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how does this field bag compare with a 256 and 257 in size and usability?
skinny fit tapered?is that what they are calling the stretch or the skinny or the slim on the website?I tried on the leggings a few weeks ago at the store and was hoping to pick up something similar.
cancelled as well.
do you guys think there will be a restock of the legging jeans online. tried them on in the store but they didn't have the color I wanted.
I have been using the mac method. brush brush and wipe with cloth.the shoes are about 2 years old? Maybe 3? They actually don't get worn too much. Maybe only about once a month. the indy boots get more usage.I just noticed these little bumps around the creases of the cordovan shoes last night so I was wondering if the leather was drying out or maybe it is the "bloom" that I've seen mentioned. Will brushing get rid of them?
Is my problem dry shell? I never noticed these little specks/bumps around the creases before until i was inspecting my shoes under light last night. thanks.
any help?it just looks like little specks/bumps where the creasing is.
let me clarify...right where the creases are there are some spots/bumps where it looks like dry leather. I'll see if I can get a pic of it.
My color8s and indy cxl boots are looking a little dry where the creases are. I know there has been a lot of talk about which conditioners to use but I was wondering if there was a new consensus? what's best for cordovan? what's best for CXL? thanks!
Question about these leggings jeans...do they keep stretching in the waist? or does it always return to roughly the same size. Trying to figure out how to size them.
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