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Is $300 a good price for a Bedale?
in the club now as well..i can't tell what I'm missing more...her or the sex...or just upset at the fact that she is wanting to date other people
my 15" MBP fits in the inner side pockets. I usually put it in the side closer to the body.
What's everyones preferred lacing methods on boots and LWB/PTB? I just use traditional lacing on mine. Indy, Captoe and LWB
my old macbook pro 15" fits in the 257. Do you mean the outter side pockets?
Just got these in! Super excited! Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
How does the leydon last fit compared to barrie? I'm eyeing those suede bluchers on NRO site...but don't want to be charged and waiting months...dilemma
they just take your name and number and say they will call you if a pair in your size comes up.
oops double!
ordered #8 LWB today! can't wait to get them also got on the list for Ravello LWB at Alden DC this past weekend!
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