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When i was smaller and squatted low heavy wrist wraps really helped my squat because some people just don't have the thickness to fully support the bar. I'd give them a go.
250 sust a week 350 tren ace a week. Much more manageable then last time, no real aggression issues even without caber and adex.
Nah shes hot, Ill get better pics later. Lorde is gross. Was so awks telling her to stay out of my room whilst i pinned tren.
Rhet I have seemed to have acquired sloots walking to the gym last night fit pic. Bespoke savil row over coat over 2 quid vest and skinny jeans erryday. letting sloots use your toothbrush # hygeine. I missed deadlifts but its ok. I think its huntsman i cant remember.
Drapey vests, skin tight jeans and adidas gazelles every day. If you actually look like you lift I don't see why you would cover it.
Mate just wear tiny as fuck vests, skinny stretch jeans and low tops it's what I do.
one was literally fucking huge, like 10-12 inches or some shit, but one was smaller then mine. The guy with the massive dick just sat in the corner wanking. Felt like an egyptian pharoh getting like fanned it was so big. One was rapping and the other was like beat boxing, apparently he was a famous rapper from nigeria, I didn't like the music.It was the russian girl again, her dad owns the company who made the olympic stadium in russia so they have a fair bit of money.
Fucking hell this has been a weird week sexually. Just had a 5 some with 2 Nigerian men from Lagos. Pics were acquired but no one wants to see this shit. Literally ran a train on a girl, feel so ghetto.
Disregard rowing weight acquire form. Can get a sickening pump with like 20kg dbs or 50kg dbs. Athletics union is having a tarzan themed party on wednesday, better up the tren and buy some obnoxious as fuck vests.
If you're bodybuilding i'd move the deadlift further into the workout so your not too fucked to row.
New Posts  All Forums: