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RHET i've made it. Convinced gf who has no background in maths, economics or anything quant to change her major in ancient history to economics and to start recruiting for investment banking.
dat feel when wife is taller then 3/4 of rhet.
Nah just had an internship at an asset management firm which was quite intense so wasn't lifting and now recruiting season for investment banks, strategy consulting, hedgefunds and private equity has begun so I'm interviewing at a lot of places and applying, which takes up a huge amount of time. Writing 3-4 little essays to each bank with questions like "what are the current risks facing the investment banking industry and how can deutsche bank capitalise on these risks" ....
We all gonna make it bae xxxxxxx
Old navy tall slim fit long sleeve. Been wearing for 4 or 5 years, great shirts. Have disproportionate delts and they fit find and are long enough on me at 6'3"/
Live in a really nice part of London actually, not even a residential district, kind of like the financial district in NY so no idea why this was happening in front of my flat. Maybe she somehow set herself on fire, but not sure how that would really happen outside. Most grim bit is when I walked outside today I walked over where she was on fire and the ground was all sticky.nah I live like next to john maynard keynes and virgina wolfs houses haha.
RHET just saw a women get set on fire outside my flat was brutal, pretty sure she's dead now. Heard screaming, didn't think anything of it, heard it for like half a minute, look outside and some womens on fire running around, some guy put her out with a blanket after a while and then she ambulance came after a bit and she was screaming for fucking ages. They wrapped her up in some shit and took her away. Have pics, but not sure if rhet appropriate
But is it as satiating as 1kg of baked carrots and a scoop of unflavoured whey in water? I eat the most miserable shit when I cut.
I cut on sub 20g of fat a day. To do this I pretty much only eat 0% fat yoghurt with oats or frozen berries, baked vegetables and 0 fat 0 sugar jello pistachio puddings. I don't really know how people eat meat and cut on very low fat.
I eat tonnes of salt when im cutting, salt, diet coke, cool whip, those weird jello brand sugar free puddings. You're trying to lose fat not water weight. You're not like dieting for a show where it matters.
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