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I think the colors change for this shoe right?It used to be a brown but now it says burgundy...I really liked the brown after seeing it in person and am hoping it comes back at the next nordstrom sale.
No they aren't thick. not super thin either. I'd say pretty standard T-shirt thickness.
I was brushing my Aldens and wasn't paying attention and I hit the shoe with the wooden part of the brush leaving a nice scuff. TWICE!! how can I get out the scuffs?
NEW black denim tagged 29x34 slim fit straight
I have some NEW with TAGS shirts for sale. American Apparel shirts $15 shipped in lower 48 states both navy and white are size XS Kid robot shirts $20 shipped in lower 48 states. Big logo shirt is a size S and the other is a size M
if only jcrew had some more sizes in stock
so I got neumoks in 8.5E and they fit great but for some reason strands flare open at the ankle. Is this just because the neumok is unlined and soft?
I thought the pair I got looked narrow/small too...especially compared to my clarks db and my alden indy boots.
please post up sales on wolverine 1000 miles again next time! I missed the stevenalan sale
i'm surprised it's gone this long since it is usually frowned upon in other threads. but sometimes it's a good alert.
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