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does this mean you got something on sale that you weren't supposed to?
random question: is there any way of stretching denim length wise? In particular flat head? after a hot soak on some new 3001's the length shrunk more than anticipated.
Worn less than 5 times. Purchased these in Japan in November from OT & Emotional. Tagged size 33 Hemmed and chainstitched in Japan. 1 hot soak before wearing. Worn probably about 5 times. no creases are set. Inseam is measured 30.25" Waist is measured 15.5" across. it will definitely stretch out as it is loose on me. Asking $250 shipped in lower 48 states OBO EDIT: measured correctly this time.
no small sizes left
Will stepping from a 8.5 to a 9 in Barrie last give me a bit extra width in the midfoot area?
Finished my first bottle of scotch : Lagavulin 16. First time I had it. not a fan. But as I drank more I came to really enjoy it. Friend got me a bottle of JW Blue. and I recently also got a bottle of Jura. Tried Talisker 10 I believe a month ago at a bar and really enjoyed it. Yamazaki 12 also but I can't remember. Any other recommendations?
regarding zippers. I got my 257 in late october from Joe's and it had YKK zippers
what size are yours?
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