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I mean how good do you want to be? Did you want to be in the olympics or something? Unless you start training from a very young age that's probably not gonna happen, but it's not like you couldn't clean 140 or something one day.
I did a poverty meet at my uni gym. Order was bench, squat, dead and I only did 1 attempt on each at about 85% so I don't know if it counts. Might buy a brazzers T shirt. My mate told me about them today, think it'd be quite funny to wear. http://brazzersgear.com/products/new-brazzers-t-shirt if anyone else wants one.
Nah man, the other bodybuilders choose for each other. It's kind of like a secret Santa. Obviously it gets out who has whose name so there is some bribing in the upper echelons.
I cheated on my high school gf once and blamed it on keto. Wasn't even in ketosis, just 3 days of only eating meat made me sad.
Guessing it's in reference to you being injured quite frequently if I recall.In reference to this argument I like to get a lot of volume in when I train over a lot of rep ranges. Like between say 50-3 reps on legs and more like 20-5 on upper body. So on squat days I usually do a set of around 35ish, set of 20, 15, 12, 8, 5, 3 then maybe 2 back down sets at like 12 and 20. The only ones I'll push to failure are the last 3. I'm not gonna be able to get anywhere near that...
Some guy at the library is talking about how he's starting SS and he's gonna get jacked because it's the old school method of getting big. Good luck with your juicy glutes goals of 2014. Saying how he loves deadlifting because it's just you and the bar. Too much fucking t nation/jim wendler dick sucking.
in between sets or when your at home watching TV or something roll it into a really tight ball a couple times. Helps break it in. Inzer will ship it in this hilariously massive box because they can't really bend it so it's basically just 1 loop. Took me a while to even get it to buckle the first time.
Fuark 13mm, not gonna get anything out of that for like a month. Will be so stiff you won't be able to get it tight and you'll just basically be wearing a decorative weight vest.This dextreamphetamine (instant release vyvanse for americans) i've been prescribed is giving me ridiculously bad feels. Took 5mg was feeling a bit off, but didn't really help so I took another 5mg. Kind of helped with concentration, but not much. Took another 5 so I was at 15mg and it was very...
I'm quite jelly. Dat feel when I'll probably never work a fun job in my life.
Shouldn't work for them brah, you're only making the owners richer. Fuck the system, Obamas controlling you.
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