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Persol 9649S size 55 / 18 Smoky Havana Brown gradient lens No scratches no blemishes. Comes with cleaning cloth and original case
how was are the ultra light down jackets? thinking of picking up one of the water defender ones. Will it hold up below freezing? how about with a sweater? How comparable are they to the outdoor brands? Thanks
I keep waiting for the tech sweats to go on sale but no dice yet... might just pull the trigger
Worn once. Just like new. No scratches or markings. Oakley Holbrook Ruby Iridium Polarized
Saw an i8 cruising around tokyo last week and more lambo's and ferrari's than I could count. if 997s are really that cheap I may have to start looking.
I guess I'm worried about having the bag be too big since I do carry a small roller with me as well as my main carry on. The filson has just been my "personal" bag.I don't use the bag as a camera bag. It's just a way for me to transport it to wherever I'm going. Lens usually not attached.Does the small duffle fit much more than the 257? What about dimension wise? Would it qualify as a personal bag?
How much bigger than a 257 is the 258? I have a 256 as well and have been using the 257 for travel as a personal item that I carry along with a small roller suitcase. I usually carry my DSLR, chargers, batteries, sunglasses and a spare lens and a small lightweight jacket and some snacks. It's a tight fit with my DSLR and lens especially when I bring the laptop. I'm wondering if there is a better option. 258? or other suggestions?
terrible along with the X6 and this whole new genre of cars
for those of you using the warm liner. Do you hook the loop at the top of the jacket? Maybe I'm doing it wrong but when I do it feels like the jacket is being pulled upwards. I can feel the liner on my neck and it's not that comfortable. This is on a Bedale. But if I only zip it in the jacket and liner are all floppy when I take it off.
They can always do more laps at Spa and it won't get boring.I really enjoyed my weekend at Spa.I camped with some good buddies about a mile away from the track and walked to the track for practice quali and the race.Saw enough of the cars and watching them go through Eau Rouge was awesome. Then we got to go out on the track after the race.Mixed in with all this. consuming belgian waffles and beers all weekend long
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