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Got my phone call from Alden DC on Monday. I've been on travel and just got back late last night. so just gotta give them a call back today. Is the price really $730 now?
I got a stressless desk chair for $100 from an estate sale. it's nice but I'd really like to convert it into a lounge chair. By just removing the wheels the center pole actually hits the ground so that's a no go. Are there any other methods?
Has APC changed the sizing from about 4-5 years ago? I'm thinking of picking up a new pair probably next year. Sounds like they've changed the cut too?
my new strands are creasing in front of the captoe on just the left shoe... :-/
Thanks! I'll probably go with the Obenaufs boot oil, seems a bit easier to obtain for me ... I have LP already at home but figured I go with something lighter than the LP
which oil is everyone using on their wolverines? I don't use any oil on my CXL Alden Indys
well I had just decided to return my order to Jcrew but these are making reconsider. I really shouldn't keep them though at this moment :/
i saw your post on tumblr
I coudlnt' get nordstrom to price match the shoerepertoire website. tried with 4 different sales agents. and STP is out of the original 1000 mile boot in my size. any other places?
i tried both codes but they aren't showing a reduced price??is this still working?thanks
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