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This was with private health care too. Going through the NHS I doubt they would have even given me the drugs or it would have taken a year. Before they even give you something like dextramphetamine, which is instead release vyvanse they have to try out a bunch of other different drugs like concerta and IR ritalin, but because I've previously used those they let me use amphetamines.
I'm prescribed it so that's not really a problem, but no I don't really forget anything when I come off. I can remember all my modules from last year and I used ritalin for them. In the UK it's very low pretty much unheard of, it is very difficult to get prescribed drugs like this. I had to see a mental health advisor then a disability advisor. I was then sent to a psychiatrist and had to do a bunch of tests and give forms to my parents to fill out about how I was as a...
Don't blame the failures of the Russell Stoven elves on the keebler elves.
Is this in reference to Louie Simmons physics or my graham crackers not sticking to the smoore?I took 5mg of dextraamphetamine about an hour ago so that I can memorise the proof for the Neyman Pearson Lemma.
Back in the day when it was more popular it was always lolzy to see novices on t-nation asking how to incorporate speed bench when their max was 1 plate because westside is for everyone. I used to squat to this box that was about knee level because i thought that meant parallel with some foam on top of it using a cambered bar and contemplating buying a pair of briefs. Thought I could squat 170 lul. Surprised I didn't get injured. Don't make fun of louie simmons he knows...
Should he do westside and just never bench? Could do some board presses, pin presses, reverse band presses, presses against chains, speed bench, normal band presses, tie some kettleballs to the bar and bench, fuck he could even by a bench shirt. Would be elite as fuk, not letting his body adapt.
Gonna be lifting at the same gym as Ulysse jr this summer. It's next to the investment bank im at. Can't wait to see his humungous BBC in action (no homo). It's like a sea cucumber.
I mean how good do you want to be? Did you want to be in the olympics or something? Unless you start training from a very young age that's probably not gonna happen, but it's not like you couldn't clean 140 or something one day.
I did a poverty meet at my uni gym. Order was bench, squat, dead and I only did 1 attempt on each at about 85% so I don't know if it counts. Might buy a brazzers T shirt. My mate told me about them today, think it'd be quite funny to wear. http://brazzersgear.com/products/new-brazzers-t-shirt if anyone else wants one.
Nah man, the other bodybuilders choose for each other. It's kind of like a secret Santa. Obviously it gets out who has whose name so there is some bribing in the upper echelons.
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