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Nah I was joking i'm not natty haha. I want to play a position that doesn't require much skill and just lets me hit people. Ideally without actually touching the ball much.
like 8-9% i'd say, you're fairly shredded
I'm natty what are you talking about?
Pulled 180x10 210x3, 160x16 beltless today. Had to use straps because i tore a callus last week and it's not healed yet. Deadlifted and squatting basically every day this week to assert my dominance in the gym so all the freshers think im stronk. Don't want to show them my pathetic 100kg for like 5 bench press. When I deadlift I usually shout "up" when I start the pull. Had some guy ask me why I say up when I pull. Very weird question, obviously it has no real purpose,...
Uniqlo PBJ collection same thing
Just looked at the collection. Looked gross. Looks like some shit the mice in rescuers down under would wear.
There is a skinny fat riptoe squat crusader wearing a shirt that says "strength size power" on it. Brb taking a pic Fucking hell he's actually nerve flossing it's like the personification of the reddit lifting forums
Personally think this is a pretty bad idea.
I wear like a 28" or 29" in jeans or trousers and my suit jackets are all 42". I don't know what my actual measurements are though. What in gymnastics grows your calves? I went to another unis freshers event. Some drunk 18 year old told me to stop flexing my lats, dat feel when I wasn't even flexing my lats.
Hahahaha they have actually grown a little bit since going on. I don't train them at all though, I probably should, but I just can't be fucked to, they're so boring.
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