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what laces is everyone using? I'm not a fan of the laces that they come with. The leather laces I've seen in some photos are good. Are you guys wrapping it around the ankles or using the speed hooks? lace length?
Received mine from STP. They fit narrower than expected. How much will these stretch if any?
leydon and barrie ... same size?
well it's dead now. coupon doesn't apply anymore.
man I really want a cigar PTB and tan and snuff suede PTB. and I think I'll be done with shoes for a while! Who regularly gets cigar PTB?
as long as I get the zipper out of the way it'll slide it
my 15" mbp fits in the inside side sleeves of my 257. no case on it
does anyone wear lined suede shoes? how do you like it compared with unlined?
so is the sand suede that need supply is currently selling the same as tan? I'd prefer unlined though
is this the same color as Alden Tan?
New Posts  All Forums: