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Don't know about size but I use a down comforter from Lands End with down pillows from LL Bean. Absolutely love them!
I actually really like the sleeve length on my bedale especially with the inner sleeve. Most jackets feel ever so slightly too long for me.
have you checked XDA? I think someone just put a guide out there for 4.4. I know it's a bit more invovled to root 4.4 but I have a dev edition so it's a different process for me.
did you add those ontop of the existing leather sole?would it be possible to add if mine have already been worn a bunch or would it be better to wait for a resole?
has anyone had their katahdin boots resoled? I'm looking to get something lugged...these vibram soles are a little too slick in the snow.
what sole/heel do you have on your boots? looks like a good option when it comes time for a resole
yea most of those uploads destroy the photos. I don't upload to picassa but I know that instagram really messes them up especially when ported over to facebook. facebook compresses very heavily too. a quick adjustment in Snapseed can fix a photo real easily too before uploading
i've thought about picking one of these up as well!
hmm...have you tried the "manual exposure" mode? my photos look ok to me.
I think the camera is just fine. I don't see what the fuss is about to be honest. What are your expectations?If I want real photos I use my D700 or X100s
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