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Yeah, but it's fucking boring and most of the day you feel like you're doing bullshit no one cares about because when someone is buying a multibillion dollar company are they going to give a shit that you forgot to use your investment banks colour to represent them in a pie chart or you have too many bullet points on that slide or your text is too close to the company footer. Then on the occasion you get to do financial modeling no one is going to give a shit about your...
Meh I like debt products, find all the different types and their pay offs kind of interesting. Used to write some bullshit in my cover letter like "I am fascinated by the variety of different debt products and how I will be able to use my powerful quantitative and analytical abilities to create unique solutions for clients". Not really sure what the job entails I'm probably thinking more of DCM, but it seems more fun then fucking IBD was. I wish I could do something quant,...
Rejected by lev fin at HSBC last year at final round, it was a bad feel. I went to that bulge bracket though so they can fuck off. Elite boutique AM this year.
How? The yearly return will always be 6.5%. If he pays down a grand this year he saves $65 interest. Next year he will save 65*1.065 because he paid down that grand. It's just 6.5% returns every year. The actual rate of return doesn't go up because the amount it's compounding on goes up.
What do you need to model it for? Regardless of the level of amortization of his loan he will always only ever have 6.5% returns by paying it down and 66.7*returns on the 403b returns by investing. Regardless of the size of the loan or the size of the contribution the contribution always has higher returns. Obviously there is some benefit to looking at different amortization rates and how that effects the total amount he pays back, but even if he paid it all back today...
Do tax shields exist on personal debt or is it only corporate debt? I don't actually know what a 403b is, but I assume it's just some investment vehicle.If you pay down your debt you get a return of 6.5% times 1 minus the tax rate assuming there is a tax shield. If she puts in 3% of her income and gets 5% you get a return of 66.7% multiplied by the return of 403b. You should put the money in the 403b.
Lel have a girl who went to pastry school coming over tomorrow. Making me hazelnut brownies, which is a bit shit since anyone can make brownies. Not into girls who lift. Don't want to touch a girls legs and have them feel like mine.
What? You're below the poverty line?
Axleman are you still on that IBD time?
All the girls I get with are fucking crazy, at least this ones quite hawt. Got out of a psych ward for trying to kill herself a few weeks ago, diagnosed with borderline and bipolar. She's rich as fuck though, lives in a chelsea mansion, family does something with hedgefunds and she went to pastry school.
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