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resposting this hoping for a response! thanks!
So I have Jcrew PCT in size 9. and Indy in size 8.5 Should I order LWB in 8.5? The 8.5 Jcrew perf cap toe was just a bit too snug but I've read that the barrie lasted boots can be a little tighter fitting than LWB. Also is $540 a good price for a pair of new LWBs?
I've been wanting these from Jcrew but they are only available in the bisque color for my size I need 8.5
what color LWB should I get as my first LWB? such a tough choice! I currently have color8 Jcrew cap toe boots and 405 indys.
with the cask strength stuff do you just drink it straight or add water yourself?
just curious how tall you guys are that the strap isn't short enough
I've worn mine to Salt Lake City and in the snow occasionally here so far without Obenauf's yet. Also through mud and then cleaning with water. Holding up just fine.
Jura 10 is right around $40 but I it is not one that I like. I tried a Jura before that I enjoyed and I'm guessing it was one of the older ones.
As for my Strands I started off trying a 9 and 8.5 and then 8. I ended up with a 8eee as it had the least bowing and the most comfortable if not a tad roomy in the toe box area. I really don't know which way to size to get rid of the bowing. I returned a pair of Park Ave's because of this and just received a pair of Clifton's and they still bow too.
Well I have Lagavulin 16 at home and Bunnahaibhain 12 at home also and enjoy both. The Laphroig just had a slightly different flavor. Hard to pinpoint.I'm still new to drinking scotch so pardon my questions!
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