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neither. i stopped in pretty late in the day and didn't buy or try on anything.Was just asking questions and chatting with Chey (spelling) ? There was no one else in the store when I was there.
HA!I stopped in here yesterday too.
I'm selling a pair of Flat Head 3001. I purchased these in Japan in November from OT & Emotional. Tagged waist size 33 Hemmed and chainstitched in Japan. hot soak before wearing. Worn probably about 5 times. no creases are set. Inseam is measured 30.25" (this is after a quick hot wash) Waist is measured 15.5" across. it will definitely stretch out as it is loose on me. Asking $250 180 shipped in lower 48 states OBO
the LP or the oil?
is this in an outlet store only? no online?
How do you guys apply it to the straps? Both sides?
I agree that the leather does feel a bit dry when new. Let me know what you go with to moisturize? I have Obenauf's at home I could try. I used the 257 on travel as a carry on and it was nice. A bit heavy when loaded to carry on the shoulder though. As a daily carry into work it's a bit big as I don't carry much to and from work. (sometimes lunch, water, tablet, umbrella)
it's listed as just "BROWN"so not sure if it's burgundy?
The brown clifton on sale at Nordstrom now...does anyone have a pic of that color in real life? the website photo makes it look pretty bland.
how do I get informed of seconds on sale? I can't find any on their website.
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