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not sure how the petite new standards fit but i have a pair of black somets for sale in my signature.
I'm sad to say this but I'm deciding to forgo my pair of 8.5D ravello lwb at alden DC. I just can't swing the money for them at this moment as I've got a coupe other things to take care of. hopefully this pair goes to a forum member!
picked up a slim fit washed shirt this weekend from Jcrew factory store for $33. good price for the shirt IMO.
Got my phone call from Alden DC on Monday. I've been on travel and just got back late last night. so just gotta give them a call back today. Is the price really $730 now?
I got a stressless desk chair for $100 from an estate sale. it's nice but I'd really like to convert it into a lounge chair. By just removing the wheels the center pole actually hits the ground so that's a no go. Are there any other methods?
Has APC changed the sizing from about 4-5 years ago? I'm thinking of picking up a new pair probably next year. Sounds like they've changed the cut too?
my new strands are creasing in front of the captoe on just the left shoe... :-/
Thanks! I'll probably go with the Obenaufs boot oil, seems a bit easier to obtain for me ... I have LP already at home but figured I go with something lighter than the LP
which oil is everyone using on their wolverines? I don't use any oil on my CXL Alden Indys
well I had just decided to return my order to Jcrew but these are making reconsider. I really shouldn't keep them though at this moment :/
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