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How do you guys apply it to the straps? Both sides?
I agree that the leather does feel a bit dry when new. Let me know what you go with to moisturize? I have Obenauf's at home I could try. I used the 257 on travel as a carry on and it was nice. A bit heavy when loaded to carry on the shoulder though. As a daily carry into work it's a bit big as I don't carry much to and from work. (sometimes lunch, water, tablet, umbrella)
it's listed as just "BROWN"so not sure if it's burgundy?
The brown clifton on sale at Nordstrom now...does anyone have a pic of that color in real life? the website photo makes it look pretty bland.
how do I get informed of seconds on sale? I can't find any on their website.
update: bannahabhain 12 - i really enjoyed it on xmas eve. opinions on yamazaki 12 and 18? is the 18 worth the extra money? I actually haven't seen the 18 in stores.
torn...lasalles or cliftons. wish the cliftons came in other colors.
just picked up a bottle of bunnahabhain 12 last night. looking forward to giving it a go.
why are they called beef rolls? I'm not sure what to picture when I hear beef rolls. Also, if the shoes are sized properly are you guys saying there should be no beef rolls and just creasing?
got my size 9 color 8 PCT boots from Jcrew to replace the 8.5s as for width they feel good but length feels/looks a little long but it's probably just in my head cause when I first opened the box I was like these look huge! I will wear around the house a couple times to see how I feel in a couple days.
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