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How much bigger than a 257 is the 258? I have a 256 as well and have been using the 257 for travel as a personal item that I carry along with a small roller suitcase. I usually carry my DSLR, chargers, batteries, sunglasses and a spare lens and a small lightweight jacket and some snacks. It's a tight fit with my DSLR and lens especially when I bring the laptop. I'm wondering if there is a better option. 258? or other suggestions?
terrible along with the X6 and this whole new genre of cars
for those of you using the warm liner. Do you hook the loop at the top of the jacket? Maybe I'm doing it wrong but when I do it feels like the jacket is being pulled upwards. I can feel the liner on my neck and it's not that comfortable. This is on a Bedale. But if I only zip it in the jacket and liner are all floppy when I take it off.
They can always do more laps at Spa and it won't get boring.I really enjoyed my weekend at Spa.I camped with some good buddies about a mile away from the track and walked to the track for practice quali and the race.Saw enough of the cars and watching them go through Eau Rouge was awesome. Then we got to go out on the track after the race.Mixed in with all this. consuming belgian waffles and beers all weekend long
2006 indy was my first experience. I had a smile for days after hearing those cars.2009 Spa was amazing2013 Austin was just ok.I can't even imagine what seeing F1 live now will be like without the engines howling for 2 hours non stop.
the socks are a weird length. they don't stay up but i've dealt with it and they are durable. they work really well with some of my shoes
that is really disappointing
just spilled coffee all over my 257 inside and out. didn't have it zippered up. What's the best way to go about it? It's not really stained but smells like coffee.
went to my local cobbler today and he was convinced that anything glued on there would definitely fall off due the nature of the oiled sole. He also wanted $49 to do it. Seems a bit high from the prices I've seen people posting there. I never knew trying to find another cobbler would be so hard though...should I just risk it? I know lots of people haven't had any issues with the soles being glued on
Price: $1,000.00 Payment method: PayPal Item condition: 10 Preowned equipment, but appears as new Shipping instructions: USPS priority mail Includes original box and accessories. (strap, manual, cds, lens cap, charger, battery) JJC lens hood Step down filter ring 49-28mm? used as a hood at times 2 extra 3rd party batteries with spare charger Price is $1000 including paypal and shipping in lower 48 states. Shutter count on camera says 2500 clicks. I noticed a small...
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