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which oil is everyone using on their wolverines? I don't use any oil on my CXL Alden Indys
well I had just decided to return my order to Jcrew but these are making reconsider. I really shouldn't keep them though at this moment :/
i saw your post on tumblr
I coudlnt' get nordstrom to price match the shoerepertoire website. tried with 4 different sales agents. and STP is out of the original 1000 mile boot in my size. any other places?
i tried both codes but they aren't showing a reduced price??is this still working?thanks
thanks.that's funny. I kind of prefer that orangish hue.I'll have to get this pair out in the sun to see the real color though first.But they are a bit dull and matte and not orange at all.
anyone own the Jcrew x Alden tobacco calf LWB? I wanted to know how they age. colorwise. They are kind of dull as I just got my pair in the mail today. any pics?
too bad there aren't any size 8.5 in any of the Aldens on Jcrew's site.
is the color correct on these pictures? looks more red than purple. or it might be this work computer.
it's just keep brushing and it'll go away? good to know
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