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I got a pair of the seconds from STP in 8.5 anyone want to trade for a size 9?
If the strands don't fit me well at the ankle (flares open) how would the patriot fit? I'd say I'm about a 8.5D/E in Strand/PA. I did try on neumok in 8.5 sockless in store and it seemed to fit great. Thanks
I don't know why but every 8.5D I try on in strands and park aves flare open at the ankle opening.
would love to see and hear more about this.
Oh the website descriptions says they are lined ?
Brand new Filson navy with red label zippered canvas tote with tags. $120 $100 shipped in lower 48 states. SOLD
If a 8.5 alden barrie lasted fits me perfectly and i'm looking at the strand and clifton. what sizes should I be looking at? I know the strand runs narrow.
what about unlined suede plain toe bluchers?
Selling a pair of Oliver Peoples Bernardo in Black with polarized lenses. Great condition. $225 shipped in lower 48 states.
I have a lot of bowing on my AE strands. They are a year old and maybe only worn about 5-10 times. I never thought anything of it until seeing these pics and realizing mine are worse. I bought them from Nordstrom at least a year ago. Is there anything I can do at this point?
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