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and a gallardo is a fake lambo
20% off in the mailers is the highest discount i've ever seen with LLbean.
now the problem is finding a case that keeps the phone just as nice! yea I first was thinkiing about the yellow but thought that I might get tired of it after a while. moto assist is pretty sweet. I like having my text messages read to me as I drive.
I might have a 20% off code at home. I remember getting a mailer but there is 10% off on the website right now along with a $10 gift card
anyone here drive electric cars? opinion? love/hate? (is there an electric car thread?) I'm getting a little tired of my MPG's on my E39 M5. deciding whether to keep and buy a leaf or something comparable or to just sell it and get something else fun and smaller.
got my moto x last week. did the olive back with orange accents and black front. loving the phone so far! I'm coming from a Samsung galaxy nexus and the battery life on the moto x is just amazing. I went like 16 hours yesterday without a charge and had over 30% left still. Feels good in hand and the active notifications are pretty cool!
Are their pea coats any good? warm?
What is the difference between the dover and plain toe blucher?
could search or check my signature. I've also listed it on ebay
anyone looking for an olive liddesdale? I've got one new with tags I'm trying to sell.
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