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But is it as satiating as 1kg of baked carrots and a scoop of unflavoured whey in water? I eat the most miserable shit when I cut.
I cut on sub 20g of fat a day. To do this I pretty much only eat 0% fat yoghurt with oats or frozen berries, baked vegetables and 0 fat 0 sugar jello pistachio puddings. I don't really know how people eat meat and cut on very low fat.
I eat tonnes of salt when im cutting, salt, diet coke, cool whip, those weird jello brand sugar free puddings. You're trying to lose fat not water weight. You're not like dieting for a show where it matters.
Not enjoying buy side equity research as much as I thought. I can seen it being good for someone with a few years experience on the sell side who really knows their industry or at a huge firm like blackrock, which has a proper grad scheme and training, but even though the AUM here is $200bn they don't really have anyway to train grads. Hours are great and the work is interesting, but i'm going to go do m&a. Should be easy to get with an elite boutique and a bulge bracket...
Quite close to what i got using the breguet equating yay. Not sure how accurate the equations you posted is because it doesn't take into account mass at any time.
Any rhet engineering brahs want to help me estimate fuel consumption in an airplane? Specifically an A320 over about 1100km.
Should be able to cum more frequently too. Might start taking it again for that reason.My firm is so sick. Met 3 CEOs in the last 3 days with a random PM who seems to have taken a liking to me. Went shopping with him to look at various stores and say if I thought they were good market models, spend like 2 hours talking to my md every day about random shit and he's one of the most respected guys in his industry. Doing real research on stuff on stuff I get to choose,...
Quite innacurate calling something meant to be price anova as anova is a way of measuring lack of precision really. So much anova and miss guided linear regression at work, calculating r squared values as if they really mean anything
Never heard of anyone taking caber to reverse gyno. People in the UK seem to use letrozole and nolvadex.First day at new investment bank doing buyside ER. Spending half my time with fundamental analysis and half with quant. Quant people were surprisingly not quant. Felt good leaving the office at half 6. Only thing that was worrying was they told me full time pay is approximately 2/3 bonus based entirely on how much money you make.
Assumed this post was about lady boys until reading further.
New Posts  All Forums: