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I have a date tomorrow rhet. This will be my first one ever, what do I do? What do I wear? The way I met my last gf was asking if she wanted to try bake an illicit chemical into an oreo cup cake. This one also works for amnesty international so she's like moral and shit.
I'd say if your not already really focused on this by the time your 20 your a little to late for an analyst role. I had my offer from for a SA role from MS (yolo don't work there anymore) when I was 19. No one wants to hire a 23 year old 1 year out of uni with no internship experience even if they've got a first econometrics and mathematical methods at LSE when they can hire a summer intern. In the UK banks put requirements on your high school grades to even apply, you...
I like the eye is textured on the front. I don't think will even go into the stats in my course, I think its mainly just ideas and interpreting like R outputs.
What I don't like at my uni. Cunts wearing gucci loafers, brooks brothers over coats, carrying briefcases and doing finance work that could easily be done by hand on excel, you are not at Goldman yet. How in the fuck do you have hair like that when your 20.
Dat feel when you get your text books for 1p on amazon because they're obscure as fuck time series, markhov chain monti carlo and baysian analysis shit and theyre even hard covers. Had to pay fucking $70 for my bullshit market research one though, which isn't even interesting and won't make me quant as fuck. even its aesthetics are ugly.
not fitness related but fucking hilarious video
145kgx2 paused beltless front squats, 82.5kgx2 ohp, feels good mang.
Quite a strange article considering no one actually lifts in england.
Gregg Plitt got hit by a train and died. RIP aesthetics.
I've gotten a job as an equities analyst at an AM fund, can some of you teach me me how to generate alpha with my intuition by reading the market?
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