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Marfans disorder isn't good for the pec insertions. Forever chest gap. It saved me from the Manlet though.
Considering I train primarily for strength and they've gotten me to a low 500s deadlift and a mid 400s squat I'm fairly happy with the results.
look at this cheeky cunt in the gym. Shirt says "Your workout is my warm up", don't think so mate.
that changing room lighting. Still weighing around 210.
Lol I had the same thing today. Run happened to go past my house so i just ran in lol.
First pay day. Taxed $2500 fuk
On that lifting after an all nighter erryday. Lol did close grip bench with 60kg and 60kg of chains, felt retarded as fuck.
Strict behind the neck pressed 75kgx2 feels gut mang
I looked the best on tren, yet it made me miserable. Plz explain. Forehead veins are very aesthetic.
I'm pretty sure I'm going to die of an aortic dissection on this fun run on Friday but if not I could do after I finish work. Don't want any man anus though.
New Posts  All Forums: