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Didn't network for shit. Didn't go to any career information sessions or cold call people asking for an "information session" just applied online then interviewed. Fuck tonnes of laws in the UK to prevent nepotism. Im sure once you get in it matters, but at the bottom level still everyones filling in the same bull shit questions and tests. Group I got just emailed everyone at our school an email to send their cv and cover letters to.
Assuming you get PE, which I don't mean to be a cunt, but doesn't sound that likely and not an associate IBD role at a MM IB.
No I mean which field.
My firm actually only recruited from lse, cambridge and oxford so it would have beeen impossible haha. No I meant what industry in the end. Is LBS even a real school? Never interviewed for a job with someone from there.
What are you planning on going into out of stern?
If your not absolutely shit, do well at law school and actually apply for jobs you'll get one. LSE is ranked 2 for law in the UK, never seen anyone who wasn't socially off or not driven to do 40 applications not get a top job. wtf is top 20-30 is that like university of Iowa or some shit.
Out of interest what did your MSc at imperial get you? I went LSE to quantitative equities analyst at a several hundred billion AUM fund. Considered imperial for risk and financial engineering.
People at B school care about their GPAs?
Friend got her contract from White & Case for IPO law recently. They said after her year of training (in the UK doing a law degree doesnt make you a lawyer) she will be on a minimum of 100k GBP. Obviously only if you went to a good law school and do corporate law do you make money.
What do you mean? its hard as fuck to get into oxford, cambridge or lse. We have nation wide standardized testing before uni so its curved even before uni. I wouldn't think I quant analyst would get stock options at google close to their salary, but who knows im sure the finance director does. Tech is great and all and it sounds like a great life style, but you have to have a real skill set and be genuinely really good at it to do well, but what I like about finance is...
New Posts  All Forums: