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If I have a bedale now is it worth looking into changing it out for an Ashby? from what I gather they are essentially the same jacket just that the ashby is slimmer?
how is the fit? is this better fitting than the regular quilted jacket?
yup took sandpaper to my brand new 257 last year and now just got a 256 and doing it again.
ha I read CGT as carrear GT as well. what is the S you speak of? anyone here own an older porsche? late 70s-90s? been really wanting one
v10s at indy were incredibly loud. down the front straight in the upper level seating with the awning...it made your head hurt within a few minutes. so good. v8s at spa were pretty awesome too. Austin didn't seem as loud for some reason. wish I was around to hear the old v12s the sound is the absolute best thing about seeing f1 in person
^agreed. having seen the v10s and v8s in person. these sound terrible. v10s made my head hurt after 20-30 minutes. v8's were bearable unless you got super close
so what is your method?I've heard that but for some reason I feel like the leather still needs something? at least some conditioning no?
what are you guys doing as far as care for your CXL indy boots? I've just been brushing them every once in a while but figured since I do wear them in the rain that maybe they need some more care.
They've been around for a while. It'd be worth a look at least I'd say.
don't know why I keep waiting to order the zip in liner. orvis and country attire appear to be similar in price
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