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Am actually american, just grew up in England. Crest white strips may not make your teeth white by american standards, but british people always comment on them.
I use crest white strips and have white as fuck teeth. They're really good. As skeen said they do fuck up your gums though.
wtf guys just because im a bit absent the last few months and not talking you guys set up a group whatsapp?
I haven't, just doing it whilst i'm at uni for money. Have had final rounds at 2 of the first 4 banks you listed recently. Should be hearing back tomorrow. I never go to those presentations, in England you just apply online. Recruiting is fucking shit you're right.
Which RHET members are still lifting other then conceptionist? Thread barely moving. Starting full time at a strategy consulting firm whilst finishing my final year of undergrad so good night sweet leisure time/ever lifting for a long time. Bought a suit off the rack and the trousers and jacket both fit, it was a shit feel.
fucking lel, i literally did the exact same thing a few days ago. Claims he used to be a mercenary or some shit.
How does anyone actually use a standing desk? I couldn't stand up typing for 16 hours a day.
Rather optimistic. Don't know what associate internship recruiting is like, but i've never even gotten a first round from goldman, maybe this year.
Have limited interest in being friends with a bunch of first years anyway.
Went to girlfriends freshers/freshmen event in st andrews, which is like 40% americans. I've never felt so old before. Sitting around a bunch of basically high school students drinking for the first time telling them I can't drink their disgusting mixture of smirnoff ice, gin and vodka because I have an interview in 2 days for M&A at an investment bank. Had some kid literally just tell me im really old.
New Posts  All Forums: