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Lol. looks like he plays warhammer and fly fishes. Probably wears a lot of cargo pants too. All white non chav british men look the same when they get a niche hobby. As a child I was into 10m air pistol shooting, skeet shooting and warhammer 40k. Everyone in those hobbies looked like that guy.I reckon he'd look good if he cut. Guy is like 240lb at 5'9" and not obese. Must be some gains under there, they're just ugly gains.
Watched jason blahas powerlifting meet and was surprised by how low his numbers were. Went 220/140/240 so 600kg total at whatever his body weight is. I think he's 242. This qualified him to compete in the british nationals or something. I can put up a 500kg total pretty easily. I can cut to like 198 or something in a few days. How to put 50kg on my total so I can compete in a national powerlifting competition for the lolz? It's untested too, why are british people so shit...
Would still continue doing both. They're very different movements, which work different body parts, you're missing out only doing sumo. I can probably sumo pull in the low 500s and my best conventional is 495, but I do the vast majority of my pulls using conventional because I actually feel them through my back and hams. All I feel sumo in is my glutes and hips.
Well I can grab like 50lb dbs and flail around trying to get them to my shoulder height or I can use 15-20 and actually work my delts. Making the muscle you want to grow work is probably important for growing it.
I have a mate whose dad owns a pipe fitting company so working class, but makes a fair bit of money. Lives in a tiny as fuck council house with a couple year old SLK an Audi TT and some like early 2000s ferrai outside. They have some bikes and trucks too I think. Dem poverty values. Also has this tattoo so everyone knows he likes cars and doesn't care about job prospects. Also has his name and date of birth tattooed on his back in case he forgets.
Just buy some of dat der and cut whilst making gains
It was a really sharp corner and I there was a car parked in front of it. It was only natural I turned the car perpendicular to the road and into someones fence. Also that clutch control shit is hard. Can't wait to buy an automatic carerra and never take it past like 20mph. I want like an 80s one in canary yellow, reminds me of a pug.
20 years old and can't drive because I crashed my instructors car during a lesson crew. I don't ever really see the point in learning. Gonna live in central London or NY for the foreseeable future so why would I need a car?
Having to take 2 days off for easter and today is russling me. I feel so flat without my pump.
It wasn't really a criticism of SS because the main reason people dislike SS for aesthetics is it doesn't have enough upper body volume. He obviously had enough upper body volume to bench 325. It was more a criticism of people saying all you need to get bigger is get stronger in the big 3. Guy out benches me by fuck loads, but who was pecs?
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