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Finished my first bottle of scotch : Lagavulin 16. First time I had it. not a fan. But as I drank more I came to really enjoy it. Friend got me a bottle of JW Blue. and I recently also got a bottle of Jura. Tried Talisker 10 I believe a month ago at a bar and really enjoyed it. Yamazaki 12 also but I can't remember. Any other recommendations?
regarding zippers. I got my 257 in late october from Joe's and it had YKK zippers
what size are yours?
how does Van last fit compared to Trubalance and Barrie?
man...wanting some LHS and this Sherman Bros sale is tempting. Is color 8 all they have?
Will there be a restock of SEXFH05? I bought a pair of Flat Head 3001's while in Tokyo a month ago but it's gotten too big for me now. So looking for a different pair and with button fly.
oh...I've worn them for about an hour inside the house only so far.
All I have put in the 2 end pockets are a granola bar and phone charger ha Wish they were a bit bigger.
I really can't decide if I should keep my size 8.5 color8 PCT from Jcrew or try a size 9. The 8.5's fit well but are a little tight across the top of the foot. I have 8.5 indy's and they fit well now after break in. I just heard that shell doesn't stretch so I am guessing it won't get any looser?? Any truth to this?
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