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Applying to the LSE?
225x7. 235x5, 245x3 on close grip bench today, feels good mang, benching at an american gym so all in lbs. Is 1m too long for wrist wraps. Buying the SBD ones and they come in 40cm, 60cm or 1m and they're all the same price so.... ok bought 1m long stiff SBD wrist wraps, will let the rhet know how they are.
das it mang
overhead press isn't a powerlift?
Stats book you recommended me is quite good. Didn't realise you could do linear regression with a hierarchal model, much more elegant then dummy variables.They're very different movements I think, db ohp has never increased my standing barbell press but barbell increases my db ohp. My barbell ohp used to be significantly lower, but they've just about evened out now. I would say standing barbell is the better movement though.
nah, maybe over summer.70x9 on ohp aww ye.
like ass touching my ankles depth
It's probably quite ambitious, around 130kg is more realistic I think, but my christmas break started so all I have to do is eat and lift.
The blasty blast begins today, standard high tren low test as per usual but with tren enth instead of ace because pinning every day is shit. Quad is healed, hit an 180kg squat full asian squat mode. Goal is to bench 130-140kg, at about 120 right now.
I once had a guy try justify to me that im cheating because other guys don't use gear who are trying to sleep with the same girls im trying to sleep with making it not fair. It was some solid logic, implying getting laid is some kind of sport. If I ever compete i'd do it in the BPU, which is untested.
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