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You should buy a pull up bar for home, get some volume in when your not working. Doesn't take long to get very good at pull ups when you do them daily
Why aren't you lifting?
Sorry to hear that, I had to go to Iowa once, I didn't like it.
Would rather do paused box squats then bottom up squats for strength out of the hole. I don't find bottom up movements effective as they don't really mimic normal movement as you end up changing the motor pattern without having an eccentric. Would rather just do deep paused squats over either though. your recommending this?
I would think they would cause slightly more compression.
Ill post up some videos soon, squat form is looking really good nowadays. I switch from wide stance low bar belted squats to high bar, atg beltless whilst doing a tonne of ab work and now I've been very slowly going wider and wider, but still going high bar and only putting the belt on for max sets. Managing to squat with a decently wide stance and get a fair bit of hip involvement, but staying really upright from all the ab work and high bar squatting. Feels good man, was...
I got topless at a rave on saturday and got with some girl from boston who when I suggested we go back to hers asked if I could love her and started telling me how unhappy she was going to school at SOAS, sloot logic. This is clearly the only reason to tren hard, to be the most aesthetic guy at raves and pull mdma sluts. Also squatted 130kgx18 beltless then 170kgx5 with a belt pretty easily.The meet im thinking of doing in September requires knee wraps, how to learn to use...
Disregard power cleans if your not training for athletic performance. On that note just disregard starting strength too.
Kind of want one with a built in freezer because I don't have much freezer space.On that Squat 3x a week bench 3x a week back erryday timemaking some hamstring gains, hoping to squat 200kg before the end of the summer.
Can someone recommend me a god ice cream maker for $250ish?
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