatia august 26th or something so I don't want to try stay learn for 3 months essentially.
Starving people aren't aesthetic though.
Your not going to be able to weigh it anyway so it whatever you record won't be accurate.
feel shit if i dont eat carbs before i lift. Never noticed anything post workout though.
that bench stroke.
I thought the GRE was supposed to be easier? I don't want to take either because I can't do grammar for shit. I don't know why masters admissions give a fuck about some bullshit test on retard maths and grammar, who the fuck cares about grammar, they should just give a decent maths test.Not really sure why I'm looking at masters programs, if I get a FT offer out of my internship this summer I'll just go to them instead. Buy side at a fairly huge fund straight from...
It's only disabling once it gets bad though.
high carb low fat every day.
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