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Strict behind the neck pressed 75kgx2 feels gut mang
I looked the best on tren, yet it made me miserable. Plz explain. Forehead veins are very aesthetic.
I'm pretty sure I'm going to die of an aortic dissection on this fun run on Friday but if not I could do after I finish work. Don't want any man anus though.
I was so happy recently. A few months ago I decided to move out of my flat because it's a bit shit and because I hate the flat mate whose clothes I threw out the window. Basically in the UK if your a student you need someone with a fairly high income who lives in the UK to guarantee the flat. They're german and polish so they're parents aren't in the UK. I was very upset when one of our friends said he'd move in because his parents could guarantee the flat and part of the...
Not to mention theyre fucking sick. Lifting on high tren low test was an emotional journey and I always take this piss out of people who say that. Basically crying whilst squatting, shit is intense.Found one of my flat mates gross clothes in my laundry pile, threw them out of the window lel fuck him.
He's natty he once posted a video and he said steroids wouldn't even help for crossfit because he doesn't want to be big. You just don't want it as much as him hater. Charlie I squatted within 250lb of you for 6 today, coming at you.
Have to do a 10k run on Friday for some giving back to the community shit at work. Rhet what am I gonna do? Will die after 1km, I don't think my heart or my knees can take that, they're only strong enough to rep out 405lb squats not hold my bw. Srs though I haven't ran since I was about 14 wtf am I gonna do.
Das not it mang
dat feel when the only greek I know is delta, I don't know much quantitative finance just stats. Decided there's no point in studying any of this quant shit, the most useful module i've ever taken for finance is a basic accounting course. As my uncle (in the chinese use of the word, no idea what my relation to him is) who owns a hedgefund says "no one gives fuck about derive black scholes from first principes".Might just name him put, simple and kind of cute.
What should I name the hedgehog, will obviously name it after a hedge fund. I wanted to call it carlyle after the PE fund, HF have shit names it seems. Thinking Och Ziff, bridge water pure alpha, caxton or maybe cerebus. Not really a HF, but was thinking berkshire hathaway.
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