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I wore my #8 jcrew captoe boots with slightly thicker socks than I usually do last night and the pain I was getting from the creasing is gone. and now I find the shoes much more comfortable! :
what size liner for a size 36 bedale?
Thanks. It feels like it fits decently well in the shoulder area. it was just the bottom felt super wide and I think it'd get quite drafty. If I have a size 36 what size liner do I need? S? XS? And which is the one to get? I've seen polarquilt and quilt, I've also seen one with "fur".
40% off final sale. I think a few years ago there was 40% off everything but it was around the holidays and I haven't seen it again.
how would you say the fit is here? just a thin long sleeve underneath. it does feel a bit wide and big at the bottom.
what size would those cigars be?
anyone looking for an olive liddesdale? I've got a brand new with tags size small available. it's a bit bigger than I'd like to wear.
how are you guys getting Jcrew to backorder Aldens?
photo added!
I wish Jcrew would restock their sizes!
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