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already have veins in my upper abs. Walking around chang mai, erryone mirin.
Out of rehab after half the expected time because wanted holiday in thailand, seeing eason friday
will smash non lady boys.
yeah should be ok, not guaranteed because my parents want me to stay in cambridge for a bit after.aw yeah stopping in Bangkok for a few days, come at me eason.
yeah quite likely, what were the dates again?
leaving rehab early, trying to explain buyside vs sellside to a heroin user of 20 years is just too hard. me and chief keef got so much in common this spiritual healing shit just doesn't mesh with me, told my friends im leaving and some girl drew me a picture of a frog being eaten by a flamingo but the frog choking the flamingo with the caption never give up. These are not my people.
Also met a hedgefund manager with $100mAUM and MD in TMT. Everyone here is obscenely rich. I'm not doing IB, I'm going straight to the buyside at a mid size fund (200bn)
Cutting obscenely hard, down to from 215 to 202 in a week which is inevitably mostly water but probably 3lb of fa. 190 Should have me with veins on my stomach some up 10lb of lean muscle tissue this year. Rehab is amazing for cutting, 7 egg whites 3 yolks and a 0 fat yoghurt and mango smoothie for breakfast. Lunch small piece of salmon and same smoothie, dinner fish with same smoothie. High as fuck volume training and cardio 3-4x a day, lot of ice black coffee and 2 packs...
why are you tasting clen. Did you buy it liquid?
selbutamol is better no shaes. yeah it feels shit but in my experience it does help.
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