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if only jcrew had some more sizes in stock
so I got neumoks in 8.5E and they fit great but for some reason strands flare open at the ankle. Is this just because the neumok is unlined and soft?
I thought the pair I got looked narrow/small too...especially compared to my clarks db and my alden indy boots.
please post up sales on wolverine 1000 miles again next time! I missed the stevenalan sale
i'm surprised it's gone this long since it is usually frowned upon in other threads. but sometimes it's a good alert.
how much will these stretch?? I really want to wear mine but they are snug...really snug. I got them on the STP sale...I think about .5 size too small... willing to trade and I've already passed the return date.
I believe it's what they called brown?
I got a pair of the seconds from STP in 8.5 anyone want to trade for a size 9?
If the strands don't fit me well at the ankle (flares open) how would the patriot fit? I'd say I'm about a 8.5D/E in Strand/PA. I did try on neumok in 8.5 sockless in store and it seemed to fit great. Thanks
I don't know why but every 8.5D I try on in strands and park aves flare open at the ankle opening.
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