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did you add those ontop of the existing leather sole?would it be possible to add if mine have already been worn a bunch or would it be better to wait for a resole?
has anyone had their katahdin boots resoled? I'm looking to get something lugged...these vibram soles are a little too slick in the snow.
what sole/heel do you have on your boots? looks like a good option when it comes time for a resole
yea most of those uploads destroy the photos. I don't upload to picassa but I know that instagram really messes them up especially when ported over to facebook. facebook compresses very heavily too. a quick adjustment in Snapseed can fix a photo real easily too before uploading
i've thought about picking one of these up as well!
hmm...have you tried the "manual exposure" mode? my photos look ok to me.
I think the camera is just fine. I don't see what the fuss is about to be honest. What are your expectations?If I want real photos I use my D700 or X100s
I did take sand paper the underside of my 257 shoulder pad. it helped but has gotten smooth again over time.
i've just been wearing my ll bean katahdin boots in snowy and rainy weather
my 2-3 year old katahdins are the same color as the ones posted by sincerity
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